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Chat log from R2 of 2015: Essendon vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Essendon vs Hawthorn, R2 of 2015

eski_liddr: afternoon gents! great day for footy hope its a close contest
eski_liddr: mitchell out! wow
SaintsMan: j lewis huge game today
eski_liddr: great tackle orouke
eski_liddr: hawks looking ominous
eski_liddr: geeze it looks like its just me and you saints man
SaintsMan: yup
eski_liddr: chapman has to slot this..cannot put ur back to the forward line wen someone is that free
iZander: I’m here too, but I’m a bombers supporter so i will probably not talk much hahaha
eski_liddr: iZander – they looked fantastic for most of the sydney game. dont be the sure
Dangermaus: need a big game Hibberd
eski_liddr: heppell looks like his going to have another big year. like his style
Dangermaus: dammit opponent had gibson… but then has Oxley as emergency…
Dangermaus: sorry Birchall and Suckling… not getting sucked into you guys again this year
eski_liddr: this will be a test for daniher
eski_liddr: frawley looking like his injured his shoulder?
eski_liddr: yep injured and gone straight to the rooms
LuvIt74: I’ll be changing TBC to Bonti
SaintsMan: lewis, sc?
Buzz67: Frawley subbed out
Buzz67: Bombers $3.40 in live betting. Chance?
eski_liddr: jeeze essendon are not looking bad! not the best but pretty good
eski_liddr: god daniher was by himself
matty20man: lewis 18SC
Ben_Gogos: I think they’ve missed some Hodge stats
Dangermaus: c’mon Captain Lewis… get a move on
eski_liddr: well i got my money back if ess loose
iZander: hawks back line should be exposed if we can get it down there, with gibson and crawly out
Bazza2014: best chance to beat us in 6 years
eski_liddr: Bazza i believ last year was
AntoRyan14: If Hawks can crack the game open, Lewis will get a heap of junk time
Wingard001: Roughead + Gunston vs Lewis (C)- Who will win im Gunston & Roughy
azzacooney: lift burgoyne ffs
Dangermaus: Come on Bellend… lift your game
bummer: only a dumb coach has buygoyne
AntoRyan14: Hodge racking up some easy touches
SaintsMan: like every game
Dangermaus: far out, come on Lewis, do something bro
bombrblitz: Dons looking good early
iZander: I’m not sure what i want..i have lewis captain and am a bomber supporter
Dangeroo: what’s everyone heading for scorewise? 1800-1850 for me
eski_liddr: if your a dons supperter surely a win agaist hawks is better than 1 score in SC/DT
eski_liddr: im 2050ish
Paga: I’ve got 1874 with zorko, hodge and rich left so around 2200
eski_liddr: those are free kicks but jeeze hawker fans would be dirty
SaintsMan: lewis getting moe touches good boy
ballbag: daniher destroying the hawks… LOL
AntoRyan14: I really dont like the presence of Essendon let alone them beating the best team in the comp
eski_liddr: jeeze cant help but like essendon. hope they win
Paga: hodge and gunston sc?
matty20man: hodge 47 gunston 31
AntoRyan14: Where is Gibson and Mitchell when you need them
NewFreoFan: Carn bombers, earn some respect back. Been copping it for 2 years poor blokes
eski_liddr: Anto: theyve copped an absolute hiding from every supporter including myself. Kinda good for their fans to have somethin
SaintsMan: lewis sc
Dangermaus: what the fuck, hawks…. seriously
whoislids1: 2055 with TBC and Goldie still to play. Come on 2200!
eski_liddr: my thoughts exactly Freofan
SaintsMan: anyone know what lewis has on sc???
AntoRyan14: I don’t get it though, they admitted they took drugs and then are found non guilty
ballbag: aww the hawks have given up. they aint getting back into this. 1 goal til HT?
eski_liddr: anto save it for the forums mate – we are all over it.. go talk to carro and have a chat with her
SaintsMan: its because they are a huge club and have a large fan base, literally the only reason antoryan
wolfheart: The bombers have pep in their step today
AngryRyno: anyone with frawley will be spewing
AntoRyan14: Well I spose I can’t say much because I’m a saints fan. Really happy with the win last night though
iZander: if you don’t understand what happened ryan please don’t voice your opinion on it
AngryRyno: all hawks could do with the ‘cold’
SaintsMan: so am i obvously, can the saints! bloody killed it and bruce is a future rieowldt
eski_liddr: save the drug talk for SEN or the forums …we have a footy game on
eski_liddr: mods how about u do your job
AngryRyno: my league opponent will be over the moon with gibson out, gets 90 off the bench instead of a probable 50 or less
eski_liddr: cyril will change this game..always does well against the bombers..great goal
Wingard001: Watching the F1 so cant watch this match, who has been the better side and who has played well?
azzacooney: burgoyne you are useless
eski_liddr: ess on top but a strong last 2 goals from hawks keep them in it
bummer: slow down hodgy
Dangermaus: lewis needs to do a lot better
AngryRyno: whenever you have to scroll down to find a player, you know you’re stuffed
Cummo3: Breust eating hamburgers
AngryRyno: does anyone have info on lambert injury?
