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Chat log from R5 of 2015: Melbourne vs Fremantle

Chat log for Melbourne vs Fremantle, R5 of 2015

frenzy: no one home
Sloaneyyyy: pavlich to kick 10 goals today
frenzy: who to start is the only interest in this
luked98: need fyfe as capt to score 180 ahah
carlton_99: need lumumba score to come close to vandengberg and mcdonalds any chance
carlton_99: need a 100+ for lumumba. And vandenberb and mcdonald <60
frenzy: how close lol
theskunk: walters first goal
homemade: need barlow to show some interest today
pharace: @carlton – right now is the closest it will be
Torz: Traded out Lumumba. So expect him to do something today.
Bazza2014: same Torz. expect him to tonne up 🙁
pharace: Thanks Bazz & Torz, will appreciate that
carlton_99: are there supercoach points for spoils
Torz: I traded in Duryea who got subbed out for 40. Ouch.
Bazza2014: someones loss is anothers win
tor01doc: Hogan, Vanders, Salem and Newton all killing it.
Dasherman: @ Torz Thx I need him to score well had to keep him this week
pharace: Melb players will get neck strain today watching the ball sail overhead
Bazza2014: Go MUnday, Hill Mcdonald and Pavlich
tor01doc: Like watching Oort v Hawks
tor01doc: Like watching Hawks v Port!
Kenny27: let junk time begin..
Bazza2014: This could be 100 pts at this rate
Torz: Could be a nice % boost for Freo.
homemade: would love for barlow to get in on the junk time action
frenzy: c’mon vanders
Bazza2014: MY opp has Barlow, so hopefully not or if Munday towels Barlow will be fine
homemade: @bazza – you’re safe!
Jodd: Barlow is looking to cost me a third round in a row.
snake_p: me too Jodd. unlikely to be able to trade this week with Lewis getting a holiday
Springa: Here comes the Bergmeister!
bigjuddy: cmon hulk
Bazza2014: good last 5 mins from the dees'[
shaker: Dockers efficiency is very high
Raspel31: Hmm, Mundy over Fyfe for cap might pay off
G.Soreness: Benched Hogan for Salem, could be a bad call
homemade: bronx cheers for barlow, just got a kick
G.Soreness: Fyfe going at 100% after 9 possies, wonder what the record is
carlton_99: boak last week had 30 possessions at 90%
G.Soreness: Fair effort from the young lad
kangawalla: Fairly subdued start by the Dee’s engine room. Jones, Vince, Tyson et al
AntoRyan14: Sidebottom round 1 had about 25 possessions at 100%
p_terg: Fyfe with the Vince tag. Is Bernie playing fair or like last week?
Torz: Sub made.
Torz: …for freo.
BoredSaint: Billings had like 25 possies at 100% in like his 3rd game last year
Kenny27: Cmon vanders wheres all those tackles
Torz: Neale had 42 at 96% in the derby.
luked98: comon vanders!!!
Torz: Neale playing a nice role off half back. His roller coaster continues!
carlton_99: Come on Lumumba
Jwow: yes vanders
KingPetrie: go away mundy!
PlayboyZM: lift barlow :
miner4pts: Neale on track to improve his 120 ave against Melbourne
Bazza2014: Mundy only 2 hbs this qtr
Fletch91: Come on Neale. Got him as Capt!
luked98: neale ggoing a 100% DE
Fletch91: Come on Neale, got you as Capt.
Torz: Lumumba is tagging Fyfe, if you want to update the icon.
Torz: That’s brave after last week Fletch.
BoredSaint: De Boer has had a big quarter…
Fletch91: Figured he couldn’t have two bad weeks in a row… hoping anyway.
miner4pts: i think its so funny teams tagging Fyfe and not Hill
snake_p: barlow starting to find his mojo…finally
PlayboyZM: I have barlow, C.Pearce, Vande and Salem, hoping to atleast make 300 🙂 need Barlow to lift some more though
Bazza2014: damn you barlow, milkin possessions
luked98: Barlow will be good in a few weeks, BE 196
homemade: barlow’s actually having a great Q2!
roo boys!: Is Pav alright?
Torz: Good stuff Lachie.
Fletch91: Yes, keep going Neale!
miner4pts: be great to trade CEY, Vande and Cripps for Ablett, Rocky and Barlow soon
coreyy101: anyone any idea minutes walters played? less than 20% gametime?
KingPetrie: McDonald SC anyone pls?
homemade: mcdonald 58 SC
homemade: fremantle SC scores: Neale 76 Fyfe 58 Mayne 56 Mundy 56 Pearce 54
Bazza2014: Is PAv back?
Torz: Pav off for the game.
Kenny27: pav done for the game
