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Chat log from R4 of 2015: Port Adelaide vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Hawthorn, R4 of 2015

Dangermaus: good to see The Sneeze get another run, sucks that it’s at the expense of Gray
iZander: if whitecross puts in a good game who thinks he’s worth a punt in dream team?
uptoolate: ello ello
uptoolate: @iZ …. he could still be a bit green this year so far for mine
iZander: i find it really hard to believe polec is tagging brad hill….
Costanza: brilliant skills already (at last)
AngryRyno: gray out has been handy, means i get cripps score
luked98: need krak to score well, and pittard an wingard to score badly
uptoolate: KRak a bargain this year so far !
Dangermaus: Lobbe makes a massive difference to Port’s gameplan
Tim Tam: looks like Hodge head to head with Ebert
AngryRyno: better start tonight lang
iZander: yeah i agree, i don’t really want to get him but i need a good downgrade for lumumba @ uptoolate
Redraptor: Boak’s score not updating
mijg: krak and X nec week
eski_liddr: my god port is on fire…nba jam edition
Grazz: wow nice kick Hamish
Dangermaus: holy cow – 6 goals, surely port can’t keep this up
luked98: anyone else watching this? ahah
luked98: Monty fix boaks score
eski_liddr: this is a bloodbath
Grazz: It’s Raining goals for Port
Costanza: how’s the efficiency!
Jukes82: zero ticker hawks, fair dinkum belt someone!
Dangermaus: traffic cones for the whole Hawks team at the moment
runt: Do Port Adelaide have to be on a plane leaving just before 3/4 time?
Redraptor: Boak 28 sc
mijg: this reminds me of Freo WCoast
Sincity: Somebody hit somebody!!
eski_liddr: i hope to god port dont become complaisant
AngryRyno: cape for port adelaide
Fernyys: no wines no gray no worries
runt: Hawks will claw this back or my name isn’t runt
Dangermaus: Lake about to be subbed
Grazz: Lake subbed
AngryRyno: lake subbed
wadaramus: Lake subbed.
runt: Is Lake subbed?
eski_liddr: theres 22 mums that are worried where their children are at the moment
Dangermaus: don’t know why Port fans boo Burgoyne so much
uptoolate: and so what happened to Lake ?
AngryRyno: no jed anderson, no hawthorn
wadaramus: Sub Lake.
luked98: knee injury, looks like a medial
AngryRyno: burgoyne donuts ffs lift
ballbag: no lake no hawthorn
runt: Brendon Ah Chee has given Port a massive psychological boost
Paga: even butcher could score…..
AntoRyan14: No MCG, no Hawthorn
AngryRyno: no tarps vs port, no hawthorn
iZander: wheres whitecross playing?
uptoolate: who is Whitecross ?
Costanza: wouldn’t say it’s over just yet. Kane Mitchell is out there dont forget
uptoolate: simply unbelievable performance by Ah Choo so far !
eski_liddr: the Richmond wandwagon stopped in melb friday taking passengers saturday night in adelaide
carlton_99: why is boak on 0?
Scratchy: i’m hearing Boak has had 9 possies
eski_liddr: *bandwagon heh heh
Wingard001: What? Boak has had more then 0 DT Points surely???
Redraptor: Boak 46 sc
meka100: Good one Lewis you fucken flog
Dangermaus: Lewis with a lot of work to do… as does the entire Hawthorn team
runt: I prefer wandwagon, a bunch of fairies the lot of them
Sincity: I reckon Port Adelaide should tag more Hawthorn players
AngryRyno: time for port sub
uptoolate: so glad I put Lewis skipper this week …. note to self (fall off cliff)
eski_liddr: ACL for the young tigers player ..for kid
AngryRyno: cape for port adelaide cmon
uptoolate: I picked a bad week to give up Valium ….
Sloan4Pres: unlucky Lewis owners 😉
Sincity: Cape the whole Port team Monty?
mijg: haha one of my opp went Lewis Capt
wadaramus: Carn Hawks still time to win.
wolfheart: Ah chee Wah-wah! Not bad at all.
Torz: Think Lewis has a few credits in the bank this season.
Redraptor: Give it a break guys…get Boaks score back you are being ridiculous
Sloan4Pres: @ mijg haha same, hilarious
Jwow: fuck you we are not bandwagoners. We’ve been through some tough years
wolfheart: Lewis could get 50 posies every game. I still wouldn’t touch him. I have a no fuckwitpolicy.
