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Chat log from R5 of 2015: North Melbourne vs Hawthorn

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Hawthorn, R5 of 2015

frenzy: Blacks back, but Dumont should’a got another gig
Jwow: NM a strong chance
SaintsMan: cmon lewis
ballbag: @m0ntyspill the beans. how do arrange these players order at the start? tarrant was last a min ago
runt: Have Lewis as Captain. caveat emptor labels ignored
runt: Hawks quite impatient
kangawalla: Isaac. Continuing where he left off last week.
Sloaneyyyy: been out all day, just got home, can’t believe the swans lost to the doggies, makes the crows feel better
runt: BB gun goes pop
kangawalla: Come on Goldmember, lift!!
runt: live tweets from the clubs are totally redundant
Ewoks: flower have whitecross on the field and N.Brownon the bench probs gonna cost 70 pts
ballbag: @unt no i didnt
shooter43: It’s gotta be hawks tonight they look on
Sloaneyyyy: Ceglar beating Goldstein so far…
kangawalla: But nice to know runt that Melisa Doyle is at home with kids on a rainy night. 🙂
runt: @allbag ok
iZander: only because of a cheap goal sloannnyy, don’t doubt goldy 😉
shooter43: Give it 15mins
Jukes82: typical dog act, not surprised from the hawks.
Torz: Traded in Duryea. Giving away frees, hurting himself. Worst possible start..
runt: North have what it takes to knock off the Hawks
shooter43: Black=dude Brown=future star Goldstein=machine
shooter43: Dud”
Sloaneyyyy: north play best against the best opposition, and terrible against the worst teams
mijg: sorry got goldie in this week
iZander: the true hodge…
auxDT: whoa hodgey
Jukes82: 5 weeks
Torz: Hodge in big trouble
iZander: damn you mijg…ive had him since round 1 though so can’t complain 😀
SaintsMan: cmon lewis!!!!
auxDT: why did he even do that…???@?
casey22: One week if that
iZander: considering yarran got 3 weeks hodge is fine….but should be 4 imo
Bazza2014: hahahah 5 weeks, delushional, he’s already dropped for the prvious free kick
ballbag: @Runt lol
Jukes82: hodge has always been a dirty player.
shooter43: 2weeks?
kangawalla: Jukes obviously not on the Hawks xmas card list.
iZander: i second that jukes
shooter43: Wow
Torz: C’mon Lewis and Duryea, get involved.
casey22: He tripped, unintentional contact with the forearm
auxDT: whos watching luke hodge vs pacquiao tomorrow?
iZander: luke hodge vs yarran tomorrow night i heard
auxDT: barry hall as referree
Tony9668: Teams panic against the hawks, do things they normally don’t
shooter43: Wtf is going on
auxDT: lewis tag team
Torz: Lewis in trouble now.. Chaos
Jwow: hodge what you do
iZander: respect lost for the hawks, never had much anyway
Grazz: Hawks going the biff
Jukes82: LMAO! Lewis is gone for 2 weeks too hahaha
meka100: Lewis and Hodge got going to get weeks, fucken spastics
Brown*Dog: Hawks WEAK – Cheap shots not tough at all!!
auxDT: flower me….hodge and lewis gone for weeks !!!
auxDT: brian taylor seems to be loving this
Tony9668: That’s 2 out for a few
casey22: I’m losing my whole team here, lewis, hodge & goldy with concussion!!
Yelse: clarks gave them some boxing training obviously
auxDT: Goldy is fired up
shooter43: Next two games melb and gws sending the league a message ?
eski_liddr: love it
Sloan4Pres: see ya Lewis, at least 3 weeks for that
Sloaneyyyy: ffs HAwthorn, stupid Lewis and Hodge, f-ing retards
iZander: puopolo and mitchell only players i like from the hawks tbh
pies13: are they in trouble or nufn in it?
mijg: my opp has hodge and lewis. pitty they dont get sin binned
runt: news just in. The Mirage hotel in Las Vegas has confirmed a suite was booked in name of Mr Lewis Hodge last wednesday.
Costanza: Brad Scott’s fist will be fused in a fist by now
Tony9668: No pies 13, they are gone
Ewoks: full to the back row …….so why am i seeing half the seats empty BT
Jwow: is goody knocked out?
iZander: goldy is fired up now jwow
Jukes82: brad scott vs clarko at 1/4 time
pies13: miti finally getting abit of the ball
auxDT: lewis and hodge need to score big for us as they will be gone for weeks.300 from both at least
kangawalla: A rare moment of BT comedy. 3 Hawks in trouble for head high punches. Hodge, Lewis & Clarkson!!
