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Chat log from R4 of 2015: Western Sydney vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Gold Coast, R4 of 2015

iZander: is it going to be raining? and is the ground wet?
ballbag: according to the m0nster it could be stormy
iZander: yeah i saw that, but is the ground already wet? 😀
ballbag: lucky the suns dont measure their performance by tape
ballbag: all i know is vs freo i took heeney out and cripps in. 172sc = WIN :>
iZander: thats why i don’t like supercoash…can rely on that other than actually picking the best option 🙂
ballbag: hey at least you can change players during round in SC. i have cvipps on bench in DT as E
ballbag: i say cvipps coz thats what that bad guy in james bond would call him LOL
AngryRyno: malcesii cant get a kick normally, let alone with a tag
spudaroos: Saad gonna make me pay for fielding Ox and Kmac over him
feralmong: I just brought jack Martin in for bartel. Risky but a good start.
iZander: ok I’m sick of trelour and griffin…..
Woosha 73: Anyone still got KK?
ballbag: @feral you must av aggits the size of mangoes
Torz: Get stuffed KK.
iZander: if people have stuck with him this long they deserve a good score
feralmong: Yep woos ha but on bench. Nearly rage traded.
feralmong: Hehe bb
iZander: is trelour in the forward line?
feralmong: Treloar now we’re going good.
feralmong: I hope Jed Ando doesn’t play.
ballbag: SC 101- select the man not the avge
iZander: anyone else make the mistake of griffin?
Woosha 73: KK heading for the “This is why this game showers me” column
ballbag: 2 goals today shaw. take those mocussins off bogan son and kick
Torz: Nice Treloar 🙂
RooBoyStu: just like Cripps, held on to KK go you good thing!
Dangermaus: in about 3 years, GWS will be unstoppable
iZander: anyone know griffins break-even?
iZander: lol i wouldn’t brag yet rooboy, id say he will finish on his normal poor score
ballbag: welcome to season 2015 rooboy. you got the kleenex ready for vs the cats?
Roflcake: for sc or dt izander?
RooBoyStu: we are the bet of the year against the Cats $1.70 was a gift now $1.60
Torz: KK and Malceski. Finally ran out of patience with yous and you do this.
ballbag: griff wont reach his BE til hes dropped 100K
kangawalla: Race for the cape. Sheil vs Richi
Hawks_15: im going ward for cape
AngryRyno: fmsc shiel
Sloan4Pres: @ RooBoyStu not sure roo, hawkins 150
Jair: Come on Miller I need 172:o
ballbag: GWS is a team full of stars. griffen isnt that much there
AngryRyno: *trades ceski* and then he comes good…
Hawks_15: sc scores anyone for shiel, malceski?
Yelse: griffen needs to go he playing diff game with gws
Jackwatt$: I’m going Treloar for cape
Dasherman: took the risk on Rischitelli so far so good
Jair: Never sideways trade AngryRyno
ballbag: look at the 2 lists. GWS is so far ahead of the SUNS its not funny
Jackwatt$: Gold Coast will not win a flag with this generation of players. Bulldogs more likely
Woosha 73: Only bye structure that stopped me Dasherman. Spewin!
jfitty: Mummy only 17 SC, I’m sure he’s had at least half his hitouts to advantage :/
Windyhill: Ball bag – remember Gaz,omera,hallihan harbrow & Stanley are missing
banta: gotta sub nicholls!! need more run suns!!
AngryRyno: malceski > oxley did look alright at the time
banta: Eade has no idea
ballbag: eade doesnt belong at the suns. too arrogant and overpowering IMO
Dangermaus: zac smith doesn’t work hard enough
Torz: Loving Prestia’s freedom tonight, big one mate!
grossn: wow chat is really ripping into GCS tonight, it’s not even 3 goals
banta: if i was as lazy at my job as most of these suns players i would get the sack. and they get paid a hella lot more!!!
dipper33: What is everyone looking at in SC this week?
Dangermaus: Devon Smith starting to hit his straps!
feralmong: Meanwhile Suns have worked back into it lol
Jwow: stuck with KK this week, hope he repays my faith
Dangermaus: this must be the worst time for players to play… I’d be hanging out for dinner
Yelse: griffen so lazy
grossn: There have been 31 frees paid in less than 1 and a half quarters
Jwow: why is whitfield getting tagged? surely higher priorities?!
ballbag: @danger ohhh yeah. soon. burger with the lot with chips from the local hmmmm im lee marvin
iZander: why griffin why
Dangermaus: didnt Jed Anderson make the cut for the Hawks tonight ?
ballbag: @jwow hes getting tagged coz eade knows youve got him
banta: mummy monstering these soft rucks
Dangermaus: go McCarthy you’re my emergency for Gray
banta: suns are useless. what are they for the spoon??
