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Chat log from R6 of 2015: Carlton vs Brisbane

Chat log for Carlton vs Brisbane, R6 of 2015

Grazz: Happy Mothers Day to all the Mum’s
circle52: Yep Happy Mothers day to all mums
heppelitis: Nice first post Grazz…..though cant imagine too many Mums spending Sunday Arvo at Fanfooty
circle52: Loser of this game would be favourite for the Spoon me thinks
circle52: Cutler as sub a surprise – especially given the run he gave last week although D/e poor.
heppelitis: Simpson out…happily take my emg Saad 106
heppelitis: purple was nice whilst it lasted
circle52: First blood to McStay
cclarke: thoughts on sloane fellas, looking injury prone this year
FlagDog: love to see carlton lose to this bunch
iZander: need martin and beams to score less than 191 dreamteam, what are my chances?
iZander: is whiley actually tagging beams? or is that symbol one of those blicav tagging pendles nonsense?
heppelitis: interested in Rockliff…wonder when he will get his mojo back?
iZander: heppel so am i, is rocky playing forward?
heppelitis: fifty fifty iZander
circle52: Reckon Rocky will still be 2/3 weeks away from full confidence
iZander: ah ok, yeah i won’t get rocky in until his 0 is out of his last 3 games 😀
heppelitis: no idea…kids playing ps3
waldeckr: Jake Kelly my emergency for Simpson, blessing in disguise
meka100: Gardiner muppet
SaintsMan: cripps and rich slow starts, this is what we want
cclarke: judd is the only player for carlton with a brain
SaintsMan: is rich getting tagged?
mijg: if Rich has an avg game I win
poolboybob: feel free to join the game, Rich
circle52: Armfield tagging Rich
circle52: Berger had that a long time but tyupical Razor
circle52: Gee Blues are gettiung a nice run from umps at the moment – throws miossed
iZander: is berger just playing forward, or do him and martin switch for ruck?
Torz: Berger mostly forward, but also rucking.
circle52: They switch a bit Izander
Koss: Umps are letting a lot go so far
Yelse: why is KS out?
Torz: Calf tightness
iZander: likely to be out next week? @torz
Jwow: glad i picked up grundy over martin
dipstick: hahaha i do 12 hr shifts. never would i get a day off for calf tightness. what a toss that is
Torz: Not sure. But “tightness” doesn’t sound severe.
Jmachete: umps gifting carlton goals
Jwow: tightness could potentially turn into a strain/tear and 6-8weeks off @dipstick
Jmachete: haha casboult you spud
circle52: HTB seems to be a non event in this game
Torz: You’re welcome to get a possession Rich. Any time now.
poolboybob: Carlton should just field a team of 22 taggers.
meka100: Why are on the bench Rich, hiding from Armfield you fucken fat cow
whoislids1: Good signs from Rocky. Can’t wait til he bottoms out and I can get him in
Yelse: players turning soft… rockliff would never miss for calf tightness
Torz: Not sure if it’s always the players decision. Physio makes the call based on fitness test.
teachrtony: Cripps 56 sc
cclarke: cripps and judd, the only 2 players for carlton who don’t have a brick for a brain
KingPetrie: rocky and redden will win me my draft
casey22: Rich will cost me games, wtf
gers: justin clarke is a great big donut
Jwow: you guys expect too much from Rich
Apachecats: Rich 1 disposal @0%
Ewoks: Sc is gonna be so close for me Cripps + 194 pts vs Rich, Martin and McGov
poolboybob: I feel like expecting Rich to get more than 1 touch of the ball is not unreasonable.
Jair: Wow my team blows this week; Going to upgrade city tonight
circle52: Rich hobbles off with ankle
roshanetw: rich ankle problem
casey22: Now Rich injured not getting a kick!!!
Jwow: haha not when he’s on bench all game
Torz: Rich a sore ankle from so many kicks.
NewFreoFan: come on big Stefan, need a 100 from you badly!
Jukes82: yes, please red vest rich.
kangawalla: Maybe Claye & Dayne have swapped jumpers.
iZander: can’t dis rich when he gets tagged over the likes of beams… very damaging player
Fury Ride: Beams and rich R getting tagged and I have both
casey22: Rich is spectating
SaintsMan: i wonderr y u get beams
Fury Ride: Cause his great
cclarke: casboult captain 🙂
casey22: Rich not going near ball taking his tagger out of the play; very clever
Jwow: he’s not being tagged over beams or zorko fro that matter. Yes he’s damaging but not the best dream team player
Apachecats: Tagger is sitting beside Rich
iZander: talking about him general kwow, he was tagged last week when both of the others are not
waldeckr: Rich doesn’t look hungry at all
spiggs: Need 67 from rich, looks like I’ve lost
Fury Ride: Rich get the ball
TeamJab: Malthouse If you could just put Cripps back into the Midfield that’d be great mmkay
circle52: Umps doing best to help Carlton Free Kick 7-2 in favourt of Carlton
Jwow: fair enough Zander, as i said he is a damaging player and doesn’t need heaps of touches for an impact. Just not for me i
poolboybob: These teams are just so lousy.
carlton_99: hey the umps arent favouring anyone just letting the game go @circle52
KingPetrie: is it a coincidence the both Rockliff and Redden start with R?
