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Chat log from R1 of 2015: Western Bulldogs vs West Coast

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs West Coast, R1 of 2015

LuvIt74: Carn doggies
kangawalla: About as much interest on this page as a Flock of Seagulls reunion tour!!
J.Worrall: less go goodsa
Buzz67: 14th v 16th @kangawalla
LuvIt74: Hurn should absolutely score massive now with these injuries
ballbag: WTF? page keeps refreshing and deleting text
kangawalla: Gotta touch type ballbag. REAL fast
J.Worrall: Brown down, Lambs to the slaughter
meziare: Bugger, Eagles season over
rooboypete: Go Honey
J.Worrall: thought you was bored, wallah?
LuvIt74: ballbag its a glitch m0nty is trying to resolve hopefully is will be resolved by next week
kangawalla: How could I be with scintillating company like u Woz
ballbag: is the roof shut to keep nic nat in?
LuvIt74: This game is gr8 for one reason to watch Minson & Nick Nat
J.Worrall: you got any players in this?
alekstah: cmon bontempelli!
kangawalla: I got TBoyd, Bottom smelly & S Selwood
Ben_Gogos: Going to be a long night for Bontempelli owners
snake_p: Go Wallis my mid pricer
ballbag: pendles reckons bonts is gona have a tough year
m0nty: hands up who picked Dom Sheed
OnTheRocks: i have redpath
OnTheRocks: worse than sheed
alekstah: lol
OnTheRocks: redpath penguin too?
alekstah: would love to see Bontempelli get off the chain! Picked him over Swan … cmon
Buzz67: expected more from Lycett
Ben_Gogos: He was high on my radar m0nty
iZander: super coach or dream team alekstah? cause if u dont have swan in dt give up…
alekstah: supercoach, got him in DT
kangawalla: Is Nic Nat unders at $413k with no Big Cox?
iZander: oh good 😀
Bretto3: Bontempelli spud
J.Worrall: what chew think, iZ?
J.Worrall: soz iZ, wallah?
iZander: what do i think about what?
Buzz67: Both these teams are going to give up lots of goals this year
luvfooty: damn it Jezza
axe9: glad i didnt pick up sheed
Ben_Gogos: Boyd will be in many a fantasy backline by seasons end
Ben_Gogos: Bontempelli beating Scooter this Q
iZander: boyd and rich!
colin wood: She’s or Newton and I pick sheed
LuvIt74: Hurn is a must get before round 3
Paul105: Is gaff being tagged or just a spud
Ben_Gogos: No hard tag for Gaff, just attention around stoppages
mijg: macrae 80% eff 33 sc ?
J.Worrall: kangawalla: Is Nic Nat unders at $413k with no Big Cox?
mijg: bull
Ben_Gogos: @J.Worrall yes, but he now has Lycett to contend with
kangawalla: Nic Nat still the goto man now though.
kangawalla: Sorry, bad English. Gotta type FAST!
J.Worrall: heh heh
J.Worrall: Adcock brilliant there
J.Worrall: soz, wrong chat
alekstah: it was brilliant though
iZander: bontempelli!!! never doubted him
HowI Rioli: Oh ok so this was the Cripps that was a must have. My bad
iZander: i got mixed up too
Jair: Holy sheet Sheed!?
ballbag: even cox got more kicks than nicnat
kangawalla: Nic Nat gone cold. Better at Subi.
OnTheRocks: i knew nob cup didnt translate to real season, goodes case in point
Samchez: Silk
LuvIt74: Bonti will be a champion in 2 years
snake_p: bont all class
Ben_Gogos: 90 is the new 100 this week
LuvIt74: lol@ this was the cripps that was a must have…lol
LuvIt74: iZander u have the cripps most of us chose so dont stress

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