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Chat log from R5 of 2015: West Coast vs Western Sydney

Chat log for West Coast vs Western Sydney, R5 of 2015

SaintsMan: shiel nearly got ruled out
Mad Doctor: why
Sloaneyyyy: hopefully mccarthy can step up big again tonight
Sloaneyyyy: need a big game from Ward too
colmullet: When ya ready mummy
Sloaneyyyy: NicNat and Sheppard due for big games
luked98: need priddis and nicnat to have shockers, and griffen to crack 100
iZander: come on griffin trelour and mccarthy!!!
Sloaneyyyy: definitely not a ruckman’s game tonight
tamoz: Go Whitfield!
banta: 120 here treloar cmon
Sloaneyyyy: come on GWS the eagles are not that good
ballbag: benched nicnat for TBC vs mummy
Sloaneyyyy: NicNat is a piece of overrated poo
Sloaneyyyy: what the fuck does nicnat do when he’s not at a ruck contest, seriously…
ballbag: nicnat like 2 marks for the year. he just doesnt know how to play AFL
JRedden: natanui 2 goals in a minute, now shut up
wadaramus: Carn Heath Shaw, keep it going man.
Ewoks: I wish they would invent tv with selective mute so I dont have to listen to BT
iZander: cmon trelour, lift baby!!!
preki1: lol nice response nicnat
Sloaneyyyy: maybe if I keep getting stuck into Nic Nat he’ll keep getting better as the game goes on
Ewoks: wrong game sorry
Chadwickus: Lol @ spuds bagging nic nat
iZander: ok so who’s mouthing nic nat now??
ballbag: ohh wow- you think 12 DT pts makes nicnat a better player???
iZander: he kicks goals when not at ruck contests @ sloaannnyyyy
Sloaneyyyy: I can say what I like he’ll still only end up with 70 for the game
iZander: someones hurt lmfao
iZander: yeah he will get like 80, but thats exactly what we expect from him
happylab: m9 what nic nat cant do cant be done
wadaramus: Lmfao at someone elses misfortune iZander??!!
colin wood: wheres sheed playing uygs?
ladle: people who judge a players skill by fantasy stats w/o watching the game…spuds
iZander: I’m not watching so i feel like I’m missing something, i have no idea what your talking about
ballbag: @happy nicnat cant run 10 sec 100m. whats your point?
masterhc2: fuck sake ward youve had like 5 pts this qtr
ballbag: ouch. just heard a player got a ruptured aggit today. who was it?
iZander: kelly from belong @ ballbag
ajconodie: What happened to your thesaurus Montgomery?
ballbag: faark. a split plum. i hope he is ok. thats seriously fucked
ladle: aggit?
wadaramus: Keep going Heater.
wadaramus: Aggot I think it is.
Ben_Gogos: So, where’s that guy slamming Nic Nat?
iZander: hahahahaha exactly what i said @ ben
Sloaneyyyy: present
rlangdon87: Yeo is sitting on my bench in my Ultimate Footy comp. Grrrr.
iZander: does trelour play in the midfield anymore? his scores have been poor
ballbag: here. nicnat has NO understnding of AFL. he;s just a gimmick. great athlete though
ballbag: blicavs is 10 times better than nicnat and has played 50 games in his LIFE
banta: uselss treloar flog
Sloaneyyyy: i agree wholeheartedly with ballbag
Bazza2014: is kennedy gon do you think?
Tw1tch1n: Cam McCarthy better pull his finger out
Jwow: whitfield is frustrating, so inconsistent
banta: wtf treloar you bogan
Sloaneyyyy: come on GWS you’re better than thsi
shaker: Cmon Le Cras you french fellow don’t you flower up my hot streak
ballbag: so who was praising nicnat? hasnt touched it in 20 mins
Torpedo10: Lecca please a hot steak needs you
Sloaneyyyy: Lmao
ReaperRage: Who should I upgrade nice at to? I already have goldy
ReaperRage: *nicnat
spudaroos: Griffen sucks, can’t believe he was a must buy.
iZander: martin
Jwow: how much is shiel?
colin wood: Will someone stick a firecracker up sheeds butt
luked98: griffen you suck!
wadaramus: Keep going Heater, 125sc please.
heppelitis: Blicavs interesting pod
ballbag: 20 mins later and still no touches griffen you spastic maggot
pies13: couldnt agree more @luke lift giff you spud!
pies13: for 480k in dteam thought he was a good pick not at all better off going a extra rookie shower pick.
Sloaneyyyy: NicNat is spudtastic
ballbag: wow higgins and griffen waxing coz they both havent fone squat in half hour
banta: treloar even on the field? get a stat!
Sloaneyyyy: thanks NicNat for making my decision to move you own even easier
SaintsMan: still gonna get 80 sc
DanBlack: Mummy playing a big boy last Qtr
shaker: Damn you frenchy kick a bloody goal
meka100: That’s it Mccarthy do fuck all
eski_liddr: cant believe nic nat cant ton up in a 10+ goal win
ballbag: ninat lowest mark count on the ground
Solat: except mummy
Sloaneyyyy: Parker to Ward was worth the extra 20+ pts per game
Jukes82: I thought nicnat woud flourish without big cox, but he’s just a bum.
Sloaneyyyy: nicnat won’t even make 70… overrated piece of poo
Sloaneyyyy: mumford = 8 tackles, Nicnat = 2, there’s the difference
eski_liddr: some ugly blow outs this round
eski_liddr: whats NicNat SC?
Solat: anyone have mcg SC please
SaintsMan: ward sc?
Tw1tch1n: Will be offloading McCarthy, so disappointing
Jackwatt$: Knew Bulldogs were gonna be big winners outs of Boyd/Griffen trade just didn’t think it would be straight away
luked98: thats it griff, you are out
DanBlack: @Jackwatt$ You always here statements like that after the siren. Never before
Solat: who would think a team’s CHF would be disappointing in a game they only kick 4 goals
SaintsMan: lol you guys downing nic nat, still manages to get 80
ReaperRage: Was going amazing until the two night games :/ ward swallow Tarrant nicnat goldy shaw

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