Jwow: @ballbag he’ll come good, started slow last week and finished with 130! brings his own footy after half time
NewFreoFan: on the flip side, how good have gws looked this year?
iZander: anyone hear anything about bont? is he a chance to be late out? cause i have mccarthy emerg 😀
ballbag: GCS structure is ridiculous. they really messed up compared to the young GWS
jfitty: Palmer isn’t anywhere near Malceski
bernieV: GC bottom 4 comfortably
Dangermaus: noone ever seems to tag Rischitelli, as a result he gets massive fantasy points
Hadouken: poor rischi and prestia, having to do it all every week
Solat: malceskis retirement includes not getting the ball
Woosha 73: Might have something to do with his 43% conversion rate Danger?
NewFreoFan: Well Rischi is only running at 43%
iZander: rischi worth the punt next week in dream team?
eski_liddr: miller u massive cow i lov u
Dangermaus: was hoping Callan Ward would have another average game, so he’d drop in price more, but I guess not
eski_liddr: dont kno why some of you are so negative, smarten up and enjoy the blimmin game
eski_liddr: GWS looking like their the better “new” team in the AFL – looking fantastic long term
banta: suns gotta take a tall off asap
eski_liddr: couldnt agree more @banta no great options in the air
eski_liddr: Rischitelli looks great as a POD (other than his shocker last week)
Grimreaper: Started Ward as a POD, paid off so far 🙂
ballbag: wheres grifen? scan the list towards the bottom half and ahhh there he is. useless flog
Sloan4Pres: @ Grimreaper same grim, wish i had mccarthy though
uptoolate: gday all … can Dogs have Ward back yet ?
uptoolate: Kelly emergency ?!? ….. wtf ?
eski_liddr: unfortunately Ward has thrived @GWS in saying that imagine if they didnt loose their players n had libba!
uptoolate: @eski yes, sadly …. hope Griffo doesn’t flourish same, we Dogs need Lib + new midfield (apols to J McRae)
eski_liddr: thats the downside of being a club in a bad possie when things change so drastically
bernieV: jack martin subbed…wtf? i dont have him but seriously
smoochy: martin gone. well that is just great. sums up the weekend for me.
Dangermaus: if McCarthy can somehow ton-up that will make up for me having Vandenberg on the bench (without the E)
jfitty: Martin has an ankle issue
bernieV: didnt notice the injury
eski_liddr: @Dangermaus had oxley on the bench last week. i know the feels
feralmong: Gotta be kidding. Just brought Martin in for bartel. Gonna be one of those years.
uptoolate: thoughts please. Dogs ought not to play Bonti in middle or on ball. Should play wing for extended brilliant career, sim
ballbag: @feral ?? why not swan,franklin,bonts or motlop?
uptoolate: sim M Tuck
AngryRyno: wheres all the hotties?
kangawalla: Um…. why does my screen say its half time but the 3rd qtr is 6 minutes old?
Dangermaus: i did Wines to Watson (not great – should have got Heppell) and Bartel to Motlop
AngryRyno: everyone is shower this week and maybe just in general. mine says 31:25 3QT btw
NewFreoFan: I held Wines, already burned a few correction trades which have all been very worthwhile
Dangermaus: at least being Adelaide we get to watch the Hawks/Power match live on f.t.a tv
eski_liddr: i dont know why so many coaches have kept off heppell? his the next pendles. DT/SC relevant
Sincity: Saw Martin slide into the advertisement boards in the 2nd Qtr, maybe where he injured his ankle
uptoolate: he needs a haircut eski
Dangermaus: I know @eski… something in my brain keeps saying he’ll get tagged, but even when he does he’s still awesome
m0nty: stat supply is screwing up again, grr
eski_liddr: @sincity – well spotted and agree 100%
eski_liddr: m0nty is it champion data or the feed?
jakem1717: seems to be happening a lot this year monty??
Scratchy: ultimate footy still updating stats
Sincity: @eski – Yep, hopefully not too bad & just precautionary sub
Dangermaus: shouldn’t say one man makes a team… but Suns are terrible without GAJ
Jukes82: o’meara is a big loss too
eski_liddr: @Dangermaus – mum taught me to never put ur eggs in one basket… someones mum forgot to pass that on to the GC managmnt
Scratchy: are you saying GC’s management should have NOT tried to recruit the best player in the game?
ballbag: always spread your eggs across 3 baskets
Scratchy: or maybe it’s the fact that GC good draft picks for 1 year, GWS got them for 3 years
eski_liddr: great point scratchy. I believe that spending the money on a team rather than a star can provide better gains long term.
uptoolate: bring on Kelly GWS …. what is the matter with you ?!?
pies13: how long left in this quarter?
