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Boys On The Bubble: Round 4, 2008

Due to the overwhelming clamour for this feature (i.e. one bloke whinged about it in the comments!), and due to the fact that we didn’t cover it completely in this week’s Coaches Box podcast, I’ve decided to bring it back for the blog.

There are a lot of players on the bubble this week, including a surprisingly large number of rookies. Let’s first deal with all the senior players who missed a game here or there.

The Also-Rans

Robert Copeland, BRL CTR/FWD, $224,600, 68 BE, 47.5 avg
Justin Sherman, BRL CTR, $238,200, 110 BE, 31.5 avg
Brad Fisher, CAR FWD, $343,100, 106 BE, 71.5 avg
Michael Jamison, CAR BAC, $192,800, 103 BE, 18.5 avg
Jordan Russell, CAR CTR, $221,300, 57 BE, 52 avg
Scott Burns, COL CTR, $359,300, 91 BE, 85 avg
Ben Johnson, COL CTR, $320,900, 79 BE, 77 avg
Nathan Lovett-Murray, ESS BAC, $272,600, 47 BE, 75.5 avg
Henry Slattery, ESS CTR, $199,300, 57 BE, 44 avg
Jason Winderlich, ESS CTR, $357,100, 133 BE, 63 avg
David Wojcinski, GEE CTR, $248,900, 74 BE, 53.5 avg
Campbell Brown, HAW BAC, $256,400, 51 BE, 67.5 avg
Luke Hodge, HAW CTR, $412,600, 118 BE, 91 avg
Leigh Brown, KAN FWD, $220,500, 30 BE, 65 avg
Lynden Dunn, MEL FWD, $259,100, 93 BE, 47.5 avg
Colin Sylvia, MEL FWD, $273,900, 81 BE, 59 avg
Troy Chaplin, PTA BAC, $267,700, 91 BE, 52 avg
Kane Johnson, RIC CTR, $350,800, 86 BE, 84.5 avg
Jason Blake, STK BAC, CTR, $235,900, 57 BE, 57.5 avg
Fraser Gehrig, STK FWD, $292,100, 131 BE, 40.5 avg
Luke McPharlin, FRE BAC/FWD, $285,200, 32 BE, 87.5 avg
Chris Tarrant, FRE FWD, $311,500, 156 BE, 35 avg

The only possible value I could see out of that lot is Lovett-Murray and McPharlin, although they have shown inconsistency over their careers. Sherman has been extremely disappointing, and should have been dropped this week instead of Proud. Hodge seems to have dropped out permanently from the list of top 10 fantasy midfielders, due in part to continuing injury concerns and the roles he undertakes.

The Disaster Zone

Harry Taylor, GEE BAC/CTR, $83,500, -69 BE, 65 avg
Ed Barlow, SYD BAC/CTR, $198,600, 27 BE, 59 avg
Darren Pfeiffer, CAR BAC, $83,500, -61 BE, 61 avg

Thousands upon thousands of coaches are in a panic this week with the selection bombshells about Joel Bowden, Albert Proud, Mark Nicoski (although Nico is going to play after Andrew Embley withdrew) and the continued absence of Roo rookies Scott D. Thompson and Lachie Hansen. Many coaches are also sweating on today’s late teams to see if Pfeiffer will make the cut (EDIT: he’s in!). I recommend getting Taylor in place of Hansen or Scott DT, and if you can wait for the final teams to be sure of Pfeiffer’s spot then he’s also a decent pickup. However, I would prefer Scott Selwood over Pfeiffer… he’s the real Scott DT!

If Only

Rhys Palmer, FRE CTR, $99,500, -104 BE, 88.5 avg (Bubble Boy of the Week!)
Clint Bartram, MEL CTR, $108,600, -27 BE, 53 avg
Tim Callan, WBD CTR, $110,200, -61 BE, 70.5 avg
Brad Ebert, WCE CTR, $83,500, -28 BE, 44.5 avg

Those of us who have been cruelled in the backs and haven’t already got Palmer have to watch on wistfully as thousands of other coaches get on his bandwagon, with good reason. The Freo midfield is pants this year without Paul Hasleby and Palmer is the new messiah. They’ll play him until his head gets so bandaged he can’t see. And he’d probably still pick up the odd handball or two.

… Know When To Run

Ryan Gamble, GEE FWD, $83,500, -77 BE, 69 avg
Chris Mayne, FRE FWD, $83,500, -34 BE, 47.5 avg
Lachlan Henderson, BRL FWD, $95,500, 3 BE, 33.5 avg

Attention will most likely be elsewhere this week, unlike last week where Stuart Dew owners were scouring through the forward rookie ranks for a replacement. If you haven’t got Gamble already, it would be a brave move to trade away someone like Kurt Tippett but my feeling is that it would be justified. If you have the capacity to do so, I salute your gumption… and your luck!

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