Tony9668: Ziebell is un-co, reminds me of Kosy
pies13: @tony chrz not watching
Tony9668: @pies13, 2-3 weeks both of them
shooter43: No one can beat this team when they are on like this
auxDT: yeah alright BT shut ya trap
masterhc2: damn lewis was going to win the brownlow too
heppelitis: welcome to my dt lewis…gone next week
shooter43: Who plays dt?
pies13: wow got hodge not lewis thanks 4that@tony
tamoz: Come on higgins!
Sloan4Pres: @ masterhc2 haha nah
eski_liddr: it comes as no surprise that hawks r dirty mongrels
shooter43: Then publicises it
JRedden: who plays sc?
Costanza: nice moobs Scotty
shooter43: My mate
Raspel31: Just home. What did Lewis do ?.
Tony9668: Hawks have GWS and Demons next 2, maybe a planned break
jalapenoh: Eski… Shut up flog
pies13: not me @jred
heppelitis: i do mate….and dont have a spud next to my name
shooter43: I’m often baked
iZander: no I’m not surprised either eski
auxDT: hodge elbowed swallow and lewis punched goldy in the air
frenzy: My god BT is a flog
Raspel31: Thanks aux-bummer-didn’t need that trade.
iZander: how do you get goldy high twice, he is a freaking giant…
shooter43: You ever shot a potato gun? It travels at 43m/s. It’s all there bro
Sloaneyyyy: Lewis was nowhere near winning a brownlow… Its between Pendles and Fyfe
heppelitis: no bud..just shoot blanks here
shooter43: And Jong
Yelse: they both out min 3 weeks
runt: Lewis last suspension 5 years ago, will miss 2 at the max with guilty plea. If lucky only 1
iZander: i hope your right yelse, but yarran got 3 and you can’t compare them with that…
eski_liddr: no mod tnite?
iZander: history isn’t taken into account runt
Raspel31: Cheers runt oh knowledgeable one
Sloan4Pres: hawthorn are such a scum team, along with their fans
Yelse: runt lewis was suspended in 2012
auxDT: what’s hodges history look like? a dirty player or?
runt: Goldstein wasn’t injured, just yelped a bit
DirtyDawn: Evening all
iZander: “hodge worries about the body and then the ball” sums him up perfectly
spudaroos: robbie tarrant pls
ajconodie: Yeah but the main issue here is that Princess Kate had a baby girl.
auxDT: i put tarrant over honeychurch ouch
Bazza2014: Hey Sloan fuckwit
Raspel31: ajconodie-a true gentleman
wadaramus: Tarrant over Salem/Lonie for me,
tamoz: Where is Higgins playing?
ajconodie: lol
ballbag: with clarko as coach of course thyre thugs
Sloaneyyyy: goldie will take over walk-up captain status instead of Lewis for the next few weeks
runt: @Yelse you are right! 2 weeks rough conduct against Todd Goldstein!
Raspel31: Okay Lewis, you’ve been avery naughty boy but you’re still playing
eski_liddr: hawks hav a looong hist of being dirty mutts..their just wanting to continue tradition
meka100: Hooray Lewis touched it fucken bold pissant
runt: Lewis as captain looking grim. That is 5 in a row captain stuff ups for me
iZander: they are trying to take after their coach @ eski
Raspel31: got him too runt-aargh.
runners47: Well and truly time to get your head (and the rest of you) in the game, Lewis – and Tarrant.
eski_liddr: to be fair that supporter deserved it
auxDT: shud read calvin’s cpts @runt
Tony9668: Stratton been outstanding
pies13: @runt feel your pain its soo frustrating i went pendles this week 1st week i got cap over a 100
runt: @auxDT I did but thought I was smarter. I am not.
auxDT: after such a good start on friday night, this week has gone to shower..i just hope ill still climb up the ranks
runt: Time for an omelette made from the egg all over my face
eski_liddr: chan 7 coverage playing up for anyone?
masterhc2: @tony as a hawks supporter i absolutely love stratton hes my fav player, sooo underated
ballbag: 20 pts at HT lewis? u serious?
wadaramus: Tarrant 41sc, going along nicely.
eski_liddr: goal kicking close to goal this year has been terrible
eski_liddr: across the board
heppelitis: hes 40 ballbag…capts curse
Antony: The Tassie Derby is almost as fiery as the Showdown
meka100: How can you ave 140 and only be on 20pt at ht, die cunt
casey22: If Lewis isnt being tagged, how does he score 20 in ahalf?
iZander: he is still thinking about what he’s done
eski_liddr: thinking of where his going holiday to
wadaramus: Thinking about his 2-3 week holiday.
heppelitis: would rather my capt on rockliff…at least it wasnt his fault he scored sweet f all
LuvIt74: Evening all hope your doing gr8 in your fantasy footy
LuvIt74: Lewis will be cheap in round 12 woohoo
carlton_99: how is goldstein only on 56Hes had 19 hitouts 11 possesions at high efficiency and 3 marks as well as a point
iZander: don’t lie, lewis will junk up for a ton dw
theuncle: goldy sc
LuvIt74: Did anyone watch the Swans vs Dogs? What a game best game of footy ive seen in ages.
