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Chat log from R8 of 2015: Gold Coast vs Collingwood

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Collingwood, R8 of 2015

pies13: go pies!
iZander: wheres swanny playing?
ballbag: go suns!
meka100: Where was this form last week Pendles
DanBlack: I took my C off Pendles and put it on Rocky. Pendles making me regret it.
Torz: Pendles playing forward and still dominating.
Hawks_15: anyone tipping the suns? they have had the better over collingwood in previous outings
pies13: @ballbag dude i don t say much but flower me why the stress over the smith call?
AngryRyno: ominous signs from pendles early, its nearly loophole time!
frenzy: dependlebury
AngryRyno: and a good start for the ox too!
gopies_10: pendles all class even with an ankle
Burnsyy: Can someone please tell me how you do the captain loophole?
iZander: put swanny captain in AF this week, go big swanny!
Torz: Prestia injured. Just my luck.
ballbag: what smith call? what are you talking about?
iZander: does pendles have an ankle? thats crazy @ gopies
meka100: Fuck off Witts, you’ve killed Grundy
pies13: getn smith 4 mcarthy got ragd on 4saying gutsty?
AngryRyno: fun fact, everyone out there has an ankle, most have two
gopies_10: @burnsy – choose a good vc that plays before your captain.. if vc score is good then put your C on a non playing
iZander: i don’t beleive you angryryno
carlton_99: anyone have pendles superrcoach
ballbag: read the chat log. i made 1 comment about it buddy
frenzy: Lol @ those with Grundy
AngryRyno: hallahan finally settling into his new team
gopies_10: @frenzy why lol grundy has been excellent
willywalks: that’ll teach me for taking the captaincy of pendles this week…
pies13: yeah i did chrz @ballbag
frenzy: witts is killing his scoring now
zadolinnyj: Grundy been great. Cheap from star and great average
grossn: I think i’m going to loophole pendles haha
LuvIt74: Pendles on song to score the same as games played…
Jukes82: Grundy will still get 80 plus minimumin sc.
Jukes82: *minimum
Karmaboy: pendles score sc?
LuvIt74: Grundy on 20sc so not sure what people are going on about. Wish i started with Grundy & Blicvas
LuvIt74: Pendles on 47sc
gopies_10: lol go pendles 200+ mr NSM
iZander: are they not tagging pendles? haha
Torz: Liking Saad’s work.
gopies_10: there is no such thing as tagging pendles
LuvIt74: Doing ok so far with Blicvas, Priddis & Dangerfield played
jvalles69: looks like raines has gone to pendles
Torz: Go away Witts.
carlton_99: anyone have pendles superrcoach
danmaio: Witts has totally fucked Grundy output since he came in
LuvIt74: pendes on 53sc
spudaroos: Grundy seems done in SC. Getting planted at full forward.
frenzy: not allowed to mentio witts or grundy Lol
auxDT: magnifying glass pendles
goes: How much supercoach is swan on thanxs
LuvIt74: Swan only 24sc
Wends: Hearing Raines has gone to Pendles.
frenzy: hope Bennell gets sum beers into him at 1/2 time
Wends: Not sure if still the case – that was a few mins ago. Oh & evening all.
goes: How is swan only on 24 supercoach with 12 touches that’s messed up man
SaintsMan: Effieciency
bangerz: lift adams carn
carlton_99: has pendles hit 70 yet
carlton_99: sorry ahs pendles his 65 yet ons cupercoach
mossssssy: pendles 62
danmaio: Can someone tell Langdon its only the 2nd qt
SaintsMan: Swan Sc please
frenzy: pies put the cue in the rack
mossssssy: swan 27
grossn: Classic Collingwood 10 minute fade out
pants42: swan sc 27
desmondo: Saad SC any-one? ty in advance
Jukes82: it’s half time in 2 minutes you can see the sc scores then, or is that too long to wait muppets?
mossssssy: saad 48
iZander: stfu juke and i don’t even play sc
SaintsMan: Swan sc now? Please
Wends: Raines: the ultimate party pooper.
mossssssy: swan 38
Torz: Just enough time left for Grundy to give away another free. :/
fruity: anyone got Varcoes supercoach score please
shaker: this is live game chat not demand SC chat Jukes82 is spot on
mike944150: bloody Sidebottom…had him captain Rnd 1 and straight away he comes back and does this
Jackina: disappointing quarter from Pendles…
iZander: bloody dixon, i trade him in my team 2 years ago and now he does this
LuvIt74: Players such as Saad & Oxley are worth some serious consideration as keepers so far in defence.
