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Chat log from R2 of 2015: Gold Coast vs St Kilda

Chat log for Gold Coast vs St Kilda, R2 of 2015

J.Worrall: Garry to shine brightly
frenzy: lift m0nty lift
frenzy: ever notice m0nty’s ads never stuff up
Yeomans: ever notice its the afl websites problem frenzy
jbot: hopefully he is ok
3rdstriker: Your goal newnes
buttox: thanks for all the effort monty. thanks for putting up site.
frenzy: what m0nty’s ads
tezzer_j: ground control to major mOnty
J.Worrall: I see no scores for players
m0nty: fixed, sorry about that
J.Worrall: Uh oh, Chongo
J.Worrall: Nice, thx m0nty
J.Worrall: Want a 10 goal haul tonight – go Harley!
3rdstriker: afl website is working fine
Auldy: Crows Pies scores still broken too fyi
mace485: not watching the game.. is newnes playing on ball?
tezzer_j: nice work suns, that was good
3rdstriker: playing on the wing I think Mace, not in the centre square but going all over the ground
mace485: @3rdstriker good to hear.. to a risk on him and put him in my defence
Dangermaus: much better Newnes
tezzer_j: noticed Gaz still a bit sore in that shoulder, went to hold it but thought better of it
colin wood: Took a gamble here and went toil miller over Heeney having a good week if miller goes well here
spudaroos: Gaz probs cracked the ton in SC
colin wood: Touk’
Bothy: think Heeneys a better bet
AngryRyno: ive got both
colin wood: I’m a gambling man!
Perry95: good stuff newnesy. 4 tackles in the quarter
buttox: got both saad’s ablett, sinclair touk and newnes. lol
grossn: What the hell Rischitelli
AngryRyno: is this 17 touches in 1qtr…?
JRedden: rischitelli going for the record
DanBlack: Most unlikely cape of the season
man0005: dat feel when i left goodes on the field instead of newnes
AngryRyno: trade b.goodes, vest every week i reckon
Grazz: Evening all, hows Gaj look tonight
buttox: goodes to docherty salem to swan this week for me
AngryRyno: malceski playing to keep his spot in my sc
LuvIt74: I’m gonna consider trading Minson to Grundy after first 2 rounds new ruck system concerns me to be honest
spudaroos: took saad a whole game to get 4 touches last game.
myteamsuks: How’s everyone going in perfect 9? Anyone in it still
LuvIt74: buttox damn why didn’t u have swan from the start
LuvIt74: Swan was a must at his price for a forward
buttox: went bonts. dusty and grey rest rooks as forwards
bulldog123: Holy crap rischitelli
LuvIt74: ok so u got bonti thats fair enough he will be the closest to GAJ in my opinion
JRedden: come on kk lets go
tezzer_j: same with me Buttox, except i went belly in there as well
buttox: yah spent extra down back. docherty will make 5 keepers.
LuvIt74: I thought having Geary was gr8 last week, this week its a spud
tezzer_j: geary too busy tagging Gaz
buttox: yah hes the st’s goto role player. will be up and down. ha gazza this week. wont score much
J.Worrall: Riski stood up last week, doing it again – the last Hurrah?
ballbag: whats the chances the saints sub a jack off?
J.Worrall: Get busy Harley!
tezzer_j: reckon geary provides saints reall y good run from HB, stop using as a tagger
J.Worrall: It’s the Big Sticks, son!
LuvIt74: He’s stuck to gaz like a magnet. Wont score above 30
colin wood: Kernot for bennell
Torpedo10: Saad Spudding as i put him in over Oxley. Of course. That’s 150 points lost via rookies.
frenzy: kernot? Lol
colin wood: Kermit’
colin wood: Bloody autocorrect
JRedden: suns are horrible… losing to the saints
HawkTalker: cant remember the last time I saw ablett go so long without a kick
Kenny27: wheres the superman icon
frenzy: hope Eade’s only renting up there on the coast
Pkbaldy: Josh Bruce superman please
CamT: Put on a $250 for a Heeney Rising Star @$8 x GC Wooden Spoon @$32 pre-match
Buzz67: Remind me again why the Suns sacked McKenna?!?
itsduftime: calling it early saints for the flag 😛
Torpedo10: Bennels gone next round for Bont, hasn’t scored this quarter.
weca: needed a high draft pick. mckenna was getting to close to finals
stakerz: whoa….
mace485: suns have gone backwards
bermo84: As an Eagles fan it feels good that the Suns have gone backwards after sacking McKenna
colmullet: McKenna would have a little smile bout this on the inside
buttox: gazza sc?
frenzy: thought Hallahan was a better pick up for GC
J.Worrall: You can’t take points off gazza!
Bull8: Jack Billings? is he out there FFS !
theuncle: gaz 42 sc
buttox: thnks uncs
3rdstriker: I know its sacrilege to even suggest it but I reckon GAJ will get subbed soon
Heizenberg: If sc is fair dinning
J.Worrall: Step up, dammit Bennel!!!