Kenny27: goldy 56
Costanza: Lewis judt got +3 for the “hit out”
ballbag: no way lewis will ton up. lucky to get 60
LuvIt74: Goldy 56sc
LuvIt74: Hope your right ballbag
LuvIt74: How is ya m0nty?
LuvIt74: Lewis on 16sc
LuvIt74: why is everyone so quiet
m0nty: If Lewis gets 100 DT everyone gets a purple name for a week.
wadaramus: Over at the other game Luvit.
iZander: lewis is pretty good junk time player, could happen @ m0nty
LuvIt74: lol m0nty should be a year…
Torpedo10: Will hold you to that m0nt. 😉
wadaramus: Giddy up m0nty, you’re the benevolent king!
Brown*Dog: Bring back PNG
heppelitis: if lewis get 100..ill be purple from excessive rubbing
LuvIt74: i missed lewis strike on goldy darn it, was it that serious?
iZander: luvit74 was the game better than bombers vs hawks? surly it can’t of been?
LuvIt74: @iZander oh yeah it was mainly because the Dogs were huge underdogs no pun intended plus it was wet.
iZander: fair enough, could of said the bombers were as well…
LuvIt74: I quote Bob Murphy “This is the best game I have been associated with in my career” That says it all. Back to this game.
Raspel31: As a Dons man-lol iZander
bigsandi: Come on lewis
iZander: its just the it was so close @ raspal, won by 2 points as well as 2 seconds 😀
ballbag: game over so no sc pts for you lewis ya flog
luked98: brought goldy in this week, paid off
Bazza2014: How many SC points did lewis get on that effective punch?
heppelitis: coast to coast…nice
tamoz: Need 2 big quarters from u higgins!
Tw1tch1n: How many weeks for Lewis should we be expecting?
iZander: 2 id say maybe 3
Raspel31: Only 2 Hawks players-Hodge and Lweis-both gone.Cheers lads.
Jwow: smith in this week. just racks em up
carlton_99: cmon goldestin pls ur my captain
SaintsMan: thats funny
masterhc2: why are the saying it looks like it definitely hit??? i don’t see that at all
eski_liddr: mcevoy you absolute spud
masterhc2: mcevoy missed from the goalsquare, never seen BT so excited
wadaramus: Clear deviation.
Jogr: it did hit
Moona: clearly hit the post – can’t believe the tv guy didn’t see it
Tw1tch1n: Glad I kept hold of Macmillan these last few weeks, bought in Tarrant this week.
LuvIt74: OUCH I just seen Lewis & Hodges strikes, both of them 3 weeks minimum I believe.
LuvIt74: I decided to go against tarrent the guy is put together by band aids
howiej: both 2 weeks going on yarrans.
wadaramus: Down to two if they accept I reckon LuvIt.
Jogr: McEvoy with the muppet
LuvIt74: don’t know they were pretty bad, I cant see lewis getting less then 3 but that’s just my opinion i reckon he’ll get 4
banta: big boy you idiot
ReaperRage: Tarrant, goldy and swallow… Pick it up!!! Heading toward my best week by far this year in sc!!
banta: hawks stopping, getting arrogant
LuvIt74: i hope he gets 1 so his price drops even more in SC come round 12 lol
wadaramus: Petrie!!!! Carn Norf.
DanBlack: Fyfe road to the Brownlow got easier tonight
LuvIt74: @ReaperRage what are u currently on?
banta: icicle lewis
pies13: 1st week im not against lewis c n he is doing shower wish this happend last week 4flower sake
Torz: Duryea.. how can you score back to back tons and then do this?
LuvIt74: @DanBlack providing he behaves himself I think he’ll be hard to beat and no injury obviously
mijg: cmon Norf still time
ReaperRage: 839 off 6 peddles loophole captain. 7 played if you include captain Kane lambert. @Luvit74
LuvIt74: @Reaper nice is that DT or SC?
