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Chat log from R4 of 2015: Fremantle vs Sydney

Chat log for Fremantle vs Sydney, R4 of 2015

Fernyys: go parker
Costanza: surely he’s due to fire up
iZander: i really hope he isn’t because i want his price to drop so i can get him in
luked98: need parker to have a shocker, and fyfe to have the game of his life
luked98: this will be a great game
carlton_99: goldstein, fyfe or franklin captain
luked98: fyfe
Fernyys: fyfe
carlton_99: i was thinking goldstein
Wingard001: Fyfe is my captain
Costanza: sing it like ya mean it ffs
carlton_99: but my opponent ahs fyfe and im losing at the moment
carlton_99: u know what stuff it im going goldsetin
AngryRyno: mzungu sub? pls.
Dangermaus: cant remember who I tipped for this game?
luked98: fyfe actually might have a decent first quarter for the first time ever
AngryRyno: unli neale, lift!
west_coast: is neale gonna touch the ball ????
casey22: Watch this game just cause BT commentating haw/port
harps15: I hate BT so much
Costanza: Suban caning Parker
banta: are we seeing two new powers rise? Port and Freo? Sydney and Hawks played off in a fair few flags the apst few years. Ma
AngryRyno: lachie neale still polishjng his medal from last week
luked98: looks like the era of geelong, hawthorn and sydney may be over
Torz: Everyone jumped on Neale and ruined him for me.
NewFreoFan: ffs parler what are you doing
banta: lift kennedy!
auxDT: im done with parker
Sloaneyyyy: don’t listen to people who say to keep Parker. It’s worth side-ways trading him now, losing sooo much money
Ben_Gogos: @Sloaneyyy the only reason you don’t keep Parker is if you don’t believe he’ll average 100 from here till R23
spudaroos: Lachie Neale?
AngryRyno: are lachie neale’s stats frozen like boak’s or is he genuinely donutted
luked98: youd be stupid to trade parker
Fernyys: is parker play foward
eski_liddr: got ibbotson has a POD in SC…im an idiot
Costanza: how good to see tackles rewarded
luked98: neale got a touch ahaha
Sloaneyyyy: F-U Barlow, do something dude
Sloaneyyyy: @Ben does anyone really believe he’ll average 100 based on the first four games he’s served up this year
Jwow: parker will come good. he’s an absolute jet. just needs more time in the midfield
thommoae: Missed a Parker tackle at any rate …
feralmong: Parker copped a bad knock in R2. Don’t think he was right in R3. Be patient.
spudaroos: Lift neale ya truck
gdshifty: parker and barllow are gone from my team next week
NewFreoFan: JPK is killing me too
luked98: parker 0 sc at quarter time
eski_liddr: reminds me of a superheist song- songs have got bad to worse
eski_liddr: *things have got from bad to worse
luked98: fyfe another clearance
Costanza: if Parker is a jet he’s got an awesome stealth mode going
luked98: yes fyfe!!!
Sloaneyyyy: lol @ costanza
carlton_99: whats fyfe supercoach now?
meka100: Good Parker free kicks against and disposals are the same, fucken gun my arse
theskunk: parker is gone from my team on sunday at 700pm
Paul105: fyfe becoming a more protected species then joel selwood
spangle: I reckon I’ll bring him in, in a couple of weeks (re. parker)
Torpedo10: I needed Fyfe under 110 for leagues. :'(
luked98: fyfe might singlehandedly win sc for me
pants42: fyfe 61sc
Sloaneyyyy: Parker is doing his best Zac Dawson impersonation
colin wood: Parker prett much useless since he got knocked out in rd2
3rdstriker: Always risky paying premium prices for players who have only produced premium output for one year
auxDT: scared to get knocked out again
west_coast: lachnie neale wat a disapointment
Costanza: this round promised so much and yet
Woosha 73: I think I made a mistake playing Heeney over Vandenberg. Thought he’d like the bigger ground
luked98: get a touch fyfe jeez
spudaroos: pls neale
iZander: barlow going to be cheap in a few rounds!!!
Costanza: same Woosha VDB and Cripps on the pine and Heeney on
west_coast: in neale being tagged /taggin someone ?????
luked98: anyone got fyfes supercoach?
Woosha 73: Ouch. I did play Cripps at least
Costanza: + Parker lol
Woosha 73: Parker, Barlow, Mundy, Neale, Heeney… Horrible night!
luked98: yes fyfe and ibbotson
Sloaneyyyy: it’s one thing to be scared of getting knocked out – its another to be scared of going near the ball completely
pants42: fyfe 75 sc
Redraptor: fyfe 75 sc
pants42: I won lol