LuvIt74: Apart from McDonald there are no solid premiums this year in Defence
LuvIt74: Pendles should still score you 120+ SC
Wends: Shaw has been pretty solid, in SC atleast.
goes: How much sc is swan pendle saad Oxley and Grundy on
LuvIt74: @Wends yeah Shaw has been quite consistent but apart from those two its very volatile
luked98: the umpires are so inconsistent in their decisions
LuvIt74: Why dont they show the SC scores at the end of each quarter on here like they used to.
m0nty: Legal reasons. 🙁
LuvIt74: ok m0nty that herald sun subscription stuffed it all up
Coutzy: Always struck me as weird that you’re not allowed to list them here, but SC Paige and the like can
Hawks_15: people always keep you updated anyway which is a good thing
LuvIt74: Coutzy what SC page lists live scores?
Andrew37: because scpaige doesnt make money, fanfooty does.
LuvIt74: I purchased the Herald sun + subscription for $249 and got a free Galaxy tablet.
LuvIt74: I cant find a SC page that shows u live scores free of charge
Coutzy: They don’t do live LuvIt, they do the quarter by quarter, same as they used to do here.
LuvIt74: @Coutzy what site is that?
LuvIt74: After this year i wont be paying for live scores, they should offer ALL live scores with SC gold thats enough.
Coutzy: The Supercoach Paige facebook/twitter
Burnsyy: I’ve just liked SuperCoach Paige on facebook, they post everyones sc score at the end of each quarter
ballbag: theres an app that does live SC scores but the scores are 1 point oof
LuvIt74: ok i dont bother with facebook and all that crap, not enough time in the day.
Burnsyy: @ballbag is it free?
ballbag: yeh but cant remember name and my phones dead
Wends: Sorry @Luvit went away – that’s true re premos but have to say, happy #kadelived as he’s not been too bad either.
shaker: Sorry is there a game on ?
LuvIt74: I know they used to have it about 2 years ago free for mobiles but thats all stopped
Wends: Thank u VC pendles!!
Pokerface: lol shaker
mossssssy: trying to name the app and chat not working, coincicidence m0nty?
ballbag: beacuase you can gamble on SC noone own the rights to the live results/scores.
mossssssy: there is no rule against listing app names is there?
Sunderpant: Whats Grundy doing?
Wends: What’s going on with Grundy, anyone, anyone?
m0nty: for that one, there is
shaker: Grundy has turned back into a spud
mossssssy: ok, sorry
colin wood: Keep going ox!
LuvIt74: I found it but the app only works on android phones
colin wood: Lol @ shaker obviously no knowledge of footy…
roshanetw: cape for oxley 10 possies this quarter
frenzy: henry is a schade of his former self
ballbag: hahaha of course android? who’d use apple? everything you do is uploaded to the US military. android has privacy laws
mossssssy: lol @ frenzy
Andrew37: Put your tinfoil hat away ballbag
mossssssy: almost as good as the commentators then “Crisp you could say”
Wends: Touk you’ve been awesome but you’re turning into Beamcliff next week.
m0nty: that joke by frenzy was not Crisp
ballbag: is grundy worth persisting with?
Wends: No need to lynch him monty.
ballbag: @m0nty that joke was saad
LuvIt74: Oxley could make his break even
LuvIt74: @ballbag u made cash & if SC your crazy not to swap grundy to Jacobs or Blicvas
frenzy: flower witts don’t get it m0nty
Torz: I’ll back Grundy in. Can’t be sideways-ing forever, team won’t get better.
Wends: yes tonne up pendles 🙂
mossssssy: no need to name call and get all Frosty
colin wood: Oxley 77sc
RooBoyStu: what a Qtr by Adams
Burnsyy: sc for pendlebury?
rickyb80: pendles sc?
ballbag: i havent sideways yet and have 23 trades left
mossssssy: 89 pendles
ballbag: tonights subs have been named
Wends: Is Raines still on Pendles?
colin wood: Heart for saad that hammy is shot..
ballbag: take blicvs. he’ll be in every team next year. guy will be a superstar and close to best in the game in a couple years
Burnsyy: how many sc points do you get for a kick?
Wends: Ok so maybe Saad, not Miller out next week.
mossssssy: Miler or Saad to Griffen next week may be OK, jump on when everyone else is jumping off
heppelitis: a crapload burnsyy if you kick the winning goal
Wends: Am thinking Beams @mossy, but wondering if Rocky picks up, how that might affect Beams scoring.
heppelitis: or negative for a turnover…all depends on champion data
grossn: pendles 101 sc
Wends: Don’t have Fyfe but have to wait til after his bye or else doughnut feast..
frenzy: grundy 37SC is bullshower
shaker: Jeez ballbag Blicavs you have had more stubbies than me man
danmaio: Cmon Grundy, should be fresh
ballbag: @shaker for a guy whos played footy for 3 years as opposed to 15 like most before the AFL, he learns pretty quick
frenzy: swanny 67 SC is even worse bulldung
LuvIt74: The ballbag is spot on that BLicvas is a sponge, if u haven’t seen it with your own eyes or heard it u must be a hermit
shaker: Hey ballbag has had a great year best in the comp hang on I’ll have a couple more and I might agree
LuvIt74: Whoever mentioned trading out Saad and Oxley are nuts
iZander: hopefully swanny can finish off with a couple of goals!!!
heppelitis: shaker…better athlete than most in the afl..starting to understand the game…gonna be a great footballer
m0nty: nominations for star please
Redraptor: Who is the source for the injury information on Saad
Andrew37: Varcoe
boges11: So glad I’ve held faith in KK
iZander: varcoe, 100 percent efficiency?
