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Chat log from R6 of 2015: Fremantle vs Essendon

Chat log for Fremantle vs Essendon, R6 of 2015

frenzy: big game tonite Belly, I kept faith
DirtyDawn: x2 frenzy
man0005: x3 frenzy
Torz: Traded out Belly for Stef Martin this week.
heppelitis: times 4…and good start Belly
OnTheRocks: captain Fyfecycle
NewFreoFan: Belly still in my Fwd line as cover.
runt: Have new boy Mundy as Captain tonight
dipstick: tbc for 70
runt: Bellch on the field for me
NewFreoFan: wtf is this umpire doing?
gdshifty: runt ive done the same lol. Whats the bet that Mundy misfires tonight?
Torz: Great start Lachie!
frenzy: who’s got this game m0nty or his B team
abbarulz94: Anyone tagging in this game?
runt: @gdshifty Mundy will be good for the long haul. As for tonight well…Ill be happy with an even 100
Jackwatt$: m0nty has got this game but we may not get any classic jokes from him tonight with the Hawks going down and all
NewFreoFan: loving watching Neale, my opp. had him as captian though 🙁
gdshifty: i wont be happy with an even 100. My average captain score since round 3 has been around 75. Barlow 2 dud scores
tamoz: Pick up your game fyfe!
runt: Our names should all be in red, the Hawks blood on Hodge and Lewis’s hands
Torz: How did I get sucked into the Melksham cash grab a few weeks back? 🙁
NewFreoFan: there’s been some really crap umpiring this game for both teams
gdshifty: torz you dont listen to the traders do you? Often they talk people into crap, EG: KK
meka100: Hibberd you are fucken useless
FlagDog: Hibbered you fuckning peice of fairy floss, , touch the pill, flog!
cusch1: Wtf was that free kick for
3rdstriker: Hibberd is one of those guys who seems to get 100s every week until you trade him in
FlagDog: Hibbo, Fyfe, Heppell, belly. What a collection of fluff :/
NewFreoFan: beats me there’s been some rubbish umpiring, most benefiting freo though at least 🙂
heppelitis: 3rd rubbish free in 2 minutes Cusch
runt: Mundy is one of those players that scores a 100 but you never see him with the ball!
cusch1: Home ground advantage /10
Fletch91: Go C. Peacre, Neale, Fyfe and Z. Merrett
jayshi: @3rdstriker if he didn’t score 100, you wouldn’t have traded him in Lol
runt: Freo appear to have many gears to run through, dangerous team
frenzy: L plate for Pearce monty
h a mm e r: Not a bad effort from the bombers in that 1st quarter
PieBoy: cmon fyfey
PieBoy: why did i pick fat pig hibberd at the start of the year
abbarulz94: Barlow playing an inside role or an outside role?
Torz: Barlow doing both, is getting centre bounces now. Unlike a few weeks ago.
3rdstriker: this is getting ugly quickly for the bombers
NewFreoFan: SuperPav!
Moona: how much better is fyfe than every other player in the league atm.
runt: Sandilands providing silver service for the midfielders, cannot counteract it because he belts it 30m
runt: In this form Freo would belt anyone tonight
uw0tm8: finally barlows pulled his finger out.
NewFreoFan: This is ridiculous. Go Freo you good thing!
Torz: Are you playing Melksham?
h a mm e r: Bombers have got to want this…or go home now
cusch1: How the fuck is that not a free against mayne…did not go for the ball
runt: Melksham just having laugh
runt: Melksham looks drunk
cusch1: Where is the mark umpire
wpmufc: mundy getting DEF was a godsend for my team
Moona: Melksham on fire this quarter
runt: Bellchambers has had to look into the bowels of hell tonight
runt: heard Mundys name called twice, how does he do it?
runt: dont know runt. Having fun by yourself?
runt: Not too bad runt, I suppose
frenzy: lol runt
h a mm e r: Lol
man0005: lol
rosty63: anyone heard from @runt tonight?
willywalks: if you didn’t trade in mundy for hodge you must have rocks in your head, that dpp was a saviour!
h a mm e r: Hey runt, I was right about Eddie yesterday 🙂
The39Steps: @runt – what is your poison of choice and how many have u had tonite?
runt: Im eating strawberries
OnTheRocks: from the glass of champas you’re knocking back?
runt: eaten the whole punnet
NewFreoFan: that runt, such mischief
h a mm e r: I’m on Stella no.6 now :p
tezzer_j: lol, runt looking for a response that never was forthcoming
NewFreoFan: Stellaaaaaaaaaa!
