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Chat log from R1 of 2015: Sydney vs Essendon

Chat log for Sydney vs Essendon, R1 of 2015

SydneyRox: Think the team sheets need some work Monty! 😛
Ben_Gogos: We’re getting onto it, thanks mate
theskunk: anyway to see chat and the score at same time, the old way?
OnTheRocks: c’mon Spuddy!
Bulky: Now let’s all sit back and enjoy a good game of drug free footy. Whoops, sorry. Wrong game.
Blues1: What’s the issue with chat? Everything works fine for me
WatchDogs: No Mitchell?
Ben_Gogos: Just a casual 6.5 goals per game on average for Bud v Bombers
bernieV: no mitchell
bernieV: shrink your browser an chat fits to the right
Harmes37: Just give Myers a jab and send him back on!
Costanza: gonna be an ugly game
J.Worrall: Carna Bombers, and gogo JPK
Tonche: Melksham tagging Hannebery
WizzFizz_: belcho 18sc due to good tap work
frenzy: not because of possies
Perry95: i like the new disposal efficiency feature m0nty. good stuff
OnTheRocks: Franklin, please
deanie: agreed its awesome, LYW m0nty
dkelly: Josh Kennedy bit quite
Jonesy pan: is there a post on the forums showing how to get chat back on the right?
OnTheRocks: in your browser, press ctrl plus scroll your mouse wheel down a click or two
Jonesy pan: legend on the Rocks
Bulky: Essendon showing a lot of early pace. Theyve clearly injected a lot of speed into their squad over the summer.
J.Worrall: Hobe you star
J.Worrall: Jobe you beauty
Costanza: one year too many Goodsey
meka100: Fuck off Bulky you cant
m0nty: I have moved the chat to the right of the stats on the 3 column view.
J.Worrall: Coon Dog, a winner!
Costanza: welcome to the team Coons
J.Worrall: m0nty, you are a legend!
m0nty: Enough drug jokes please, let’s talk footy.
Affliction: Lol Cooney
bombrblitz: Welcome to Essendon Mr Cooney
lozdaleg: bombbers will win thiss
J.Worrall: shortage of sunshine, m0nty?
OnTheRocks: frankling sinking to new low
J.Worrall: no-one on fire?
iZander: hahaha lol@bulky
Viscount: Thanks for all your good work Monty
J.Worrall: That’s why there’s no sunshine
frenzy: didn’t know monty’s on drugs
buttox: any qtr time sc scores?
Solat: 7 tackles in a qtr, and gaz got none all game, nice ambrose
J.Worrall: Frozen Clock
HowI Rioli: I recall swans losing to gws rd1 last year and wonder why I tipped them today
bob81: franklin looks like he enjoyed xmas
cclarke: how are we
LuvIt74: not sure if these live sc scores are correct
cclarke: should put up live sc scores mate
Paul105: Bombers looking slick in the wet conditions
Woodie: Swans will win
bob81: yeah bellend on 122 apparently
J.Worrall: Bulkin’ up for Belly
J.Worrall: Clock says it’s still 2013
Costanza: so does Swans gameplan
grossn: I didnt take any bombers this year out of principle
J.Worrall: principle is a great way not to win!
mijg: parker eff low
Ben_Gogos: Parker <3
J.Worrall: swans will lose unless they kick a first goal
J.Worrall: in fact, they’lhey can’t kick a second!l lose if t
iZander: well done sydney lol
Ben_Gogos: Great effort by Merrett there.
bob81: franklin lol
deanie: Jobi wan Kenobi
dkelly: Franklin so happy i didn’t pick him for SC
iZander: sometimes you can go into a game too confident, like last year
bob81: swapped him for dusty was spewing
J.Worrall: How long left in the half
Woodie: Pyke robbed
bob81: now looks good move
Torz: It was touched Woodie.
