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Chat log from R1 of 2015: Melbourne vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Melbourne vs Gold Coast, R1 of 2015

J.Worrall: Carna Suns, Go Garry!
m0nty: Hopefully the chat display bug should be fixed today
m0nty: losing the chat text is still buggy though 🙁
J.Worrall: buggy m0nty?
m0nty: yeah sometimes you’re halfway through a line and it cuts out
m0nty: that one will take a while to figure out
frenzy: showerhousen
TheKingK: my text still not showing m0nty 🙁
TheKingK: except that one lol
J.Worrall: and that one, apparently
malteaser: great to be back 2015
J.Worrall: where have all the players gone?
Woodie: And that 1
J.Worrall: long time passing
valkorum: Cmon Dee Cash Cows
TheKingK: alright i take it back haha, hi all!
Jonesy pan: prestia to outscore gablett
mjdub: damn
colin wood: Chat not working monty
J.Worrall: Shaw to be rubbed out – better js for Saad
Kenny27: early holiday for Shaw
colin wood: Works on my iPhone but not PC??
dkelly: need some rookie to score big
Torpedo10: Bennell please….
Jonesy pan: Martin still on the bench?
Torpedo10: Ablett injured?
Jonesy pan: ablett just sore and not 100% fit
dkelly: Salmen please touch the ball!!
frenzy: newton spudding
LuvIt74: How serious is GAJ injury?
Jonesy pan: he winced in a tackle the came off, waived away trainers and back on
J.Worrall: Garry!
frenzy: corrective trades coming
Torpedo10: Bennell for christs sake dude please get some of the pill
deanie: Thumper looking good
dkelly: Rookies under performing
LuvIt74: So far happy with vandernberg on ground
dkelly: What a mark Vandenberg
OnTheRocks: KK, why didn’t i choose you 🙁
J.Worrall: Kent back on
colin wood: How bad is jimmy troumpas
Torpedo10: Gazza mate, I had faith. Why you doing this.
BarlowGod: ffs everything turning to shower
Raveneyes: Chat was better on the side of the scores
LuvIt74: Bar Cripps my rooks doing ok, Vanberg, Hogan, Saad Miller, Macintosh
MarksMen: agree, cant see chgat and scores same time
LuvIt74: m0nty any chane of having chat like last year on the side?
Luke919: went ablett geary over KK priddis, regretting it already
J.Worrall: Gazza the assist there!
Torpedo10: Gazza muppet 🙁
J.Worrall: muppett the GOAT
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Ablett pilfers the ball from an opponent at defensive hotspot but gives it straight to Garland who turns & goals!
dkelly: Ablett playing terrible
Dragon88: assist to Ablett
Dragon88: Go Lumumba!!
bob81: Dees look good
OnTheRocks: have Melbourne finally found form?!
The39Steps: First big call of ’15 – Rocket gone in six weeks!
snake_p: saad looks very good
theskunk: cant see score and chat at same time, not very good
dkelly: Rookies bar Saad pretty quite now
Bulky: Ablett = Zac Dawson
dkelly: Don’t think Hogans touched it all Q
Blues1: chat is on the left of scores for me, everything works fine
Perry95: salem needs to find more of the pill
theskunk: chats on the bottom for me anyone know how to change it?
tor01doc: I can’t chat.
The39Steps: Works brilliantly. Big step forward.
J.Worrall: Gazza the assist there!
frenzy: your chat doc
Torpedo10: Gazzzzaaaa
dkelly: Hogan and Salmen gone cold
specky2000: Kade Kolodjashnij gone missing
J.Worrall: Gazza got caught?
colin wood: Sorry but that’s disgusting rulings
Torpedo10: Gaz running away from the ball
colin wood: Salem, Harry, gazza and Bennell lol
Harmes37: So far a good call not to have GAJ
dkelly: Anyone know the leading SuperCoach scores?
NewFreoFan: watching ablett closely he wants nothing to do with this game lol
bob81: ablett 39 sc could still ton up
deanie: abblett looking tasty in a few weeks
frenzy: tom McD brekout
Bulky: Lumumba
LuvIt74: I feel for those who chose Newton, Salem & Cripps
LuvIt74: Even if Ablett averaged 120, his price would drop 100k
J.Worrall: Risky pretending to be Gazza
deanie: all those who went lumumba, sucked in!!!
bob81: I feel for prince owners
frenzy: so captain rocky then
LuvIt74: Lumumber is doing ok on SC
J.Worrall: Beauty Swallow
dkelly: Have both Cripps and Salmen
bob81: prince 42 sc
Torz: KK left at quarter time.
dkelly: Salmen get some of the pill
dipper33: Come on lumumba
zadolinnyj: Saad sc?
Yelse: ablett killed me.. . why C. at least won’t waste a trade on him
lenny20: Has harry lumumba nee obrien played a good game since he changed his name?
J.Worrall: Gazza’s still got it
Roksta: Here comes gaz
BarlowGod: GAJ you flowering legend
J.Worrall: The great man!
cdfcdevils: here comes the magician
bob81: ablett 100
Grazz: Brayshaw subbed
bob81: if they win ablett will get good sc
J.Worrall: Princely
colin wood: chat still not working
Dragon88: Lumumba!
colin wood: Lumumba!
Jair: Here come the Suns do n do do
Dangermaus: Wow – Lamumba and Salem = so disappointing
Kenny27: thats it Salem keep chasing shadows
Dangermaus: so glad I chose Beams as captain and Ablett as vice…
J.Worrall: Garry fading
J.Worrall: Ablett fumbles in the square
J.Worrall: muppet
Kenny27: nice one gary
Woodie: L plate for Hogan
OnTheRocks: stupid rookies
Dangermaus: Giant spuds for Lamumba and Salem
LuvIt74: If GAJ scores 120 keep him as captain
colin wood: chat not working
J.Worrall: Big ask, luvIt
Dangermaus: bugger, i think i tipped suns to win this one
Jukes82: They missed O’Meara today
J.Worrall: got no wood
Kenny27: Salem goal well ill be …
J.Worrall: Touk beauty
dkelly: First thing Salmens done all day
Luke919: bit of junk for salem and newton
OnTheRocks: Peregrin Touk
OnTheRocks: vandenberg-93, saad-87, salem-52, ok result
J.Worrall: zip SC for vdb?
J.Worrall: aaahhh 93 looks better!
gogriff: garlett sc 13?
frenzy: jeffy SC?

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