LuvIt74: The guy is a freak and i bet he wont have the ruck position on sc next year
frenzy: dependleberry
shaker: The bandaid that says he is injured is the source
LuvIt74: star gotta go to Varco
Andrew37: Kolodjashnij for Cherries, Swan for seagull.
Lodgy: lol monty trolling… as if u wont star pendles in his 200th with this performance!
Mash: varcoe blue moon bennell star
roshanetw: pendles for star in his 200th
Redraptor: So the injury is an observation not a media source?
Carnster: Need Oxley to ton up in SC
shaker: m0nty Sidebum for me after many weeks out
LuvIt74: Pendles hasn’t been that gr8 really. His first quarter was awesome
iZander: star isn’t given based on it being your 200th game or if you’ve been out past weeks…varcoe for sure
FlowerTime: Pendles star for me m0nty
LuvIt74: Oxley on 88sc so he might ton up
LuvIt74: @iZander Agreeeee
ballbag: whats with saads leg? sounds like he’s going ok still
frenzy: grundy rookie wall
Carnster: thanks @luvit74
Torz: That helps Grundy. Hopefully just an off night.
Redraptor: looks like band-aid on Saad is unconfirmed by media sources
frenzy: grundy trash pack
danmaio: Grundy with those ears heard you Frenzy
Burnsyy: pendles sc?
carlton_99: should i take pendles score or go with fyfe?
Mcswains: At the end of the game Pendles wouldve have 30 touches 3 goals = STAR!!!
Jukes82: grundy must think he’s playing for carlton
ballbag: almost time to grab broomhead by the ankles and sweep out the change rooms
shaker: Sidebum for 28 D and all his other stats plus coming back after a long out
LuvIt74: those who had grundy from the get go,why the hell wouldn’t u trade him out for Sauce jacobs or Blicvas its absurd.
Lodgy: No wonder poor Pendlebury hasnt won a brownlow, how well does this bloke have to play to get BoG?
Yelse: should i keep peddles or go fyfe captain
Burnsyy: Luvit, is pendles near 130+ in sc? thinking of putting him as captain
ballbag: isnt swanny the magnet?
RooBoyStu: Indonesian dollar sign for De Goey
LuvIt74: I’ll watch rocky closely tomorrow and i might not get him next week im liking sidebum
LuvIt74: Pendles on 120 sc
Jukes82: pendles clearly the star wtf
danmaio: get off the ground swanny,
Burnsyy: not sure if i should put him a captain or just leave fyfe, thoughts?
wadaramus: Swanny 35 touches for 83sc!
colin wood: Come on ox!
ReaperRage: oxley and swan sc anyone? much appreciated
Mad Doctor: Bank it brnsy
wadaramus: Ox 92sc, glad I kept him over Lumumba.
danmaio: swan does fuckall most of this quarter to destroy me in 3 minutes
RooBoyStu: back to earth next week skunks
ReaperRage: thanks wadaramus!
LuvIt74: Ox 91 and swan 87sc
Redraptor: DT really needs to start taking efficiency into consideration
LuvIt74: @wadaramus same here I had the trade on Ox and vandenberg the past few days & glad i chose geary
casey22: Liking Kolod’s effort
LuvIt74: I think the OX and even Saad must be strongly considered as keepers if there scoring consistent 70+
wadaramus: I wen Vandenberg and Rocky and Priddis.
Crowls: ox salem did nothing. feeling good
LuvIt74: i went sloan priddis last week, this week vandenberg parker & geary to Lever
wadaramus: Vandenberg and Lumumba to Rocky and Priddis!
FlowerTime: m0nty pls
carlton_99: pendles shoudlm be on 140 missed that alst kick before the siren
FlowerTime: pendlebury 35 pos + 3 goals, no star?
luked98: so happy ive held onto kk, paid off the last few weeks
wadaramus: Nearly went Parker myself LuvIt, good pick man.
ReaperRage: Luv it im thinking the same! steadily producing decnt scores
LuvIt74: im still not convinced on rrocky id rather pay a extra 50k more and get him in round 12 if he does score 110’s
ballbag: thide-by-thide-we-thick-together
FlowerTime: Ballsy move LuvIt, hope it pays off man!
mike944150: varcoe 100% impressive
frenzy: grundy stealing SC score from Swanny
LuvIt74: im just worried if they play rocky up forward more coz it takes ages to get over broken ribs
casey22: Piggy gets 88sc, bull sheet
LuvIt74: @flower whats ballsy m8?
carlton_99: pendles hsould get scaled to 140
mike944150: kolo’s first dt ton in his career
luked98: I brought in parker last week, and rocky and mitchell this week. So far so good

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