Costanza: touched off boot Woodie
J.Worrall: My God, the clock was right for a moment there
J.Worrall: … and away it goes!
dkelly: Parker has set himself up for a SC ton
cclarke: parker or lewis?
deanie: TBC please
roshanetw: us bombers haven’t scored in a while but at least we are absorbing the fwd pressure from sydney
dkelly: Parker
Ben_Gogos: Heaney looks quality
Ben_Gogos: Parker one of my few good picks thus far.
Ben_Gogos: Heeney*
Torpedo10: Went Fyfey over Parker, hope I don’t live to regret it
Costanza: might be the only time we read “thus” all year – thx Ben
deanie: Torpedo there is no way fyfe is going to let you down m8
malteaser: watson you beauty
J.Worrall: Jimmy Watson?
thorgils: That’s it Buddy stink it up
iZander: i love to see the bombers win but i love it even more seeing buddy play like this
J.Worrall: The Franklin never gets warmer than this
mijg: howlett super sub
J.Worrall: Woe yes mijg
J.Worrall: Wow yes mijg
J.Worrall: Heppel you beauty
cclarke: beams for captain, thoughts?
J.Worrall: Fyfe or Pendles, surelyz/
snake_p: cclarke – Pies will target him tonight
snake_p: Swans looking shithouse
J.Worrall: Pendles said they won’t!
J.Worrall: You callin’ a Pies player a liar?
Ben_Gogos: Sydney only has 1 plan, go long to Franklin.
J.Worrall: Melksham!!
cclarke: just think he will clean up tonight
snake_p: Buddy going to belt someone soon
cclarke: pies have no taggers either
iZander: Are bombers playing well or sydney shit? or both?
snake_p: cclarke – way you go then. I’ve got Parker as C
Costanza: Buddy hell that’s really ugly
cclarke: ah well, risks need to be taken
iZander: buddy nightmare? he’s doing better than i thought?
J.Worrall: Swans crud
snake_p: cclarke good luck with Beamsy
J.Worrall: Not at all sure the Bombers defence ie this damn good
HowI Rioli: Swans in grand final mode I see
Jackwatt$: Wow! An awful lot has happened at the 23:28 min mark
snake_p: Swans still shellshocked from last years GF
iZander: to think the bombers can put carlisle back there to worrall
TheKingK: not a good start to my season, lumumba, salem, dusty, buddy and gaj with the c :'(
cclarke: cheers snake mate
Ben_Gogos: Swans never start a season well
J.Worrall: BJ you f+in” ripper!
J.Worrall: JPK, I don’t mind if you find a little more of the ball
jddd: look at parker go
roshanetw: cooney looking heaps good
Costanza: handy having 2 Bronlow medalists in the guts
Buzz67: Swans no good in the wet these days
snake_p: jddd he seems to be the only Swan trying
frenzy: like a duck to water
iZander: is there a correlation between teams not tagging and winning?
iZander: id be very interested to know if there is
Costanza: attack is the best form of defence
J.Worrall: As an example, iZ, pies hardly tagged under Malthouse
cusch1: I though melksham would have a role on someone as he has tagged in the oast
J.Worrall: mainly coz they had no taggers
J.Worrall: then they found a beauty, and …
iZander: yeah i think i like it, hope the bombers continue to back there mid in
J.Worrall: … the Lions had no idea what they’d lost …
Jackwatt$: Buddy has kicked half of swans goals!
roshanetw: not anymore
J.Worrall: Buddy is thjat damn good!
iZander: where do you guys rank the bombers mid in the competition? i really like it
ballbag: hey JPK- you always use ya hands to handpass- trying using them to tackle ya flog
Jackwatt$: Has Kennedy had 22 handballs? Kick it!!!
ballbag: move to sweden if ya wanna play handball JPK. this is football!
J.Worrall: Heeney>Kenndey?
frenzy: heeney should keep his spot
LuvIt74: m0nty how do i view the NAB challange scores?