Scratchy: yeah i think
Dangermaus: GC had good draft picks, but they used them in their bargaining for GAJ I guess
Scratchy: i agree but JOM’s injury is very unfortunate. JMartin last year too
Scratchy: well technically GC didn’t use any draft picks for GAJ
uptoolate: 31.25 gone already pies. …
ballbag: @uptoolate LOL why? is he a star? or do you have him
Scratchy: their top early draft picks were guys like Day, Swallow, Bennell, Prestia, Tape. All good players, still improving
uptoolate: @BB yes …. both ! he has performed really well last cuppla games ! …. :0/
Scratchy: GAJ was an uncontracted player which GCS had ‘free’access to
eski_liddr: well said from both sides. i have to admit this is the most intelligent convo ive had on this so thanks boys
mijg: lift your team Bennell you useless pos
ballbag: hey shaw show my def that theyre no all 60 pt players
danmaio: maybe they should of just hung onto Bluey, instead of bringing in a dinasour
pies13: that was 10mins ago uptolate? my screen has said that all quarter?
eski_liddr: well the coach is like a manager…the most important man at a club has now become the list manager in my opinion
Scratchy: Gee Shiel is a player. Hope GWS retain him
mijg: yep sacking bluey was a big mistake
Costanza: Bennell gone walkabout again
pies13: griffen great quarter keep going!
Ben_Gogos: Shiel has been incredible today, just about announcing himself in the elite category imo
Ben_Gogos: Just needs to learn to deal with the tag better
mijg: if gaj didn’t go down then bluey would still be there
eski_liddr: Saad with 6 handballs out of 7 disposals has made me saad 🙁
danmaio: I got both Bennell and Martin, gone next week
uptoolate: i’d rather not talk about Griffen ….. (traitor)
pies13: would like 2no how long left any1 watching?
pies13: would you rather talk about the pies 2day uptoolate? haha
eski_liddr: @pies 2min mate
danmaio: Who went and chased Meski??
pies13: thanks @eski
Ben_Gogos: 1:30 left in the third
iZander: is it in the last quarter?
Dangermaus: gotta feel bad for Drummond from the Tigers… first game and did his ACL… hope he can come back next year
eski_liddr: thats ok – while your at it apologise for beating ess n we r even
Scratchy: yeah Malceski has looked awful this year. Noone predicted that though
Cummo3: Bennel ffs you lazy spud
pies13: haha @eski thats not going 2happen
mijg: cripps and Miller on the bench great
eski_liddr: any player moving to a new team runs the risk @scratchy – has one to pick tbh
grossn: me too mijg
eski_liddr: **hard
uptoolate: @pies. no thanks. u know what u can do with your pies !?!. but have to admit they done well.
iZander: i predicted that @scratchy not as much support
auxDT: defenders are horrible this week..
pies13: yes yes they did @uptoolate
Sincity: Switching over to the other game, this one is over….
uptoolate: Hawks vs Port … what a great game now ! …. will we all still be here ?
Scratchy: ok the small minority predicted Malceski to be terrible
uptoolate: or both ?
AngryRyno: keeping faith in rookies has been the memo of the year
3rdstriker: bigger concern on Malceski was last year he was 15 points higher than any year in the last 5
mijg: the bright side is griffen only 9 points of 3rd spot
AngryRyno: everyone who jumped on whitfield will be pissed
AngryRyno: not quite as much as those on martin
iZander: is whitefield injured? cause i find it hard to believe that they would sub the person being tagged
luked98: need griffin to lift
LuvIt74: this is a shocking round
mijg: griff on 96 at 3qtr time going for the 120?
LuvIt74: griffen 90sc
spudaroos: Where is Harley?
pies13: same @luke98
AngryRyno: get some junk saad
eski_liddr: loaded up on rookies for the gf win has helped me dodge a fair few bullets
pies13: dreamteam of course
uptoolate: Kelly !!! about time !
eski_liddr: shaw is hurting me though
luked98: pies13, he is on 96 supercoach so thats good
uptoolate: me too eski. But Josh Kelly costs more than the 10 blokes above him ??? what are they thinking ? … morons
eski_liddr: fair call mate luckily i skipped him
LuvIt74: Did anyone notice Rance scored 96SC points on Friday from a total of 10 pos, 3 tackles and 4 marks. SC seems corrupt IMO
uptoolate: cool m8 , but watch him, an absolute gun ! … watched him through juniors.
auxDT: rip hawks
3rdstriker: I wont give it away but amazing start to the other game
luked98: griff get a feel of the ball this qtr pls
luked98: 3rdstriker – unreal
uptoolate: did I say Josh Kelly ?!?
AngryRyno: 10 scoring shots for jezza, sheesh
Nocash: Nothing to give away 3rdStriker – the tweets below make it clear. Hawks getting pumped early
heppelitis: lol Nocash…rules no spoilers..but m0nties site spoiling
colmullet: Mummy stopped 🙁
Nocash: I havent understood that rule all yaer – KB must be helping Monty with the site rules
jimmeh3: Coniglio was over 30 at 1/4 time how can you give him the bin
Ben_Gogos: @Jimmeh3 fair call, got my data wrong
luked98: want any more handballs griff?
luked98: why is everyone going up and down?
eski_liddr: Shaw-ley he can do better
uptoolate: Kelly should have played the WHOLE GAME you dopey dildos at GWS !!!

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