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Chat log from R2 of 2015: Port Adelaide vs Sydney

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Sydney, R2 of 2015

HawkTalker: adam goodes the sub? wow
J.Worrall: Match of the round?
tezzer_j: chat goin sick in this game
gers: its a good game to watch thats why
frenzy: 15 minutes nill all draw?
J.Worrall: Great work there from the Jetstar
roshanetw: 1st goal to jetta
J.Worrall: Kornes winded
J.Worrall: buddy ripper 2nd and 3rd efforts
J.Worrall: Towels!
Torpedo10: Rampe pls
J.Worrall: Jetstar!
weca: look like the way to port is to flood your defence and then counter
dipper33: Played Heeney instead of Yolmen
J.Worrall: Buddy doing a Dunstall there!’
frenzy: anyone have Ebert
Perry95: why was impey subbed?
J.Worrall: you idiot reid!
Koss: Not sure @Perry95. Anyone know if it was an injury?
wadaramus: Nice dive Westy.
Torpedo10: Rampe dude, needed 40SC from you by HT, not FT
buttox: gray hobbling
colin wood: Keep climbing Parker
J.Worrall: Gray in trouble
buttox: hobblng off i should say
J.Worrall: great tackle by Buddy – thought he deserved the free
Costanza: the Imp had a limp
frenzy: don’t know I can take another injured premo
3rdstriker: Gray looked a bit sore but not badly injured, I wouldnt be too worried
Torpedo10: Gray apparently hurt his ankle. Not good.
snake_p: Torpedo, think he got a corkie from Buddy
Torpedo10: Source Channel 7. Lingy was in the rooms.
snake_p: I never trust redheads
Torpedo10: They’re saying it’s an ankle due to the impact from a Buddy,
Torpedo10: We won’t find out until he comes back onto field though.
J.Worrall: Imp the Gimp with the limp?
J.Worrall: lloydo
roshanetw: scores down again
J.Worrall: Sydney showing what they should’ve had in the GF last year!
J.Worrall: Incorrect disposal
J.Worrall: Rubbish free umpire
wadaramus: Shocker free umpy.
Grazz: Schultz omg
Puzzles: Schultz simultaneously keeping port in the game and losing them the game
fantasygod: good one harden
J.Worrall: McVeigh all class
roshanetw: is the site not updating for anyone else?
azzacooney: showering flower boak
Koss: Yup I think it’s a Champion Data issue @roshanetw
J.Worrall: correct roshanetw
Puzzles: i’ll be wanking to pittards game later tonight
roshanetw: yea the updates have been pretty glitchy today from afl
J.Worrall: Quack quack
J.Worrall: Did anyone see how speedy Monfries was?
J.Worrall: Lets go, Buddy!
J.Worrall: Huge run from White there
Puzzles: Shut up J Worrall
Puzzles: Keep it fantasy related you flog
fantasygod: J.Worrall this isn’t a play-by-play feed
J.Worrall: Your problem is what, Piddles?
J.Worrall: fantastic, god!
JRedden: he likes talking to himself… apparently
Puzzles: you’re clogging the feed you useless dog
J.Worrall: Piddles needs his wank soon
Puzzles: The wank will come J.Worrall but i’ll be thinking about your mother whilst in the act
J.Worrall: Not sure what is wrong here – certainly I’m not abusing anyone, nor infringing any rule – this is premium conent kids
J.Worrall: Prove it, Piddles
J.Worrall: So clever young fellow – do you have anything intelligent to say – wanking is not part of fantasy footy
J.Worrall: Help, I’m being oppressed
Puzzles: Worrall pal i’m just sick of your useless commentary
J.Worrall: I think Piddles supports the Port lads
eski_liddr: that game of war advert is ridiculous. id rather katoot aami adverts
Koss: Try to keep things classy please lads!
valkorum: lets get back on topic please
OnTheRocks: ffs Parker
eski_liddr: sorry but it had to be said (was trying to change the comvo)
OnTheRocks: this SCseason has left off where last year’s ended. Opposition’s 2nd tier players are outscoring my premos
eski_liddr: @Ontherocks – ive spent more time than i like to admit on my team…yet a guy that last min filled his team is killin me
eski_liddr: monfries will slot this
AngryRyno: any word on impey?
OnTheRocks: @eski: it’s times like those that you even question why you play…..
Auldy: buddy’s out to hurt someone tonight
eski_liddr: hahaha i know it hurts but it makes other footy games that much more interesting
frenzy: de ja vue my capt injured two weeks in a row in the 3rd QTR ffs
rickyb80: pittard lol
Koss: Crazy goal, Buddy!
Heizenberg: Port are ducked this year
Heizenberg: Fucked*
frenzy: is Gray still on the park
AngryRyno: @frenzy he is indeed
afl_freak2: port are rubbish, bring back the tarps
AngryRyno: laughing in memory of the tarps
eski_liddr: nice to see youve migrated over to this game sfl_freak! always positive comments
SaintsMan: boack has let me down so much
eski_liddr: *afl_freak lol 😛
eski_liddr: ryder has been terrible today
tezzer_j: heeney for No 1 first year player, get on him i reckon
roshanetw: ryder has been outnumbered all day*
roshanetw: ebert has not touched it for a long time
thefoot: give Grey the heart
frenzy: gray sc pls?
imageof007: gray 110
frenzy: thank you
frenzy: Port zip and two
imageof007: before adjustment
Perry95: another sub par score from boak. hasnt broken the tag two weeks straight now…

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