J.Worrall: Yes, frenzy, and I thought it would be very hard to break into this side
m0nty: Info / Archive
Ben_Gogos: @Luvit74 you can view it in archive under info banner
J.Worrall: … why he’s not on my field …
J.Worrall: Parker having a day out
J.Worrall: Buddy shoulda stayed a home
J.Worrall: he really shoulda stayed at home
J.Worrall: he still shoulda stayed at home – nighty night Mr parker
LuvIt74: Thanks m0nty
cusch1: Franklin mare
Paul105: Parker gone!!
J.Worrall: Parker having a knock out
magic007: had to say hes having a day out lol
J.Worrall: not a happy moment
snake_p: mare for all the Swans
iZander: parker be right for next week?
iZander: is that the first thing buddys done today?
mijg: no parker fu buddy
snake_p: tough boy Parker
Torpedo10: Parker won’t be right for next week
m0nty: “he can hold his head up high… pardon the pun”
Ben_Gogos: iZander, touch and go for next week mate
roshanetw: if he is concussed he’ll miss a week
frenzy: premiership nightmare
snake_p: They’ve got to find it first Monty
iZander: i hate to see this happen but fantasy wise thats good for me
J.Worrall: Koosbane, Baby!
magic007: yeh he was out cold, he wont play next week. even it was a few seconds
J.Worrall: Kennedy needs to step up …
roshanetw: chapman reported?
mijg: fuck fuck fuck
J.Worrall: 20pints the diff
J.Worrall: That’s only 2 1/2 gallons!
snake_p: geez the umps crucify Buddy
J.Worrall: raining heavire
J.Worrall: it is easter after all – crucify Garry?
iZander: i can imagine buddy would be getting mad and doing stupid things tbh, but I’m not watching
snake_p: just need a miracle to fix his shoulder
frenzy: buddy sc pls?
rosty63: hang in there bombers
prozz710: Jpk sc anyone? VC’d him and need to decide asap.
Ben_Gogos: Swans well and truly back in this
J.Worrall: Swans are coming – they needed to see someone hurt!
roshanetw: hibberd injured
J.Worrall: Could be a 1 point win ..
teachrtony: Franklin 49
torres: joe daniher is the worst big forward in the game
teachrtony: Now Franklin 65
J.Worrall: torres – then he can only improve!
iZander: who’s brisbanes big forward?
frenzy: 8disposal 6 muppets
torres: the choke is complete
Jackwatt$: How long to go Ben?
ballbag: could be a 34 min qtr
torres: i’d rather have dayne zorko as my tall forward than daniher. srs
Ben_Gogos: 6 minutes to go
cusch1: 6 minutes
mijg: extra sc points for parker and the win
J.Worrall: Martin?
Bulky: That ANZ surface is like playing on ice. That would have to suit Essendon youd think.
Danksey: jpk sc please
J.Worrall: Bricked and walled
doogz: love the walls lol
snake_p: good one Bulky
iZander: i love how bulky hasn’t said a word for the last 3 quarters lmfao
J.Worrall: Buddy baby!
snake_p: it’s a Franlin car crash for the Bombers
J.Worrall: Clutch score
doogz: clearly peptides only have a shelf life of 3/4 of footy
J.Worrall: Buggerly
cusch1: Fitness is key. No match fitness hurts
J.Worrall: ban doogz
Bulky: LOL @doogz
J.Worrall: Buddett
roshanetw: doogz get out of here
frenzy: wada goes smack
J.Worrall: Bamn Bulky on ice
J.Worrall: The old man holds his own
Woodie: Told you so
J.Worrall: Heeney the clutch points, not on my field
ballbag: 7 goal last qtr. not bad swannies
J.Worrall: monty????
frenzy: earth to m0nty, come in m0nty
J.Worrall: The Swans neede to be hurt to play
J.Worrall: Siiirreeenn
Buzz67: More pain for da Bombers . Classic!
LuvIt74: JPK smashed it late
Roksta: Not in chat rules bout the saga anymore guys

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