AngryRyno: apologies its not relevant to this match, just sneaking it in whilst we have 1/2 time to wait for
Heizenberg: Puopolo lookalike dale from
Heizenberg: Horrible bosses
Heizenberg: Looks like*
Heizenberg: Who thinks so???
ballbag: burgoyne musta copped a spray from clarko- he just lost another 4 pts
AngryRyno: worked so far @ballbag
Kenny27: assist to the umpire there nice choice of player lol
Dangermaus: chapman, such a moron
eski_liddr: i dont know why but i dislike lake lol
SaintsMan: j lewis sc?
eski_liddr: gwilt is having a barry crokker
collpies11: who has roughy? Not his best game
eski_liddr: ess look complacent
eski_liddr: goddard gone out
roshanetw: goddard hurt
AngryRyno: a stroke of luck sc wise, BJ injured ankle or lower leg
eski_liddr: ankle will be subbed
Rockafella: Roughead is in my draft collpies
AngryRyno: ashby warming up, but vest still on for now
Wingard001: Is Roughead dead?
azzacooney: burgoyne lifting
bummer: lift lewis
AngryRyno: goddard, “looks ok”
eski_liddr: appologies not injured but hurt ankle
Dangermaus: Roughhead is useless once the ball goes to ground
wolfheart: Bit of tape and a couple of a nurofin. Good as new.
AngryRyno: lift, langford
eski_liddr: carlisle is having a shocker too
wolfheart: Hawks have lifted. Will the bombers wilt like last week?
collpies11: Jack GUNston
AngryRyno: i need langford, burgoyne, zorko to outscore goddard & goldtsein by 40, could go either way for now
Kenny27: goddard back on
Wingard001: thankgod i have Gunston
SaintsMan: lewis so dissapointing
AngryRyno: hodge carrying hawks, shame about that touched goal earlier
collpies11: Gunston single-handedly bringing back the hawks
wolfheart: Is that you Clarko?
ballbag: ffs lewis wtf
eski_liddr: all over for ess…lookin good hawks
Wingard001: I love you Gunston thankyou
wolfheart: The lead is gone in a blink of the eye. Bombers are gunna get overrun again
masterhc2: lol cop it essendon. anyone else get on the $3 at the hawks at HT, easy money
Ben_Gogos: Lewis almost on track for the ton, not that bad a score
ballbag: did riolis hamstring go snap crackle and pop?
SaintsMan: lewis, sc?!?!
collpies11: Lewis played one good game last week and everyone jumped on him
HawkTalker: …and the bleeding Hooker leaves the ground
AngryRyno: goddard sc? opponent has him
wadaramus: Lewis 52sc.
eski_liddr: heppell killing it as usual
whoislids1: nah he had a good season last year dude. Though it was his first
ballbag: @ben yeh but i get laid almost every night.. almost… maybe 2 nights
Paga: hodge and gunston sc?
Dangermaus: Stanton is the invisible stat-gatherer… I’ve been watching this game and I think i’ve seen him twice
azzacooney: lewis will not be in the top 8 midfielders by the end of the year
Bazza2014: stanton is a stain
wadaramus: Hodge 72, Gunston 83sc.
iZander: you don’t know what he looks like danger
iZander: only explanation i can come up with
Jackwatt$: Essendon need to pass it to Lewis if he’s open….chances are they will retain possession
Dangermaus: this is hardly captain material Lewis
bjones8995: Goddard 72
wolfheart: Stanton rarely hurts the opposition
AngryRyno: cheers @bjones
iZander: thats why sydney tagged stanton last week and not heppel or watson….dont be stupid
Jackwatt$: Wolf heart Stanton is in the top 1% for metres gained every year
SaintsMan: lewis sc please
Bazza2014: stanton is a blight on the game, a real gimp
iZander: he obviously doesn’t follow afl, think he got wrong site
3rdstriker: Someone in the Geelong game mentioned they were glad they had Lewis captain and not Fyfe I recall
whoislids1: stanton so good he gets points at 3qtr time
AngryRyno: sure wasn’t me, got fyfe in for rocky this weweek, takes captain duties and its sure paid off
SaintsMan: lewis, sc
luked98: what happened to frawley?
