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Blog log from R13 of 2024: Essendon vs Carlton

Blog log for Essendon vs Carlton, R13 of 2024

Merrett gets a free at the first bounce and kicks to 40m in front for Perkins to mark in front of McGovern but miss. (Q1 0:55)
Walsh marks a De Koning kick 45m out on a slight angle and also misses. (Q1 2:51)
Langford roves a Stringer contest at half forward and kicks long over Hollands for Menzie to mark 20m out on a slight angle… but the kick nicks the left post. (Q1 4:04)
Martin is pinged for timewasting after a HTB free on Hind on members wing, 50m penalty brings McGovern to the hotspot for the first goal. (Q1 7:32)
Ben McKay is pinged for a hold on his brother Harry as they contest one out to a long ball to 20m on a slight angle, the Blue curls in the goal. (Q1 9:52)
Curnow takes a contested grab in front of Ridley 30m out on the flank but curls his kick narrow to the left. (Q1 12:25)
The Dons switch from outer wing to members side on a rebound with Martin going to Cox in the pocket 35m out, his screwing snap is narrow off the left. (Q1 16:21)
Curnow has hands of concrete going for an Owies pass to half forward but has space to gather, wheel and shoots from 55m on a slight angle to an open goalface for his first. (Q1 18:05)
Walsh is pinged for a throw at a stoppage on the HBF for Carlton, Setterfield sends a long ball to the square where Cox marks using his height for the Dons’ opening goal. (Q1 22:17)
Caldwell feeds Setterfield who wobbles a left-foot snap to the right from 20m in the pocket. (Q1 24:17)
Fogarty rolls through his first goal to an empty square from centre half forward after Williams provides a contest and then a goal assist handball. (Q1 25:57)
Newman is pinged for holding Guelfi after a mark in the centre, that was there under the old rules for a 50m penalty. Mark brought to 35m but the kick skews left. (Q1 27:56)
An off-the-ball free against Hind for contact on Boyd enables Hewett to find Elijah Hollands 40m out on a slight angle, he converts. (Q2 1:33)
Guelfi ducks into a Walsh tackle at a stoppage 25m out on the flank, ump pays high contact, Walsh is ropeable but Guelfi converts. (Q2 4:43)
De Koning releases Cripps for the next centre clearance, kick misses the McKays but Hewett marks on his chest behind them 40m out on a slight angle. He goals. (Q2 6:36)
Carlton attacks up the guts on rebound, Curnow can’t mark near CHF but the Blues have numbers at the fall, Hewett passes to Williams in the pocket 20m out for the goal. (Q2 14:29)
Elijah Hollands rams through his second goal from a stoppage deep in attack. Carlton bossing this game. (Q2 17:01)
Langford hits the hook lead of Stringer in front of Boyd near the boundary 40m out. The Package has not unfurled so far, but he delivers a booming set shot for his first major! (Q2 20:52)
Owies marks a wayward snap by Curnow near the behind line after the next bounce for a quick replying goal. (Q2 22:29)
Caldwell misses from a ball up at the top of the square deep into Q2 red time. (Q2 30:06)
The Dons get a convoy storming up the guts on a rebound early in Q3, Langford sets Guelfi off into the open goal. (Q3 1:01)
McGrath misses a target by foot on the rebound, Williams mops up on the Blues HFF and kicks to the hotspot for Elijah Hollands to mark and goal, his third. (Q3 4:28)
Hind passes to Martin 35m out in the corridor for another quick goal. (Q3 6:13)
McGrath intercepts a Weitering dump kick over Carroll at half forward, wheels and hits the corridor for Martin to mark again 40m out… but this kick is hung right. (Q3 8:58)
Goldstein catches Newman HTB on outer wing, pass to the pocket for Langford to mark behind Kemp 30m out, but the set shot screwing ball is narrow to the left. (Q3 13:48)
Stringer roves on the HFF and snaps in one motion from 40m near the boundary, starts way left but floats towards the goal line… falls for Saad to rush just in time. (Q3 16:49)
Heppell gathers a loose ball at half forward and gives to Perkins with his back to goal, he snaps on the turn but can’t get enough leg, falls in the square for Saad to rush. (Q3 22:17)
Some pretty dumb footy played across the last five minutes, kick to kick outside Jolimont station. Martin checksides well wide left from 40m after a tap by Merrett. (Q3 24:30)
Newman just misses to the right with a snap from outside a stoppage at the hotspot. (Q3 26:18)
Caldwell roves on the HFF and delivers a nice loop handball to Guelfi in space, he sets Martin away to baulk and run into the open goal! (Q3 29:59)
The story of this game has been Carlton conceding possession and territory but Essendon not knowing how to convert that into scores. (Q3 30:47)
Martin involved again on a rebound around members wing, Perkins has a moment for a decision running down the flank to 40m, he chooses a set up kick to the square… rushed. (Q3 31:29)
Cincotta runs inside from a stoppage deep in the pocket and snaps off the left from 15m, Don defenders claim a touch so it’s reviewed… it’s a six-pointer. (Q4 1:40)
De Koning volleys the next centre clearance, Curnow gathers the bouncing ball and wheels onto the right for a snap from 40m… just swerves left. (Q4 2:29)
Acres runs down the flank on a repeat inside 50 and chooses to pass for Curnow 20m out, no mark but Williams is front and centre for the crumb and left-boot goal! (Q4 5:10)
Carlton pressing hard now, Fogarty goes to the top of the square where Kelly is pinged for arms around Curnow, classic Curnow goal from a free kick albeit it was 100% there. (Q4 7:45)
Any thought of a Bomber comeback has now been snuffed out. (Q4 7:55)
Durdin holds position in the pocket 20m out to mark over Kelly for the first goal of junk time. (Q4 10:11)
Durham roves Stringer’s centre clearance and snaps some junk from 20m. (Q4 11:30)
Tsatas receives from a wincing Guelfi on the HFF and passes to Langford to mark in front of Kemp in the pocket 20m out, whose kick is poor for no score. (Q4 13:56)
Gresham swerves inside from the pocket to get away from Saad for some more junk from 25m. (Q4 16:25)
Jones marks a long speculator from the HFF to the square in a pack. Four goals in it, 5:18 to go. Surely not. (Q4 24:02)
Cincotta puts any doubts over the fate of the game to bed with his second goal of the quarter from the hotspot after a feed by Curnow. (Q4 26:06)
Kemp is pinged for a fairly soft arm tug going for a Martin pass to 40m on a slight angle, footy gods push the set shot wide left. (Q4 28:16)

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