DanBlack: @LuvIt last years suspension was soft. We’ll see what KK gets for the same thing on Rocky
LuvIt74: Who do u have as emergency for lambert?
ReaperRage: Sc @luvit what are you on
SaintsMan: lewis is back
Tw1tch1n: Was pretty chuffed last night after securing decent scores. Had Swan, Oxley, Cripps and Grundy
Costanza: Roos waiting to be hit fumble fumble
carlton_99: wahts goldsetin on in scupercoach
carlton_99: goldstein supercoach
PlayboyZM: I want that purple name 😉 Comeon Lewis
LuvIt74: I’m on 1098 9 played but have Goldy and Shaw playing currently…
LuvIt74: Goldy 67sc
carlton_99: i have gldy captain any chance of a 120
LuvIt74: Goldy was on 57sc at half time but he done jack since really
ReaperRage: nice I have shaw,ward,goldy,swallow and Tarrant going swell! Anyway going to the other games chat ciao for now
LuvIt74: @carlton highly unlikely but stranger things have happened, id be happy if tonned up
frenzy: These umps have no clue
PlayboyZM: guys I made Ebert my captain against adelaide xD mistake or not?
LuvIt74: @Playboy ill let ya know Sunday evening…lol
toddpaps9: Higgins LIFT
ballbag: you are a useless ficken binscab seagull lewis
LuvIt74: i got the VC on fyfe and if he does nothing i’ll put the C on sloane
Moona: 42 point quarter lewie – and again at least in the last please
Tw1tch1n: Need a massive last quarter from Lewis, don’t want to think I’ve wasted my C
iZander: get those purple names ready @m0nty 😀
LuvIt74: Playboy if u have Fyfe i think thats a better option
uptoolate: thats a bit rough BB
PlayboyZM: unfortunately no fyfe, still got the muppet Barlow 😛
carlton_99: i picked goldy captain over fyfe damnit
Judd Magic: Lift Higgins ya showering flog!
The39Steps: Next year when I go to click on Missy…please take me outside and shoot me.
ballbag: peter higgonbothams higgins songs made me choose him. need another tune higgo
LuvIt74: lol
mijg: what happened to Goldie? he was powering at half time
Pedrominat: sorry i missed it, why was Swallow subbed?
LuvIt74: that made me laugh there a crack up Jock & the team although Lekdog im over he loves the sound of his own voice…lol
m0nty: Lewis in the frame for a ton…
wadaramus: m0nty, did you specify sc or dt ton?
tezzer_j: Gunston a beauty, kudos to recruitment team down at the hawks. Blues could a take a leaf
LuvIt74: Lewis only 53sc m0nty ya would have been safe if ya went SC m8
tamoz: Get to 70 higgins!
DirtyDawn: Lewis, as we all know, you dont win friends with salad!! Get on with it C
thommoae: How’s your supply of Purple ink, Monty?
PlayboyZM: He wants us to havee purple names!
LuvIt74: What’s everyone’s thoughts on the Roo’s this season do ya think there top 8?
ballbag: how do vegetarians make friends then?
SaintsMan: i never doubted lewis, thought he was going to always get a ton
PlayboyZM: anyone think mitchell will get DPP?
ballbag: lift ya puny little score lewis ya tincan
Jwow: no you didn’t saintsman
buttox: wood is good
LuvIt74: @SaintsMan If i knew u personally id have a wager with u as long as your 18+
tezzer_j: wow that hurt
Fernyys: on ya lewis
SaintsMan: yes i did mate
Mash: Lewis ever in doubt?
Tw1tch1n: Goallllllll Lewis haha last quarter specialist prevailing
Kenny27: purple names for all
iZander: but i did jwow, even called it at half lmfao
JRedden: can you lift lewis? ffs
masterhc2: lewis goal, you beauty. get the purple ready cheers monty
bigsandi: I’ve been waiting 4yrs for purple
Solat: u r kidding right redden, he has lifted massive 2nd half
Sloaneyyyy: James Kelly had the ruptured testicle injury today… ouch!
LuvIt74: tarrents break even could quite easily be close if not around the -100 again next week.
DanBlack: J.Lewis the junk time king. Rubbish can him
JRedden: averaging 139 so no im not kidding
alekstah: if whitecross gets zero, will my emergency come on?
mijg: piss weak from north tonight. expected better
LuvIt74: on SC that is as he is on 72sc
SaintsMan: no alekstah
m0nty: oh geez, looks like a sea of purple coming up…
carlton_99: goldstein supercoach
DanBlack: @alekstah No
LuvIt74: @alekstah NOPE
Mash: no alekstah, they changed the rule so if they play you score the 0
Sloaneyyyy: no alekstah, because he played
PlayboyZM: high expectations or what…
ballbag: if lewis tons u can give me a pink name m0ny. no way he will ton
Raspel31: Ha Monty
Redraptor: carn the Hawks!