Ewoks: IS rocky back or just because carlton are so shower?
Fury Ride: How can you get supersoach scores during the game for free
circle52: yet another free to Carlton but similar not paid Lions get consistent umps free kivk vount now 9 – 2
Jmachete: How many years has it been since Carlton were good?
iZander: exactly what i was thinking Ewoks!!! won’t matter because we will get to see him next week before he bottoms out
circle52: BS Carlton 99 I want some cobsistency seem to poay ones one way and not the other
NewFreoFan: Rocky would have 2 more weeks before a bottom out I reckon
poolboybob: Is it too late to trade out Rich an hour and a half ago?
casey22: Never have I been so angry about a player, bloody rich
heppelitis: 4 point qtr Cripps…wake up please
carlton_99: free kicks 8-4 actually!
Yelse: unless rich get 70 in second half i ve lost 3 games
SaintsMan: cripps still on like 60 sc
Jmachete: How good would it be to cut off gibb’s top knot lol
Fury Ride: How d u know sc saintsman
spiggs: That was the most pissweak ht brawl of all time
Jmachete: I wonder who Lepich is going to jumper punch at ht
mijg: is rich a chance not to come back on after HT or does look ok?
Jukes82: Rich was playing like poo before his ankle problem.
circle52: Rich again showing he can not handle a tag.
carlton_99: rich to t.mitchell next week
Jukes: Hello Jukes
meka100: Rich to Armfield, he’s a spud but at least has a fucken go
circle52: Pings brisbane for not 15 and yet allowed Carlton a couple in first half.
Hawks_15: whats happening with leuenberger? anyone?
OnTheRocks: Cool Crapps
Ewoks: cmon cripps don’t stop
circle52: Umpires may as well wear Blue Guernseys
casey22: Berger looks like he needs a burger
OnTheRocks: I laugh at those who set c.smith as captain of they were doing loophole.
Jukes82: Hi Jukes
carlton_99: how are the umps favouring us they are obvious free kicks
spudaroos: @ontherocks I laugh at people who have Clem Smith.
circle52: So long as they look the other way as well Carlton 99
luked98: comon cripps need a huge score
OnTheRocks: @spud though clem doing better than Rich 🙁
circle52: which is my argument lack of consistency
carlton_99: all im saying is that the game is not being effected by umpiring decisons
Torz: How’d you not kick a goal then Beams. :/
circle52: I have seen 3 Carlton players tug jumpers and yet you have had 4 frees paid. Effects momentum Carlton
circle52: when not paid and allows rebounds
carlton_99: sorry mate but u dont get free kicks for tugging jumpers
spiggs: When one of your best players in your side is rich there’s no wonder why you’re a perennial spoon contender
circle52: Yes you do called holding
Torz: Witches hat for Justin Clarke.
carlton_99: free kicks are 11-6 not that bad
zadolinnyj: As a neutral the umpiring has been ok. Let the game run
circle52: Just for information Carlton I may be biased but we have never won a free kick coiunt either at home or away
roshanetw: lions called the sub
Jmachete: Bell what a dog
roshanetw: looks like they’re now forced to sub robertson with a concussion
circle52: with Razor as umpire
carlton_99: actual;ly throughout the year brisbane have had 104 frees to 102 for carlton
runt: Rockliff is an iron man
circle52: And no free yet Murphy got one in the first half
carlton_99: even the commenytators said thatw as not a free kick as it was a contest for the ball whilst the murohy one was stupidit
carlton_99: by your defender for pushing him in the back
runt: If the Blues lose this surely they have to sack the coach again
Torz: Trade out Rich or Taylor Hunt?
casey22: 6 for Rich, hoo raa
circle52: But it was still in the back regardless But agree Grardiner was stupif in first half.