DanF: Boak has 4 kicks, 5 hballs, a tackle. AFL site has zip
mijg: port copying Freo cheats
uptoolate: @sloan ….pls put a sock init …. :O.
eski_liddr: @jwow – and the tarps tell the story mate..bandwagons through and through
Dangermaus: i shouldn’t laugh at Lewis owners too much I opted for Swanny as captain in SC, that didnt work out too well for me
Redraptor: I wonder If I said something about Ebert if his score will be 0 next week
Wingard001: @Eski_Liddr you do realise some of us are real fans and most of us have gone through the tough times
uptoolate: but let’s not mention the war …
Redraptor: Thank you
Wingard001: Finally Boak Updated
runt: Put Puopolo into the ruck for a few minutes just to give everyone a chuckle
eski_liddr: @wingard – i dont think u understand what bandwagon means. im sure u were the one of 5 fans that were at aami stadium
Sincity: Back in the days when Wingard was around……
Wingard001: @Eski I understand we have grown fans however i think the reason we are getting bigger crowds could be because of AO
Dangermaus: Lewis with 5 possessions in 20 seconds, to catch up all the points he should have had in the 1st quarter, lol
Jwow: @eski we’ve converted the next generation of members. Before us everyone went for the crows.
eski_liddr: tough times would be the drug cheats fans dat r essendon considering the circumstances haha
AngryRyno: estimated age of @Wingard001 is lower than lake’s DT score
Jwow: also a lot of non-supporters go to the game because it has now moved to the city and the atmosphere is unreal
wadaramus: 16 thousand to 50 thousand, big bandwagon.
Redraptor: @uptoolate ?
Sincity: Meanwhile Lewis now flamed up!
uptoolate: Lewis … all will be forgiven …. if you get of your pulooka !
Wingard001: Poor Kicking this quater from us
Edders: people jumping all over lewis far too early. It’s not even half time
eski_liddr: so if western bulldogs get a new stadium theyll get 20,000+ supporters you say?
ballbag: yeh??? shame for lewis owners buddy
eski_liddr: *new supporters
LuvIt74: who would have thunk that port would be 40 points up in 2nd aqt
Edders: Lewis, Hartlett and Boak v Suckling and Roughead. Loving this
mijg: that was fast jump lewis
Wingard001: Put a $ on Krakour Monty!
uptoolate: @eski …. really ? … re Doggies new stadium ? … where from this info ?
Wingard001: Paddy Ryder great player, very happy i picked him Up 🙂
eski_liddr: @uptoolate – read down – Jwow commented about new stadium is the reason why they get 30,000 new supporters
Jwow: get around us
mijg: go Paddy
Wingard001: No but do you understand how much impact Adelaide Oval has had? @Eski
Ewoks: flower my footy tips this week there goes my 5 point lead in 1 week 🙁
NewFreoFan: glad i started the year with Ebert 🙂
Wingard001: Im loving this No gray as well
Wingard001: Thanks m0nty 🙂
runt: No Gray no Hawthorn
wadaramus: Hawthorn are insipid.
Wingard001: this is just beautiful
Jwow: wow. this has made my week
Dangermaus: did anyone think Melb would beat Richmond?
wadaramus: Nice goal top knot.
eski_liddr: @Dangermaus – yes and had money on it. i dont bet often
runt: sitting here listening to this game and wondering WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!
carlton_99: goldstein, fyfe or franklin captain
casey22: I wish commentators would commentate
eski_liddr: i would say the port crowd has gone feral but they were already there before the game started
Costanza: did Ess expose Hawks for a lack of pace perhaps
casey22: I wish expert comments people were experts
Wingard001: All my players are doing so well apart from Roughead
uptoolate: need to check my meds …. obviously wrong prescription ….
luked98: fyfe
Ewoks: guess the port supporters are going to get mouthy again was so enjoying not having to listen to them
Jwow: BT is the worst
mijg: should be a rule commentators cant talk shit during play
eski_liddr: @casey22 – radio always works for me
runt: I traded Hodge in this week so he will explode in the 2nd half
DanF: Brian Taylor is a cower
casey22: Agree BT is the worst
AngryRyno: if i got $1 for every time BT thinks hawks can get back in it…
Ben_Gogos: BT worst commentator in world sport.
uptoolate: @wingard …. so will you write a book about it ?!?
Dangermaus: Sam Mitchell has found Harry Potter’s cloak of invisibility… completely gone missing
carlton_99: but my opponent ahs fyfe and im losing at the moment
eski_liddr: BT needs to be fired..we say this every year
The39Steps: What are the best odds I can get for the Hawks now? I have a lazy $20 burning a hole.
Dangermaus: well this game is over… going to dockers/swans now
auxDT: karate chop poppy
eski_liddr: rex hunt needs to be on the air…we can all agree on that
AngryRyno: thats it, tv on mute, f off BT
Raspel31: Good god-just clocked on -and this without Gray or Wines
Wingard001: god sake….
casey22: Is BT worse than dermie, i dont think so!
wadaramus: Yes please eski_liddr, I love rex-isms!!
Nocash: you can get 9-1 on betfair right now. Port are 1.08. That’s juicy odds
Jwow: I’m nervous. didn’t expect this without Gray or Wines
runt: I think Clarkson will be donning the merkin at half time for some much needed light-hearted relief
eski_liddr: god…sake being the Japanese drink that u r enjoying wingard?