FlagDog: SO how many people are going to swap Lewis for Mitchell for the next few weeks?
SaintsMan: what happens if you go purple?
LuvIt74: JRedden id be very happy if I were u considering what he was at half time.
Bazza2014: Lewis will ton up easy
LuvIt74: @ballbag theres 8 minutes he will ton up on DT
alekstah: Brett goodes to white cross last week, cooked trade … hate you Hawks coaching staff
masterhc2: so classy mitchell
Redraptor: go Hawks!
eski_liddr: fantastic goal mitchel;
Moona: 64 point half for lewis so far – keep goin son, keep goin
eski_liddr: how many trades do you guys have?
iZander: why alekstah??? whitecross wasn’t even lined up to play….not their fault
bluechev: Lewis didn’t lose 3 points for his shot on Goldstein, will he have 3 points taken off him at the end of the game?
LuvIt74: However he wont on SC Lewis on 65sc
carlton_99: pls tell me goldstein uis at least 90
uptoolate: geez …. Rioli, Hill Mitchell are just so good at this game …. ?
PlayboyZM: he will ton.. hr only needs 9points lol
Moona: mithell – gun
Redraptor: great game Hodge
Ewoks: Paint me purple and call me barney
Mash: izander, it was a 50m penalty not free against
Mash: bluechev i mean
carlton_99: goldstein supercoach
LuvIt74: @alekstah to trade out Goodes to whitecross is a silly trade this far into the season.
iZander: what mash??
uptoolate: @bb …. Lewis now on 97 …ballbag: if lewis tons u can give me a pink name m0ny. no way he will ton
Ewoks: damn 3 pts early lol
Fernyys: ton
iZander: lewis ton!!!
Mash: make us purple
masterhc2: theres the ton, purple 🙂
Kenny27: there it is 100
FlagDog: Goodes 2 games out, is he going to end up like last year and not get a game
LuvIt74: If your gonna trade out someone like Goodes u want a huge cash cow like Krakouer or Tarrant but not whitecross.
Tw1tch1n: Ton me up Lewis haha
Mash: sorry izander too many sherbets, message meant for someone else
wpmufc: nice lewis!
Sloaneyyyy: Purple-Nurple m0nty
toddpaps9: purple
Solat: oink!
PlayboyZM: lol xD purple names for everyone!
heppelitis: lewis to give a stupid free away now
meka100: Still be shit Lewis, need another 30 for a decent score
carlton_99: supercoach for goldy please
Costanza: Lewis always 15m free – man up ffs
Redraptor: really good win tonight
DanBlack: M0nty hit me with the purple!
buttox: woot purple me
LuvIt74: i cannot believe Goldy he just died in the orifice.
Ewoks: ballbag wanted pink for J.Kelly’s split plum
Jair: Purple Purple Purple!
uptoolate: @monty and Bbag with the pink ….. ur not printing my comments is ok …
colin wood: He copped a massive from Lewis guys. His eye is half closed over
carlton_99: will goldy ton in supercoach
LuvIt74: If lewis gets 4 weeks and ends up out for 3 with a early plee, will u guys keep him on the bench?
tamoz: Purple names all round
uptoolate: @colin …. it was only a very minor touch up
LuvIt74: @carlton99 no mate hes on 86sc
luked98: jordan lewis how?
PlayboyZM: qnyone think sam mitchell will gey dpp?
mijg: better give Goldie the heart then
colin wood: Goldy 87sc
FlagDog: Gotta be happy with Goldy, a little wee man would have been carted off the ground. He played out the game!
casey22: tons plus from lewis & hodge & both on my bench next week
runt: Thanks Lewis for a good comeback see you back in in a few weeks
ballbag: lewis is my DT C and i was just reverse psycholging him
LuvIt74: nope m8
wadaramus: Nope.
uptoolate: ooop s Monty u Ok … ? not fall off chair ?!?
Redraptor: almost a 1975 gf reversal
tezzer_j: lewis only 78sc
LuvIt74: thats touched…
SaintsMan: lewis used it so well i really don’t get it
runt: I could here the bang from here
uptoolate: lol bb … it worked !!!
Mash: not touched, good call by the ump
luked98: whats with the sc scores
uptoolate: agreez with runt !
luked98: im serious supercoach should fix their scoring system, some of these scores are soo out of waxk

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