wadaramus: Lewis 50sc.
roshanetw: gimps don’t play afl Bazza, they sit on forums and bag out elite midfielders while wallowing in their poor life choices
eski_liddr: daniher has no regard for his body, goes in dangerously
AngryRyno: frawley arm, could be a while its believed
ben31215: Lewis lift please, at least 80sc
eski_liddr: essendon look cooked – hawks will win
AngryRyno: please get some junk langford
HawkTalker: rioli is on fire. speccciiiaaall
francis33: Has lewis had a tag?
masterhc2: lewis goal! what the hell umpire
wadaramus: Bad call umpire.
wolfheart: Definite throw. Good call ump.
luked98: Why isnt sam mitchell playing?
SaintsMan: my luck in sc is unbelivable
masterhc2: bruuuuuuuuest
AngryRyno: hawks to win by 10 goals from here
m0nty: corked calf for Mitch
HawkTalker: breust the goal to go ahead. Gotta be worth 30Sc
Bazza2014: CEGLAR actually starring
SaintsMan: lewis, sc
AngryRyno: mitchell rested i reckon
wolfheart: Cmon bombers dig deep
HawkTalker: come on, roughy. Late surge
Dangermaus: Bombers fadeout kings
roshanetw: tough, bombers need to be able to hold their leads better 🙁 come on boys you can do it
AngryRyno: if burgoyne threw it on the boot once in a while there’d be no such worries on this face of mine
HawkTalker: I almost got on COoney thinking he might be a good POD at the bombers. Glad I didnt
Dangermaus: start getting those junk possessions Lewis, another goal wouldn’t go astray either
eski_liddr: i have to admit hurley looks fantastic in the backline
wolfheart: Lewis with a big last qtr fuck him
Scratchy: Breust should have the vulture permanently
Wingard001: no go away Lewis
eski_liddr: almost DT/SC relevant
Dangermaus: Is something wrong with Zaharakis…? done nothing all day
jfitty: Cmon Lewis
eski_liddr: @danger – up and dwn mate
wpmufc: nice work lewis.
AngryRyno: roughead saved his bacon if anyone had him
AngryRyno: kick the damn footy langford
Dangermaus: love it Lewis – champion !
jfitty: Lewis Superman – was only on 60 odd at 3QT
AngryRyno: …surely not?
wolfheart: Surely not?
luked98: wow
Brown*Dog: See the bombers fly up up
HawkTalker: urgh
AngryRyno: langford snap outta pack for goal will do
gdshifty: cheaters win…
AngryRyno: unbelievable.
meka100: Game over
Dangermaus: had their chance… hawks lost it
iZander: now who’s talking lelelelelel
qiu333: hawks $3 @ half time, easy money huh… haha
Koss: Hooker has saved the Dons the quarter!
wolfheart: Suck that Hawks! Unbelievable
3rdstriker: who was talking easy money on the hawks at HT lol
AngryRyno: someone blame the timekeeper…
meka100: masterhc2 get fucked you flog
bjones8995: lol at the guy who said 3 dollar odd for easy money
MattyZ: Wow
eski_liddr: amazing essendon! take a bow
iZander: look at half the people talking before leave now lmfao
gdshifty: peptides at 3 quarter time?
Bazza2014: still are the scum
Dangermaus: hooker with 50SC for that goal
Wingard001: hahaha @GDshifty no doubt james has ordered some dodgy substances
jfitty: Where’s the Lewis haters?
roshanetw: ban yourself gdshifty
Wingard001: My tipping is flowered
wpmufc: how many did lewis score in the final qtr? 58?
Ben_Gogos: Epic game, hats off to the Bombers. Lets see if they can maintain this for a season.
iZander: in this case i think that 50 supercoash is well deserved and then add the 150 he had before that goal…
wolfheart: Jones sc very disappointing
AngryRyno: phew burgoyne SC
Wingard001: Lewis just got garbage disposals at the end it is so annoying
wolfheart: Jobes
AngryRyno: 2/8 this round for tipping bahah. tipping my navy blues didnt help margin either
Samchez: Not garbage in a 2-point game
tezzer_j: it means Lewis is a viable option
AngryRyno: cyrils kick needed to be a little more direct ay
SaintsMan: a safe option
jfitty: Not garbage when the game is close
AntoRyan14: 1 correct tip for me this week
AngryRyno: cometti says bombers chance to win premiership.
Jair: Extraordinary!
colin wood: lol @ Bellchambers score. Rucks are ruined. Also lol @ Rougheads score…

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