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Chat log from R5 of 2015: Gold Coast vs Brisbane

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Brisbane, R5 of 2015

iZander: who’s goldcaost tagging?
heppelitis: haha…thats a great start Glenn…
iZander: wheres saad playing?
circle52: Rocky edown alreafy
runt: Rockliff KO
wadaramus: Rocky gone again.
iZander: rockys price might be juicy in another 3 weeks….shit, i feel for him a bit
Torz: Rocky 🙁
runt: edown alreafy? If you drink, don’t type.
travisdick: Might be! Ha, the absolute super premo of the year will be cheap as chips
runt: Knowing Rockliff he will come back on! A sniff of the smelling salts and right to go
Torz: Looks like Beams/Prestia H2H
circle52: Bennell now off with ankle
Torz: I thought it was Garlett?
runt: Garlett ankle not Bennell
auxDT: why would they tag rich….
meka100: Rocky no fucken luck
iZander: why is rich being tagged and not beams?
Rebuild: Rocky’s BE is gonna be about 400 next week
Hawks_15: if you have rockliff in your team can you sub him for another player because he hasnt scored?
Grazz: Oh dear
Torz: No Hawks
m0nty: rules these days are that you cop Rocky’s zero
meka100: No you can’t Hawks_15
frenzy: just try it @ hawks, lol
circle52: How was that against Bundy
Hawks_15: that sucks i think. too bad for people who have him
m0nty: jumper tug
mijg: big one harley and miller
_wato: Bennell big score this week I hope
luked98: rockliff will be a great pickup, just wished he scored a point
circle52: Beams up and about early
ajconodie: @luked98 doesn’t he get 0?
Torz: Prestia tackle missed
Roflcake: having Rockliff in fantasy draft has been fantastic so far
colmullet: yeah he gets 0, will be nice n juicy around the byes
runt: Ive still got Kolo due to other pressing matters
mijg: 32 sc for Miller. nice.
Brown*Dog: Rocky any chance of getting back on?
m0nty: no it’s the full sub, been more than 20 minutes
runt: Rockliff having a little nap
Brown*Dog: Thanks M0nty
Brown*Dog: Rocky tough as nails but I hope he takes a week off and comes back fully fit
Brown*Dog: Rischitelli on target for another ton, great POD if you have the balls
SaintsMan: i missed it, what happened to rockliff?
Ben_Gogos: Rocky has gone to hospital
Scratchy: This is not Haris Andrews first game.
ronburgndy: Wow rocky will be $580,000 after this rnd
Chucky2010: Question… So if my opponent has Rocky as his captain.. If he gets 0 as his SC score will that still count ?
Chucky2010: Or will the auto emergency rule apply and his VC score be activated?
banta: why not tag bennell? leppitsch is the worst coach in the comp behind mick
Chucky2010: The remaining players on your Floating Bench don’t score, unless your league has activated the “Auto Emergency” option –
SaintsMan: i think it counts cos he started
Chucky2010: in which case you’ll get the lowest scoring emergency’s score above 0 to replace any player on your starting line-up
Brown*Dog: Why tag if your 18th on the ladder?
mijg: it will be double 0 🙂
Kenny27: yes Chucky, but you have to double the 0 if he is captain =)
Chucky2010: who doesn’t play (irrespective of position).
Chucky2010: thats what the rules say. I just remember a few years ago Brett Montgomery got -1 and his score counted whereas
Chucky2010: another player got 0 for the game and it saw that as a 0 and was replaced by an emergency. Im with you guys..
Chucky2010: I think he should get double 0 as he has ran out on the ground.. just curious to all your thoughts.
Chucky2010: Well if thats the case.. ive just gone from chasing tail to a very commanding position. Cheers Rocky.. you legend haha
ballbag: @m0nty cant see prices with the mouse hover
Jukes82: J.Glenn L-Plate?
ballbag: ouch!!! rocky??? BE 294 before this game- will that be a record price drop???
ballbag: that has to be a price drop of 100K for the week for rockliffe
theKid: Love a spud performance from Harbrow. Awesome.
Pedrominat: what happened to Rockliffe?
howiej: k.o pedrominat
mijg: rocky knocked himself out coz he plays for brissy
runt: @mijg Really?
Grazz: Glenn a family friend, very happy to see him doing ok.
mijg: 61 sc for Miller 76 for bennell. 🙂
ballbag: chose miller over vande v freo
ballbag: @mijg do you have andrews sc pease
ballbag: rocky should be bout 480 in 2-3 weeks i reckon
mijg: Andrews 45
frenzy: 1 in 5 about right for robbo, that’s about all he plays.
luked98: touk miller no more points
iZander: thoughts on glenn? will be score well when gold coast are losing?
spangle: Goobered up my loophole this week and didn’t realise miller played before anderson. Damn Touk could cost me 60!
spangle: all4dacashdoe
Kenny27: onya bike Harley!
Viscount: Very nice Kenny
auxDT: the website im streaming this match from title this match gc suns vs brisbane broncos hahahah
frenzy: I would pick Martin, but Leuey flowers up his scores when he’s in
ballbag: @spangs loophole killed many. i cant loop anyone this week. theyve all played 🙁 PS fyfe for 200 🙂
auxDT: s.may knocking everyone out whatta spud