Bazza2014: damn
miner4pts: salem vested
Jair: Everyone will jump on Ablett and Rockmonster when they get back
spiggs: salem sub
luked98: fyfw and neale, soft qtr
Torz: Fyfe beats key defenders one on one. Such a good player.
qiu333: monty never gave us purple names for lewis tonning up
thommoae: He said next week, qiu. He needs a week to get in purple ink supplies.
Torz: Beautiful Lachie
PlayboyZM: Come on Barlow! you gotta lift now that Salem subbed :
qiu333: ah
PlayboyZM: lol yeah i want my purple name haha
homemade: barlow is saving himself for Q4
Kenny27: labamba chasing shadows
PlayboyZM: Grimes shouldve subbed not Salem -.-
Jwow: how do you get purple name
danmaio: dont dtop VDB,
qiu333: hahaha
Woodie: Well done m0nty
deanie: Purple!
PlayboyZM: Monty pulling through with the Purple names 😛
Ewoks: logged in just in time for m0nty to paint me purple 🙂
tamoz: Lets go Danyle, pearce through their defence
thommoae: The Lewis (DT Lazarus) Rd 5 Legacy!
m0nty: now remember, to make this permanent you need to buy Premium 😉
SaintsMan: I shouldn’t be purple, never said he wouldn’t reach the ton
PlayboyZM: Or we can bet Lewis will ton up no matter what xD
Torz: To think I put C Pearce on the bench in RDT because I thought he’d be the sub. Ouch.
Ewoks: dont forget m0nty ballbag gets pink ;p
luked98: fyfe on track for 35-40 possies
theKid: why are we all purple
gdshifty: i knew Barlow would tonne up the week i trade him out
banners87: Just give Fyfey the 3 votes now! 😉
PlayboyZM: grimes shouldve subbed.. not salem! 1st game back, aand mayne is making him look bad
jfitty: Why’d you trade Barlow out?
banta: are they tagging fyfe? if not, whyyyyyy?!
masterhc2: farrrk salem subbed really hurts, opponent has benched him feck
homemade: fremantle SC scores at 3QT: Mayne 113 Neale 106 Fyfe 99 Pearce 98 Mundy 89
luked98: comon fyfe big last qtr
thommoae: I hear ya torz. Same here.
BoredSaint: purpleee
deanie: Need Johnson to have another big 4th qtr
thommoae: … and now I’m lumped with Rampe’s rain-soaked low.
carlton_99: cmon lumumba need 80 from u
tamoz: Ton up Danyle!
carlton_99: Does anyone have the sueprcoach scores for Tom McDonald, Vandenberg and Lumumba
Fletch91: Cme on Neale, keep going!
Olmanmarty: Loving my backline this week – Houli 146, Oxley 136 and Clancee Pearce
tabs: Why are we purple?
luked98: get a touch fyfe
GJayBee: why we purple? have a guess champ
waldeckr: The week I trade out Neale haha typical
carlton_99: Does anyone have the sueprcoach scores for Tom McDonald, Vandenberg and Lumumba
Jwow: i don’t understand the purple names
Fletch91: Neale as my Capt. What a legend 😀
ballbag: @tabs coz lewis was on 20 at HT. if if he tooned we got purple coz theren was no way he would ton up
masterhc2: pack her up, boooyys
Dommy02: get a touch johnson
snake_p: that’s a gutsy call fletch
tamoz: Fyfe has been stuck on 97 for half the qtr
masterhc2: fuck me. saad over oxley. mccarthy and salem over tarrant/hogan thats 100 pts
snake_p: hooray Barlow tons up
valkorum: Fyfe has in the goal square for most of the quarter
valkorum: 3 on the bench means rotations will be different
wpmufc: woohoo barlow!
deanie: Johnson please!
homemade: raise your bat barlow! slow start but came home with a wet sail. 10 minutes left – can he get to 120?
Fernyys: fyfe sc?????
tamoz: Junk up Fyfe and D.Pearce!
Dommy02: whats wrong with johnson
p_terg: Come On Captain Fyfe
GJayBee: my underpants sc score?
banta: mundy magnet
valkorum: Casual as you like for goal of the game, take a bow Mundy
p_terg: (My SC source=SuperCoach Paige)
masterhc2: surely fyfe gets gun over barlow, fyfe avering 107 barlow been awful last fortnight
p_terg: @Fernyys Fyfe SC score= 99@3/4-time
theuncle: This won’t be 100
Ewoks: fyfe should get the gun in form and has 18 contested 8 clearances most on the ground
luked98: ibbo hasnt touched it this qtr
MattyZ: relax he’s getting the hilk symbol
MattyZ: hulk*
Rockafella: You can sleep well tonight now the icons have been put out
ballbag: fyfe only 125? ripped off like manny pacquiao

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