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Chat log from R2 of 2015: Geelong vs Fremantle

Chat log for Geelong vs Fremantle, R2 of 2015

iZander: whats the chances that jelwood isn’t tagged?
SaintsMan: i hope he wont be , crowley isn’t playing, do u reckon fyfe will be staged??
bjones8995: Normally the focus has been on Johnson, so i think johnson will be tagged an not jelwood
bjones8995: freo love getting under johnsons skin.
SaintsMan: bjones whats ur first name???? also do u reckon fyfe will get tagged
iZander: 120+ please jelwood
iZander: is clancee pearce tagging from freo?
Dangermaus: not a great start Fyfe, get a move on
JRedden: good start ibbo
Dangermaus: interesting that Fyfe is the one who is tagged and not Stephen Hill as usual… good to see how this works out for the c
Dangermaus: for the cats
iZander: i remember a game last year when hill wasn’t tagged and he made them regret it
Dangermaus: I think I rage-traded Sutcliff after last week’s effort
qiu333: is there anywhere that i can see live sc scores?
whoislids1: Anyone else go with Fyfe for captain this week?
NewFreoFan: Fyfe as vc this week, luckily put c on Sloane
Dangermaus: Cats will be lucky to make the eight if they keep playing like this
iZander: tags about to move onto hill hahahha
deanie: Pendles C for me
JRedden: 12 points in a minute ibbotson great stuff
whoislids1: Not a smart man this week. Chose Simpson over Dusty for VC, and Fyfe over Sloane for the C
creeker: Capt Fyfe for me. Think the tag will go to Hill shortly !
Dangermaus: Geary out = Ibbotson in this week
SaintsMan: this is good, selwood with plenty of touches and fyfe getting none, keep the tag on him
iZander: i wonder why people are playing around with all these mid priced backs when the rookies are so good
iZander: guns and rookies boys!!!
Clark U: He could stink up the next 3Qtrs, only 54 last week
iZander: exactly my thoughts saintsman
grossn: Well it was either Fyfe or Lewis for C after I realised I couldn’t loophole pendles… thank god I chose Lewis
SaintsMan: Lewis is my captain aswell
SaintsMan: selwwod and fyfe, sc????
Dangermaus: might need to rethink that tag scotty… Hill is tearing it up
Kenny27: selwood 29, fyfe 21
Preston007: What is the symbol next to Ibbo’s name?
FlowerTime: The +1 means he is a loose defender
SaintsMan: i was thinking the same preston
deanie: Michael Johnson please
carlton_99: got fyfe as C hes on 21 at the moment hoping for a big score
carlton_99: cmon fyfe well done son
SaintsMan: selwood kick the goal!!!!
Cyberdyne: gday
Kenny27: just kick in general selwood ffs
SaintsMan: hopefully selwood can get 65 by ht
FlowerTime: Selwood tackling machine today
SaintsMan: hill is kicking ass
iZander: don’t dis my boy selwood, doing me proud atm
casey22: Hmm, been away & first vist. m0nty’s gone commercial!
casey22: Now bring back the m0nty coins!
NewFreoFan: oh man i forgot about monty coins
WizzFizz_: we want selwood to hand ball, that mark and kick was 0 sc
iZander: nope, i got selwood in my AF
HawkTalker: this’ll be one of selwood’s 6 big games for the year.
Kenny27: he is normally a better kick then that though
creeker: Capt Fyfe – Why you do this to me ?
casey22: Good to see Chelsea’s back
FlowerTime: Fyfe will come good everyone chill
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Tom Hawkins to get a free and goal on Johnson for a dive.
Dangermaus: thank god Selwood has remembered to tackle, that kick to handball ratio is not great
Kenny27: damn that was good Fyfe
SaintsMan: fyfe with two goals, has got three touches but two goals
casey22: Amazing goal, Fyfe
WizzFizz_: funny how fyfe is beating selwood in sc
SaintsMan: what are they on
Dangermaus: sweet just pirated GameOfThrones s05e01
Paga: pavo and sandilands sc?
SaintsMan: d mundy out of this world
Dangermaus: Gibson and Mitchell, late outs for the Hawks
Dangermaus: will probably help those who had Oxley on the bench
pants42: pav 60 sand 40 sc
Paga: cheers @pants42 how bout m clark? cheers
SaintsMan: fyfe and selwood sc
Paga: cheers @pants42 how bout m clark?
NewFreoFan: Carn Dockers! Loving the way we’re playing this year
pants42: m clarke 21sc
Dangermaus: StevieJ should be due to smack someone in the face shortly ?
Paga: lad @pants42
Paga: how do u know pants42
gers: selwood and stevie j sc anyone?
pants42: fyfe 66 selwood 59 sc
SaintsMan: fyfe sc
SaintsMan: is mitchell out for hawks v essebdon
pants42: steve j 39 sc
iZander: yes
gers: love your work pants