frenzy: Mick’s going to the Tigers next year
dipstick: until blues piss pratt & the TAB off nothing will improve
Jmachete: Murphy dived into the fence
Hawks_15: i think the buy is picken from bulldogs
dipstick: *sorry tatts flog not TAB
runt: This is a get rid of Mick quick effort by Carlton
iZander: rich will be back to normal when he doesn’t get tagged, trade him out 😉
carlton_99: how in the name is taht 50 the ump didnt even warn him
circle52: That was a ridiculous 50 though but I’ll take it
Yelse: rich is playing like a player not interested to work. he isn’t even sweating
Jmachete: Rich is playing like a Carlton player
runt: Rich is sweating but only on the back of his knees
iZander: good quality tv you have there runt
LuvIt74: Rocky will be under $400k by round 11
LuvIt74: If Brisbane win this Malthouses press conference will be priceless
LuvIt74: Didn’t malthouse say they will never lose a game
iZander: if calton win it will still be priceless, he’s just so funny
runt: Mick knows the jig is up. The players are just making sure
KingPetrie: anyone have D Beams supercoach?? 🙂
wadaramus: Come on Rich, big last quarter.
Burnsyy: D beams is on 75
rickyb80: martin looks set to eplode
HowI Rioli: The “Selwood maneuver” should be regarded the same as selwooding your head
rickyb80: *explode
roshanetw: paparone subbed
LuvIt74: @King yeah i had beams from day 1
Torz: Martin was a good upgrade for Belly this week.
runt: Martin is Mr Consistancy
auxDT: mick’s “nostrils are flaring’
LuvIt74: Beams on 94sc so hes doing his job
Buzz67: Bye bye Mick
OnTheRocks: Rocky May have just delivered the knock-out punch.
auxDT: did cripps die?
rickyb80: burger eating into his score slightly tho
dj9343: Thanks to all those SC talk spuds who told me to get bloody goldstein over martin
Torz: Have hardly seem Cripps since HT.
dj9343: told me to field hogan over salme
dj9343: *salem
LuvIt74: you’d be crazy to pay $570k for Martin when u can get Blcvas for 100k less
spangle: qt*
gdshifty: do something docherty
iZander: make your own decisions dj, be a big boy
luked98: cripps hasnt had a kick since qtr time
LuvIt74: @dj9343 that hurts i had the same with other rookies i can’t seem to pick the right ones
HowI Rioli: I was getting told on Friday that I’m gonna lose money for not trading out Salem this week!
luked98: goodbye mick
gers: will stefan get 96 in SC?
LuvIt74: cripps on 85sc
frenzy: dj9343, I’ve lost your pass word, need to make sum changes
iZander: yes gers
luked98: this game will have some scaling to be done
LuvIt74: @gers hes 117 now so yeah m8
gers: beautiful thanks gents
madskill55: rocky sc?
Jmachete: Umps keeping Carlton in this
OnTheRocks: Rich is afk
SaintsMan: away from keyboard?
luked98: comon cripps get a few touches here
iZander: your only comments are complaint about umps, in every game…@jmachete
FlagDog: wasnt cripps on 55 about 30 mins ago?
dj9343: @frenzy – what u talkin bout, bruv
Ewoks: feel free to get a possie cripps….anytime now
madskill55: cripps and rocky sc anyone?
Jogr: come on golby
wadaramus: Tagging Rich and Zorko is really doing the trick Carlton.
ReaperRage: Can’t wait to get rocky next week!! Favourite player to watch
colin wood: Cripps has spent massive bench time in the second half possibly carrying an injury?
rickyb80: if u wait 2weeks reaper. will be much cheaper
KelCO: Isn’t next week a bit early reaperrage
Jmachete: 5m kick there lol
iZander: do you still get a tackle when you give away a free?
devize: that wasnt a free against beams, CD robbed us
m0nty: I don’t believe so, iZander
ReaperRage: Yeah maybe I’ll see his break even
Torz: Obviously not. Robinson ruined Beams’ tackle. 🙁
iZander: why did beams just go up 1 after that free he gave away??? (its a really close league game and it put him 1 in front)
rickyb80: will still be a massive be this week
Fletch91: Keep going Martin, you Champ!
ReaperRage: Oh Wow Robinson that tackle on the rookie!!!!
Jmachete: Are Carlton tanking? Or really that bad?
Jmachete: hahaha jones good pick up
Torz: Really that bad.
MattyZ: koss give jones the muppet he’s not even vfl level that supd
Torz: Rich indicating he’s finally got a possession by holding it up.
KingPetrie: the fall out at carlton will be huge from this
luked98: wooden spoon for carlton
ReaperRage: YAAA First win of the year hahaha
runt: 1st win!!! You ripper!!!
Ben_Gogos: Haha Matty!
runt: Throw them all up against the wall and we can be Premiers!!!!
luked98: 102 dt for cripps
banta: missed one of judd hb’s at the end there. need to add
auxDT: gj richy
luked98: no scaling for this match 🙁
dj9343: can’t wait for afl 360 to bag the life out of mick and carlton lol
luked98: dont understand justin clarks sc score

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