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Blog log from R13 of 2024: Collingwood vs Melbourne

Blog log for Collingwood vs Melbourne, R13 of 2024

Lipinski roves on the HFF and feeds Hoskin-Elliot who streaks away from May to slot the opening goal from 25m! (Q1 0:50)
Gawn floats a snap from a stoppage on the HFF into the near left post. (Q1 3:50)
Lipinski roves a Frampton contest in the pocket and has Macrae for the inside give to grubber the goal from 20m. (Q1 5:29)
Josh Daicos misses off the left on the turn from a stoppage 30m out on a slight angle. (Q1 10:34)
Salem chips in front of Lipinski to intercept a dump kick by Nick Daicos near CHF for Melbourne, he goes quickly to Pickett 30m out on the flank. Kozzie hits the near left post. (Q1 12:29)
Petracca goes long and quick to Turner one out in the square with Dean, no mark and the crumb falls behind the contest, Turner turns and volleys wide right. (Q1 13:57)
Chandler gets clipped across his magnificently-hewn jaw by Josh Daicos chasing a loose ball 45m out near the boundary, but his kick is shanked OOTF. (Q1 16:41)
Turner leaps high in front of Quaynor to clunk a pass by Windsor from outer wing to 40m on a slight angle. His set shot flies well wide left and hits the behind post, OOTF. (Q1 20:10)
Pickett is front and centre for the crumb to a contest 30m out on the flank and rolls through the first goal for the Demons… but a late review shows a touch by Dean! (Q1 23:10)
After a Hoskin-Elliott screamer on members wing to fire up the Pies home crowd, Hill centres from the pocket for Kreuger to mark 35m out in front for his first goal. (Q1 28:10)
Schultz marks a Cameron pass near the boundary 35m out and curls in an exemplary screwing set shot. (Q2 1:20)
Neal-Bullen gives to Bowey flashing past for a snap on the run from 50m on a slight angle, which fades well to the right. (Q2 3:14)
Oliver sends a speculator from outer wing to the flank 45m out, Markov has position but van Rooyen leaps on his back for a specky and impressive goal. (Q2 4:01)
Schultz wins a HTB free at half back but his quick diagonal kick to the centre is picked off by Petty, who goes to van Rooyen for a contested grab over Moore 20m out and goal! (Q2 8:02)
Lipinski intercepts Turner at half back and starts a quick counter, Hill sees Nick Daicos over the back for a long ball but Neal-Bullen prevents what looked a certain score. (Q2 13:17)
Petty marks an Oliver pass 40m out on the flank but his set shot is short and rushed. (Q2 13:42)
The Pies rebound up the guts by hand, Crisp goes wide for Hoskin-Elliott to mark in front of May 40m out on the flank but the set shot is poor for no score. (Q2 14:42)
Chandler spins out of a Lipinski tackle at half back but gets swamped in a double tackle to concede a HTB free. Sidebottom misses from 45m. (Q2 18:17)
After May catches Noble high in the centre, Howe passes to Harrison 35m out on his own. Harrison’s set shot starts right but fades left and in for the goal. (Q2 20:57)
Kreuger marks 20m out near the boundary, strides in purposefully and threads a nice drop punt for his second! (Q2 23:57)
Hoskin-Elliott gets in front of May despite some high contact to mark at the top of the square just before the HT siren for another one for Collingwood who are in complete control! (Q2 29:15)
van Rooyen gets Melbourne’s third goal, and his own third, after marking behind Moore 25m out on the flank. (Q3 4:02)
Frampton roves and snaps a quick reply from 20m in the pocket. (Q3 4:17)
Cameron marks a wide Dean pass from the centre in front of Gawn on the boundary 30m out. DC’s drop punt is like something from a comic book, a superheroic finish! (Q3 6:21)
Sidebottom has a grin plastered on his face after leaping on the back of Turner for a crowd-pleasing screamer just inside 50m out. But he shanks OOTF. And keeps grinning. (Q3 9:49)
Pickett marks 40m out on the boundary and performs a highly professional set shot to sneak it inside the near left post. (Q3 11:17)
Fritsch marks a Salem pass on the lead 45m out near the boundary, his set shot just fades across the face to the right. (Q3 14:09)
Fritsch roves a Gawn contest 35m out in the flank but his grubber off the left is too slow, Sidebottom arrives and it wobbles left for a point anyway. (Q3 16:31)
Pickett is a touch lucky to get a HTB free on Howe 35m out on the flank, his curling set shot hits the near left post. (Q3 18:24)
Josh Daicos kicks a chaos ball to half forward, it pings off the boot of McDonald to Nick Daicos 50m out on a slight angle… of course Little Nick kicks the goal. (Q3 19:44)
Langdon hits the post from a set shot from the HFF. (Q3 23:47)
Harrison puts paid to the contest with a set shot from CHF, if any doubt was still left. (Q3 28:18)
Rivers tumbles a kick from embers wing to the flank 45m out for Pickett to mark in the last minute before 3QT. The drop punt stays narrow to the left. (Q3 30:13)
Hoskin-Elliott roves a Schultz contest and snaps on the turn from 20m on a slight angle but it stays right. (Q4 1:55)
Frampton marks a Josh Daicos pass leading in front of a weary May 45m out on the flank. His set shot is high and short to be rushed. (Q4 5:33)
Hoskin-Elliott pounces on a Bowey turnover at half forward and feeds Harrison for his third goal from 30m. (Q4 8:05)
Pickett roves a half forward and passes to van Rooyen to mark in front of Howe 40m out but miss near side left. (Q4 10:01)
Two Demons go to contest with Hoskin-Elliott a long Lipinski ball to the square from the HFF, but the ball pitches behind them and rolls for a goal! Not Melbourne’s day. (Q4 14:46)
Fritsch feeds Pickett for some dribbling garbage from the pocket. No one excited in the least. (Q4 16:44)
Bytel is pinged for front-on contact on Fritsch 35m out on the flank, who misses across the face. (Q4 19:06)
Fritsch roves his own contest for some junk from the hotspot. (Q4 21:53)
Gawn dumps a high kick across half back from a stoppage, Kreuger leads McDonald to mark 40m out and get himself some more of the carcass. (Q4 26:28)
Fritsch misses a set shot from 50m on a slight angle as the final siren sounds. (Q4 29:36)

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