ballbag: @freny nah he doesnt mate. martin always scores. wish i had him
frenzy: j.kelly split aggott
mijg: good to see the suns have a win
theuncle: the umps are duds dont pay anything to brisbane
Torz: Prestia, take a mark pal.
mijg: carn Miller keep it ticking over
howiej: double L for glenn.
thommoae: Kudos, Monty – first time ever that the word ‘lugubrious’ used on a Footy website. See what you can do with ‘obstreperou
thommoae: * ‘obstreperous’ – I’m sure ballantyne or Robinson will provide an opportunity …
colin wood: Finally Bennell! But Bewick… 🙁
spudaroos: “Cromulent set shot” – Monty’s references are out of control
tamoz: Keep going zorko!
heppelitis: common m0nty i am monosyllabic
Torz: Nice work Beamer. Tons up by 3QT.
luked98: saad and kk lift
auxDT: dayne beams atlas
kangawalla: Hey Monty, is Kevin Rudd ghostwriting for you tonight?
Tony9668: C’mon Monty, it’s footy not f’ing Scrabble
homemade: loving your work tonight monty
mijg: Didn’t need those 2 goals from beams.
heppelitis: m0nty is doing an auditrion for comettis job..just throw in a dad joke old boy
frenzy: m0nty’s nervous cos his hawks up against roos
shaker: Harley finally was thinking about givin you the flick
thommoae: Good to see something that lifts the bar above ‘flowering’, ‘showering’ and ‘powering’ though, eh?
ballbag: ‘any girls wnna sit on the comm-et-eee’
kangawalla: I fancy the Roo’s tonight & dare I say it, I’m slightly bullish about my Demons tomoz arvo.
ballbag: * dennis pick up line
runt: Bennell has skulked around my team since the beginning.
kangawalla: Back to the joke workshop ballbag:)
thommoae: Anyone using the term ‘my Demons’ has lost perspective totally, just for starters.
runt: And skulk a little longer it seems
banta: rischitelli underrated, they should put more attention to him
kangawalla: 30 year member thom. Lost my perspective about 23 years ago!
shaker: Harley I’m firmin up
runt: The use of “My” makes me puke. Same as @go you good things@ that one really makes my teeth grind
thommoae: I don’t know whether to applaud or have you certified, kanga.
banta: will never know why teams dont tag guys like bont and harley
ballbag: ohhh ffs stop giving points back risci
runt: have moved into the top 42 500
mijg: miller gone home? junk it son
runt: Up 10 000 spots. Amazing
kangawalla: My 3 kids are Dee’s fans too thom. Not too much PTSD so far. 🙂
spudaroos: bennelll pls
thommoae: Lugubrious, emasculated etc. = Witches’ Hat, Monty?
auxDT: 17 handballs from saad
Cyberdyne: who is this josh glenn? worth picking up?
iZander: what are the chances rich will be tagged over beams again??
thommoae: How could you do that to your kids, kanga? Oh, the humanityyyyy!
runt: Gardiner copping a belting from a thesaurus today.
runt: Id just call Gardiner a plodder and leave it at that
kangawalla: Teaches resilience thom.
thommoae: That’s ‘an’ ebullient shepherd, Monty …tsk.
kangawalla: Monty, there’s been an explosion in an adjectives factory near your place. Anything to do with you?
thommoae: … and curling up in a foetal position, kanga.
Bazza2014: you guys are just being facetious now
runt: strange how poor Clay Beams just never plays well
Torz: Not a bad score Prestia, seeing as you still haven’t marked the thing.
runt: @I prefer puckish
thommoae: Steven May must be delighted not to have a Witches’ Hat this week – first time all season?
luked98: yes kk and saad, juntime touches pls
kangawalla: Claye Beams, the modern day Darryl Schimmelbusch
frenzy: witches hat for Clarke, surely
kangawalla: Come to think of it, Schimmelbusch fits in well with with some of the exotic wording tonight.
Jwow: Is D Beams back in terms of fantasy? or still susceptible to the tag
homemade: did cannon go home at 3QT? has he touched the ball in q4?
thommoae: I think that dates you somewhat, kanga
Jwow: yes KK
runt: 5 DT tons by Lions players making a mockery of the whole situation
kangawalla: frezy, just saw Clarke on the Ch 7 pre game show flying a light plane. At least he has an alternate career
Bazza2014: Darrel Schimmelbusch??? WHO??? Don’t ya mean Wayne
thommoae: Blue moon for Dixon. Might never again play on such toothless defence this year?
runt: Kolo survived the cut due to injuries and surprisingly repaying early faith
kangawalla: Yes Thom, when I was young & musk sticks were hard, the Flower, the Shimmelbusches & the Cunninghams carved it up.
frenzy: your a flippin star Harley
kangawalla: Precisely my point Baz. Darryl was the crap Schimmelbusch
spudaroos: Stefan Martin really is one of the best rucks in the comp. Ashame that the rest of our team arent AFL standard atm.
ajconodie: Brisbane are lackadasical and listless.
thommoae: Context, Bazza – look him up.
ballbag: nice andrews
runt: Sad Lion here because early draft picks will just fly the coop
ballbag: nice miller
howiej: Far out kk. you go shit all year, and when i trade you out you almost ton up. Spud

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