banta: big shake up to the premiership market after tonight
pants42: Ibson 46 sc
Costanza: flags aint won in April Woosh, hang in there
pants42: Lucky Heeney BE is -34, or he could lose money!
pants42: Heeney 7sc 🙁
spudaroos: Neale can lift i believe in u
tamoz: Lift D.Pearce!
luked98: lift fyfe i want 200 from you
auxDT: luke parker 100 point 2nd half pls
mossssssy: how is ibbo only on 46sc, 90 DE no clangers
mossssssy: was expecting 60 odd
torres: Fanfooty needs to go back to giving Tippett the spud or crab he deserves
banta: why is there no sydney intenstiy they showed the other week??
qiu333: idk if i even want parker when he bottoms out
Sloaneyyyy: get on ya bike Barlow
3rdstriker: Parker averaged 108 last year, good for 16th, not sure thats worth getting unless he’s extremely cheap
3rdstriker: that is, 16th best midfielder
carlton_99: fyfe supercoach?
pants42: fyfe 86sc
banta: do something d.pearce!! get some +6
Costanza: Neale still 135 behind his last score
carlton_99: any cahncve fyfe will get under 120
banta: brick wall heeney??
tamoz: Please D.Pearce, put on the cape!
eski_liddr: can someone give me ibbotson SC plz
3rdstriker: If he got subbed right now, he’d get about 120 I reckon Carlton_99
luked98: heeney subbed
3rdstriker: Heeney subbed
Sloaneyyyy: did Heeney even make his breakeven
colin wood: Get fucked Heeney subbed well that somes up my SC week…
Sloaneyyyy: massive down arrow for Barlow
colin wood: Sums
jfitty: Give Heeney the wall
3rdstriker: should crack -33 Sloaneyyyy
iZander: barlow and parker looking very appealing options soon 😀
colin wood: Don’t know striker will be close…
auxDT: heeney over cripps on my SC lol im done
spudaroos: How can Neale get 42 touches, then this. Outrageous.
3rdstriker: ankle for Heeney
theskunk: did the sub trick with venenberg tokk heeney off put in anderson phew!!
theuncle: fyfe sc
eski_liddr: G. Ibbotson SC
carlton_99: fyfe supercoach?
theuncle: fyfe sc anyone
3rdstriker: Fyfe is unbelievable, closest thing to Ablett
Hawks_15: i think barlow is carrying some sort of injury to be getting scores like this
pants42: fyfe 97 sc
auxDT: is l.parker playing forward most of the time?
theuncle: thanks @pants
pants42: Ibtson 65 sc
tamoz: D.Pearce, need a big last quarter from you please
luked98: heeney 7 sc wow
eski_liddr: @pants42 – thnx mate
banta: barlow and pearce doing ef nuffin
banta: josh kennedy gonna start wiining some ball or what
LuvIt74: Heeny done jack
banta: go swannies lift!
LuvIt74: Wonder how long heeny will be out for
LuvIt74: absolute disaster this week
luked98: lift fyfe
spudaroos: my god, neale
eski_liddr: syd will win frm here
Kenny27: @eski no chance, one thing to catch up another to hit the lead
AngryRyno: smh at pretty much everything this week
luked98: fyfe vs sydney
Burnsyy: what’s franklin’s and fyfe’s sc scores?:)
luked98: nooooo parker stop
colin wood: Good boy Parker now kick it!!
LuvIt74: I think swans can win it
Scratchy: where are all the Parker-whingers gone i wonder?
banta: is daniel pearce even out there? hack
dms774: is neale on the bench?
LuvIt74: fyfe 105 & Franklin 78sc
iZander: I’m here scratchy! slow the shower down parker
Burnsyy: Thanks bro!
Scratchy: you misunderstand, i want Parker to get a low score, but he isn’t getting one any more
LuvIt74: 3 points
gdshifty: im here, and Parker needs to do more!! AND BARLOW – fcking lift!!!!!!!!!1
LuvIt74: not bad
banta: hanneberry is so overrated!
banta: swans buggereing it
pants42: barlow 38sc! bargain in few weeks
pants42: hanbry 106sc
happytimes: At least he is 40 in dt
banta: pathetic swans. giving up now. too good freo.
colmullet: has to be something wrong with barlow
Durndy: Who could whinge about Parker? Seriously???
3rdstriker: 3 sub 72 scores for barlow, wouldnt go near him
mr gor: fucking neale the WOAT
LuvIt74: did chat go all funny
Durndy: Who could whinge about Parker? He is a real Gun and should move to the Bombers to make me very happy! 😉
LuvIt74: JPK has picked up
3rdstriker: fyfe4lyfe
carlton_99: fyfe supercoach?
luked98: this game will get scaled a lot
Gott2Win: fyfe sc?
LuvIt74: fyfe 127sc
pants42: poor sc scores in general from this game
madskill55: jpk sc anyone?
LuvIt74: jpk 103sc
Redraptor: jpk approx 103
pants42: jpk 103sc
LuvIt74: i got the VC on fyfe like 99% lol
Yelse: when do scores get scaled
Gott2Win: fyfes a jet

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