Heizenberg: Dinkim
Heizenberg: Geary should kill it for the job he’s doing
3rdstriker: of course I could be wrong
Torpedo10: Carn Bennell! Kick two goals and your SC will be through the roof!
3rdstriker: apparenly harbrow subbed, ablett is safe it appears
Costanza: Saad not looking happy
Heizenberg: Who agrees worh me?
Heizenberg: With*
roshanetw: holy crap why would they take harbrow off that hurts
3rdstriker: Apologies if its already been said but BRUCE ALMIGHTY!
J.Worrall: Eade
frenzy: might of told the coach he’s a spud
J.Worrall: Is that Jack Bruce from the Jimmy Hendrix Experience?
J.Worrall: haha, Costanza – you’re right, he looks Saad!
painkilla: even 120k rookies scoring better than kk
J.Worrall: Or was it Cream? Cream I think …
roshanetw: kk touched it!
Perry95: harbrow had a shoulder injury. source: gc twitter
Torpedo10: Bennell please ease
colmullet: GAJ just floating around not doing anything
Ben_Gogos: GAJ just completely bereft of confidence
Costanza: GAJ cant tackle or mark – sad to watch
Ben_Gogos: Once again no tackles from him
3rdstriker: Agree Ben, won’t tackle or get the hard ball because of that shoulder
colmullet: yup not even wanting to get into the contest way down in CP to
eski_liddr: do we think GAJ will be out next week. He cant continue like this. hard to watch
colmullet: he might be out of my team i think
ballbag: gaj is def out of my team next week
Jackwatt$: You guys took a rischetelli picking gaz
J.Worrall: Time to liifftt, Bennelll
Jackwatt$: Bu he may come goo , swallow your pride, don’t be saad
J.Worrall: Garry, it’s do or die time, so plase, DO do Do
roshanetw: afl down again
Yelse: GAj wouldn’t he play gas in the middle the team needs him
eski_liddr: the risk of picking GAJ was worth it considering his scoring potential … ill hold him dependn on how long he’ll b out
frenzy: we went to the flowering moon in 1969
Jackwatt$: He’ll have his Day again.
colin wood: Well Gold Coast have fucked my score up this weekend thanks cunts
Ben_Gogos: I live by the line, never pick a premium off no preseason competition.
ballbag: @frenzy LOL- yeah right
Ben_Gogos: It’s a big call, but there’s a reason they aren’t playing.
J.Worrall: Eade!!
eski_liddr: @Ben – fair call, but we are talking about GAJ which is a DT/SC god
J.Worrall: They want Bluey back!@
LuvIt74: Not liking GAJ in these 2 games, he just isn’t going for it. I’m going to swap him for Sloane i think
3rdstriker: Lemmens by name, Lemon by nature
LuvIt74: and i hate sidewards trading
ballbag: gaj 2 point qtr- ouch
LuvIt74: @eski for his price he will hemorage cash, his price has him to average 134 m8 he will be lucky to score 80sc
LuvIt74: GAJ is at 49sc at 3qt time
eski_liddr: i guess im playing a diff strategy. he’ll bounce back and people will burn their trades getting back in later this year
3rdstriker: He is actually priced to average 147sc
Costanza: wont get any easier than this for GAJ either
Torpedo10: Honestly I think Gaz has to go.
tezzer_j: gaz going to be the big talkingpoint, 740 grand player scoring 70’s! we can’t have that!
LuvIt74: 3rdstriker no m8 you get a players price and divide it by 5375 thats there SC average
ballbag: gaj never plays a full season. he’ll have more games rest this year
eski_liddr: fair call, but do we think he’ll get over his injury and return to form? its not like his Goodes which is over the hill
3rdstriker: Thats the starting price number, that number quickly falls to 5000, I guarantee it
LuvIt74: @ballbag what do u mean GAJ never plays a full season?
3rdstriker: all players are priced above their average by 8% to start the year
3rdstriker: So that rookies gain go up in price while total $ in the game stays constant
J.Worrall: correct 3rdstriker
3rdstriker: *can
masterdead: this thing is not working
LuvIt74: @eski its a risk im willing to take m8 if he ends up getting his confidence back i cant see it happning for at least 6
afl_freak2: spud for gazza
CamT: The AFL site has frozen
afl_freak2: gazza is fit to play but seriously girling it up, soft!
LuvIt74: I wouldn’t be surprised if they keep him half forward for half the season & move up the ground now & again..
eski_liddr: CamT – thats been said quite a few times. We are aware
afl_freak2: players have recovered in half the time gaz has, hes so soft! cant believe how hes embarrassing himself
ballbag: @camT no it hasnt. its been updating constantly on my screen
Torpedo10: Is Day playing fwd or defence?
afl_freak2: gaz half forward? he cant mark or tackle lol
CamT: Stuck @23:00min of 3rd Q for 10 minutes
eski_liddr: @afl_freak2: mate have u watched the AFL the past few years? the bloke is a deadset legend
CamT: It’s working now
afl_freak2: a legend yes! sook and soft now? yes! hes playing ridiculous
LuvIt74: @afl GAJ case its his first serious injury so 90% of it in the mind, he is subconsciously concerned which i expected
afl_freak2: whats his issue now? 10 months to get his shoulder right and yet hes to soft to actually test it.