The39Steps: Thanks @nocash. Worth a crack.
mijg: I can not believe in WA we get a delay for dockers game. it fuckingvAnzac day
Dangermaus: lmao @ this commentary
Nocash: Scoring shots are 14-10. Hawks wont stop trying
eski_liddr: foxtel was smart cause u cnt download or watch in hd live sport..they purchased the rights n we hav to liv wit it
auxDT: top knot kick again?
uptoolate: sadly Port bunheads are hot !
runt: When Power scored that goal the applause were quite tepid. The crowd is knackered
eski_liddr: hats off to the coaches that grabbed Ebert …well done
Dangermaus: lol Ceglar has less points that the amount of hitouts he has
Wingard001: I love Krakour <3
eski_liddr: @runt – hungover from that sweet first quarter high
Raspel31: Yep-off to sunny Freo
Costanza: Hawks at $11 now
uptoolate: re Wingard …. agun …. and deceptive …. Plan A. = take him out early !?!
Raspel31: Whose gunna trade their rookies when they’re doing better than their guns
Redraptor: Boak 80 sc
runt: The 3 point Prelim loss has been the impetus for this 1st half flogging
js19: Why $ for Krak? Game 2 this year
theuncle: wingard 67 sc 😮
Yelse: i think fixing def priority and leave the rookies to keep the mid ticking over
Wingard001: @js19 he is in my midfield for such a cheap price he is amazing
Sloaneyyyy: well bugger me… unlucky for hawks… lucky for me, I got Krak’s score for Gray
Sloaneyyyy: ffs BT, his name is Ryder, not Rarder
mijg: hop8 port don call it a day and go all defensive
Scratchy: and his name is PoLeck not Pole Ack
casey22: Watching Syd/freo a pleasure after bt’s crap
mijg: Fotel c u n t s
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Schulz to suck the ump in for a free on Stratton.
hbui35493: I’m a port supporter, but schulz shouldn’t have scored
Ewoks: If Schulz stopped diving more people would actually appreciate him as a player, atm cant respect a player that dives
Yelse: i think hawks getting screwed by the umps
auxDT: that was not a 50 against gibbo..
hbui35493: Don’t think Schulz is a diver, but ump should see that better, sometime you’re not diving on purpose
Scratchy: clearly late..deserved 50
Ewoks: @hbui he plays for the free to often for a key forward imo
Yelse: why isn’t jordan lewis higher SC
Sloaneyyyy: hawks efficiency is well below their norm
Redraptor: Boak tons up in sc
AngryRyno: poppy gone
uptoolate: Hawthorn now controlling the footy … not too late
AngryRyno: who jumped on hawks at $11
The39Steps: WH had them 2.25 at 36.5pts just before half time. Had a bit of that thanks very much!
Scratchy: how was that one a 50m penalty?
auxDT: ok BT chill…
Ewoks: I do beleive Bt just blew a load
Sloaneyyyy: no surprise that Wingard goes missing when Port need him
AngryRyno: boy oh boy, wowee, shut the fek up
mijg: too late too late
AngryRyno: time to bring on the sneeze
Sloaneyyyy: might as well give Schulz the target icon now
auxDT: hodge playing his heart out
uptoolate: release Ah Choo !
Costanza: Ah Chee can’t get a sniff
iZander: games was over in the first quarter and wingard played a great first quarter…not a great example mate
Torz: Lewis winding up now.
banta: lift rough dfamn it!
Sloaneyyyy: the game is played over 4quarters mate, not just one
theskunk: my fault bought roughy in this week cursed i am!
AngryRyno: needed a goal there lang
banta: baby girl game from rough. whinge whinge
Yelse: why is lewis sc so low
Redraptor: Polec subbed
RooBoyStu: Hawthorn as useful as watering your garden in Sydney
Yelse: lewis sc keeps dropping
auxDT: 60 eff 5 clangers maybe..hes a great fantasy player but not so much SC
AngryRyno: lang/burgoyne sc?
Scratchy: 60% DE for Lewis. standard for past few weeks
banta: he kicked the ball ray you hack umpire!!
pharace: @Yelse Cos the guy who give the points doesn’t have him in his own team 😉
Yelse: auxDT so is krakouer but somehow same sc. nearly double posies
banta: home ground umpiring advantage
Costanza: still equates to 20+ possies at 100% @Scratchy
AngryRyno: game on?
Scratchy: yeah i didn’t say Lewis was bad. Just not great.
iZander: anyone considering whitecross in next week for dream team?
auxDT: i think it may be a little too late for the hawks
AngryRyno: …why did i trade duryea to dochety….
uptoolate: MOnty fell off chair …
Edders: That Lobbe tackle was Fraser Brown-esq
Sloaneyyyy: AngryRyno about to get even angrier
AngryRyno: salt in the wounds duryea
upweydons: wowee boy oh boy , bt
travo: boy o boy Wow-ee
mace485: BT losing his shit
tamoz: how long left?
banta: four quarters. gotta play four quarters.
auxDT: BT will you stfu for once
carlton_99: frozen
RooBoyStu: Hawks will lose 2 in a row, Go Roos next week
Yelse: lewis 36 posies and didn’t break 100c seriously
travo: well done power
jfitty: Lewis better get scaled up, WTF
oc16: lol at those who doubted lewis in the first qtr – the next fantasy pig!
pharace: @Yelse but look on the bright side, that person doing the SC additional point allocation must have Boak – makes sense
uptoolate: lol. I luv u Lewis;.

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