Paga: odds on pavlich being reported for that hit?
Kenny27: no chance of being reported
AntoRyan14: Harry Taylor sc??
Dangermaus: those who didnt rage-trade Neale will be happy
Kenny27: harry 47
Ben_Gogos: Yes Mitchell is out @saintsman
AntoRyan14: Cheers Kenny
Paga: how do you get the scores @pants42 ???
Dangermaus: Time to sub out Lang and bring in Cockatoo
Dangermaus: wow Mitch Clark – what the hell man?
SaintsMan: fyfe will still be tagged
Paga: mundy 65 sc
WizzFizz_: fyfes not losing sc for frees against
luked98: fyfe given away 4 free kfyfe given away 4 free kicks, killing meicks, killing me
luked98: fyfe given away 4 free kicks, killing me
iZander: go selwood 140 please 😛
SaintsMan: fyfe and selwood,sc????
FlagDog: Up Fyfey!
FlowerTime: Yes Fyfe what a star
Dangermaus: Tommahawk such an overrated forward
FlowerTime: I dont think anyone rate Hawkins
Boomzie23: What is Ibbo’s SC?
WizzFizz_: Selwood capt over fyfe big mistake
Bazza2014: wasnt a mark
alekstah: Fyfe it a freak!!!
alekstah: Got Lewis as cap over Fyfe, 50/50 atm on that decision
SaintsMan: get a touch selwood!!!!!
theuncle: Fyfe jelwood enright dc please
casey22: Clark a flash in the pan?
Bazza2014: thats the way Mundy
Paga: fyfe turning it on!
SaintsMan: really tempted to get mundy in my sc
pants42: jelwood 59 enright 31 fyfe 103 sc
SaintsMan: fyfe and jelwood sc??
Bazza2014: cats gone , mundy set for 140
theuncle: Thanks pants42
mace485: fyfe tons up! love him as captain
Dangermaus: Mitch Clark… 2 touches for the whole game…
FlowerTime: Thanks flower selwood touches the pill
mace485: clark.. you are filth
AntoRyan14: Not enjoying a selwodefficiency rate
Dangeroo: sub clark, I don’t even care
AntoRyan14: Efficiency rate*
Kenny27: Selwood starting to bleed money here need a big last qtr
SaintsMan: guys, who should i trade out for goodes, i have 80,000 in bank then another 230,000 with him gone
Dangermaus: selwood always takes half a season to hit his straps
SaintsMan: omg mundy
Dangermaus: Ablett Out = Barlow/Fyfe In
ryan: honestly how does fyfe not have the star dominated this game 17 contested poss and 3 goals you got no idea monty
FlowerTime: Monty doesnt even do icons ryan
Dangermaus: somehow Clark will still make some cash this week
Dangermaus: Sandilands on 41 hit outs… with a quarter to go
ryan: who ever does obviously isnt actually watching the game its not all about the most disposals
m0nty: I am actually doing these icons, and MUndy has been BOG for mine
AntoRyan14: Selwood improved much in sc
FlowerTime: Mundy 9 tackles + 7 clearances
FlowerTime: “It’s not all about disposals”
Cyberdyne: whats wrong with mitch clarke
Bazza2014: are they too advantage @dangermaus?
Kenny27: selwood 75 sc
theuncle: Gove Fyfe the Bin!!!!!
ryan: mundy has been everywhere but what fyfe is doing to this game is unbelievable
Kenny27: Munday best on ground atm. Fyfe gets another goal and he gets the 3 votes
Buzz67: The final icons are out a bit early aren’t they?
ryan: doing it with a tag all game too
Ben_Gogos: The result has been determined Buzz, that’s why the icons are done
Dangermaus: lol Clark going backwards
Dangermaus: what’s the Hitout record anyone?
Kenny27: you havent seen teams come from 40 points down Ben, pull the icons out for Sydney Essendon last week too
Dangermaus: if geelong win this game, i’ll chop my nuts off
23rookie23: Seriously if Fyf has 6 Clangers surely that brings his SC back
Bazza2014: your nuts are save as houses
Kenny27: not saying they will but umps dont give votes at 3 qtr time either
23rookie23: Yeah I agree, banging the icons out at 3qtr time is lazy. watch the entire game then do it
Pavalinco: Change the star monty. Got this one wrong buddy.
Pavalinco: 32 and 3 goals. All contested possie.
Bazza2014: *safe…lol
Dangermaus: barlow and fyfe dc ?
m0nty: it’s an opinion! People have them!
Dangermaus: i mean sc ?
Pavalinco: Munda very good but no goals and a lot of cheap kicks
23rookie23: Agree Monty but at 3qtr time mate? ur kidding! Brownlow votes are not done at 3qtr
AntoRyan14: What happen to taylor
m0nty: Q4 is junk time, doesn’t count IMO.
WizzFizz_: hahaha fyfe running around by himself
Dangermaus: Zac Clarke’s injury might pave the way for Griffen to come back
Dangeroo: just watched the balla and smedts incidents. weeks surely!
gogriff: bin for m johnson
Karlpov: Michael Johnson deserves the bin.. LOVE IT!
Rockafella: yeah balla will go, I dont think he meant it though

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