JRedden: ill be happy with 80 from kk
Costanza: Bennell even more disappointing
Luke919: is newnes still alive?
LuvIt74: But i didn’t expect it to effect him this much
afl_freak2: may aswel go back to the twos and get somebody in the team that can at least tackle and put pressure on
LuvIt74: newnes isn’t worth the cash
afl_freak2: word on the street is he wont play next week
LuvIt74: Better off going BRuce then newnes
ZacDawson: lynch junk
ballbag: GWS a much better structure and future than the suns
eski_liddr: afl freak: i can understand your frustration but what your saying is a tad irrational. Hope he sits it out till his 100%
Torpedo10: Is Day playing Fwd or back?
LuvIt74: I hate to say it but GAJ will be out next week for Sloan or Lewis
Perry95: ablett has had 19 touches and a goal, almost like last week. expect 119 again smh -.-
mossssssy: Afl freak an atheist
ballbag: so to assume the GC players dont like Eade much I reckon
mossssssy: Doesn’t believe in God
Ben_Gogos: Ablett won’t go near that this week Perry
mossssssy: He will come good over the next few rounds,hope everyone trades him
LuvIt74: Perry it isn’t going to happen I promise you, the most GAJ will score is 90sc
rickyb80: but how many of those 19 been contested perry?
LuvIt74: Perry GAJ is currently 67 sc
Perry95: was being sarcastic, sorry lads
mossssssy: Agree he won’t be captain material for a bit tho
Perry95: mocking the fact he got scaled up last week
LuvIt74: Perry only after u realised how absurd your statement sounded…lol
frenzy: GAJ still has 2/3 of his tem below him
afl_freak2: facts are hes fine but reality is hes soft.
frenzy: *team
roshanetw: so much hate for Perry jeez fellas cool your jets
LuvIt74: contested possessions as opposed to uncontested = HUGE.. He is scared to go in for the pill
eski_liddr: lol should see the other chat. Past a few bed times me thinks
Perry95: not really luvit74, had little effect on the game last week but got scaled up because he is ablett
ballbag: @frenzy yeh because 2/3 of the suns team are hacks
mossssssy: And that’s why when he gets past his fear he will be back to his best
Drak: I think my super coach gold is broken……. Its showing Gaj on 140sc?
3rdstriker: As much as anything his team mates arent giving him the ball unconditionally, unlike seasons past
afl_freak2: i think his vagina hurts
LuvIt74: Perry he had allot more contested possies last week m8, have u been watching
Perry95: it was a tongue in cheek comment, let it go
Drak: Guys… Im serious… He is now on 142
m0nty: this would be thievery on a massive scale if GC pinches this
LuvIt74: Drak lol I think so unless mine is which is showing 71
afl_freak2: ablett prob kick the next goal and get 50sc points
AngryRyno: high efficiency for adam saad, expecting something solid
colin wood: Weak as piss gold coast
AngryRyno: yeah surely 142 with c bomb
Perry95: drak you must have him as captain
Torpedo10: Bennell mate….you should’ve nailed that. Bloody hell
Costanza: big miss Harley
colin wood: In sure that’s a ban minty for false Sc scores
eski_liddr: m0nty theres no time..they left the run too late
afl_freak2: has him captain…..oops!
AngryRyno: ablett 0 tackles all year…
colin wood: Monty’
afl_freak2: gaz to drop another 30k? with a be of 210?
Heizenberg: Lmao
Heizenberg: Lmao at Minty
afl_freak2: abletts role next week is to see if he can get 1 tackle and a couple of marks
m0nty: and… no
colin wood: Lol I laughed too Heiz.. Whoops
Heizenberg: Hahahaha
LuvIt74: afl try at least %0k
LuvIt74: At least 50K
Heizenberg: Don’t say whoops was funny as fuck
AngryRyno: as if tipping wasn’t bad enough last week….
Torpedo10: Bennell junking haha, would be nice if he’s up around 100SC
Heizenberg: Ikr angry ryno
colin wood: Sorry Monty I love ya brother!
eski_liddr: 1 tip correct this week lol
afl_freak2: gaz should get 50 sc points for being the only girl on the field
AngryRyno: lonie setteling at afl level, anyone else still got him?
rickyb80: should be a ban for mouthing off about ablett. the man should be our next prime minister
AngryRyno: still trying to figure out what i was on whilst picking ceski
LuvIt74: got lonie
3rdstriker: Gary 240sc breakeven next week, uh oh

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