NewFreoFan: there was supposed to be more a’s there, bloody filter, trying to get my Marlan Brando on
FlagDog: Cashing in this week on a couple of cows and the week after Hibberd to Hodge and good riddence!
luked98: fyfe 60 sc
J.Worrall: Brandy Marlow
JoeBanana: Hibberd and Bellchambers SC boys?
Fury Ride: Y r so nice to Fyfe
Fury Ride: Y r sc so nice to Fyfe
tezzer_j: Hibberd and bellchambers Sc both crap, you heard from me…..30 and 29 respectively9
Torz: Because he gets huge numbers of contested possessions and clearances?
Moona: stop being a team player fyfe – kick the bl00dy goal
h a mm e r: Get Giles in ruck. Bells not working hard enough
cusch1: That’s a free kick but Mayne got away with it??
3rdstriker: Dare I say it, Hibberd lifting
willywalks: neale looks like he just hit puberty…
ben31215: Get a touch Hooker..
Cyberdyne: ibbo gone missing :/
fshow: i ruined heppell these last two weeks. apologies
Torz: How good is Neale? Just racks it up.
NewFreoFan: fuck off Neale! Of course you go big when my opponent has you as captain
FlagDog: ffs fyfe.
ZachLanos: keep it up fyfe
wpmufc: ffs fyfe finish those set shots!
luked98: fyfe needs to improve his kicking, then he will be the best player in the game
Torz: That sums up Melksham. Completely and utterly horrible.
ben31215: Is hooker on the field?
fshow: heppell…carn
FlagDog: Hooker is on the field, he’s the one with his pants pulled down.
auxDT: who brought in c.hooker? hahahaha
buttox: whoever plays on w hams should have a west ham jumper
tamoz: Come on Fyfe, Barlow, Danyle Peace! Need a big finish from you guys!
fshow: paid 600k for you dyson. get hoovering up some junk time goodness
frenzy: will the 1st gamer get another game m0nty?
FlagDog: Junk when losing by 50 points? – I can only hope.
luked98: big last qtr fyfe and ibbo, really dropped of there ibbo
luked98: wow fyfe 96 sc
LuvIt74: I’m afraid i have had enough of Minson & not knowing whats going on with him so im forced to keep TBC as a ruck swing
LuvIt74: If minson isn’t playing next week im getting Blivcas
Brown*Dog: Blivcas dosnt play ruck
luked98: i traded minson this week
3rdstriker: BJ atlas
luked98: maric and goldy are doing me well now
Fletch91: Blicavs is ruck option in SC
SpudsFC: Put the cue in the rack fyfe
LuvIt74: @brown he is on SC
LuvIt74: 16 played with Fyfe as C and Bellchambers to play last quarter and my supercoach score is only 1607 my worst week by far
LuvIt74: Ive had Goldy from day 1 but every point counts especially when ranked in top 2000 Minson is costing me big time
frenzy: c’mon Nat, big finish
SpudsFC: Get amongst it Jobe
gdshifty: what a waste of money trading in heppell 2 weeks ago…
dipstick: lyon worst coach. lucky for him crawley doped up
SpudsFC: What did baguley do?
LuvIt74: Fyfe should score 125 to 135 on sc as he is 110 now
SpudsFC: Yes Kobe. Bin and bin hard
dipstick: be lucky to score 2150 this week 🙁
whale607: high bump
h a mm e r: Go Dons!
Ball_Hog15: is Barlow injured?
LuvIt74: @Luked 98 who did you swap Minson for?
LuvIt74: I’ll be lucky to score 2000
luked98: goldstein
SpudsFC: Can’t’ em been much. No POWs out there
LuvIt74: @dipstick i think 2150 will be in the top 1% on SC this week.
LuvIt74: @Luked98 ok gr8 move mate Goldy is a must
luked98: yeah maric and goldy are the perfect combo
LuvIt74: fyfe has really slowed down although cannot complain
carlton_99: imo goldy/grundy r the best combo
madskill55: what is fyfe sc?
dipstick: off do something fyfe
frenzy: get a kick fyfe
LuvIt74: @luked98 Are u playing SC or DT?
LuvIt74: fyfe 112sc
rosty63: 229 from pearce not bad
Torz: I’ve got Martin/Grundy, pretty good combo.
madskill55: goddard, watson, bellchambers sc score?
gdshifty: Fyfe is like a young Judd – gun player, but no Fantasy superstar
luked98: supercoach
gdshifty: that quarter ended quick!!
frenzy: will bring the 1st gamer in next week
SaintsMan: who’s that frenzy?
luked98: not gd enough fyfe comon
LuvIt74: goddard 132, watson 92, bellchambers 62 on sc
LuvIt74: Frenzy what 1st gamer?
LuvIt74: I’m glad i chose Mckenzie over Glenn this week
LuvIt74: heeney must go next week
frenzy: pearce
luked98: heeney and kmcintosh are my trades this week

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