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Blog log from R5 of 2024: Carlton vs Adelaide

Blog log for Carlton vs Adelaide, R5 of 2024

Keays marks a Rachele pass in the square and just manages to kick the first goal with a shank from point-blank range, he grimaces but it’s good. (Q1 1:44)
McKay takes a contested grab in front of Butts 20m out in front for his first goal of the evening. (Q1 4:04)
Elijah Hollands storms up members wing and goes long to McKay who takes another pack mark at the same spot for the same result. Worrell not impacting as third man. (Q1 6:34)
Walker marks a Hinge pass in the pocket but his pass to the square is dropped by McHenry to burn a strong chance. (Q1 8:43)
Rachele spots up the lead of Walker with a pass from midfield to 45m on a slight angle. Texan bombs through his first goal. (Q1 10:39)
Williams can’t trap a chaos ball near the hotspot, Fogarty roves and breaks an Oliver Hollands tackle to feed Keays for the goal from 20m. (Q1 15:52)
Rankine marks near the boundary 45m out and leaves the tough set shot narrow to the right and OOTF. (Q1 18:02)
Walker marks behind Kemp 40m out near the boundary and delivers a lovely set shot for his second goal. (Q1 19:44)
Pittonet snaps from a ball up 20m out, Keane dives on the line to try to touch it, review shows the ball evaded three Crows on the way through for a rare goal for Mr Worldwide! (Q1 21:54)
Soligo is pinged for high contact on Cottrell 40m out, who restores Carlton’s lead with his first goal. (Q1 28:15)
Curnow leaps in front of Keane to mark a De Koning wobbler from a ball up on the HFF towards the hotspot, nothing Keane could do about that one. QT siren goes, goal Charlie. (Q1 31:35)
Rachele kicks the first goal of Q2 from the square after Walsh is pinged for encroachment to bring him from 55m out to point blank range. (Q2 1:20)
Fantasia marks another wobbly kick forward from a stoppage by De Koning to 20m out on a slight angle, and kicks his first goal off the left. (Q2 5:00)
Nankervis does some excellent pack work to reef out a handball to Cook who passes short to Rankine 20m out on a slight angle for a team goal, Crows lead again. (Q2 8:20)
Rankine marks again at a similar distance but goes short to Keays 20m out on the flank, that one goes through as well. It’s a shoot out under the roof! (Q2 10:25)
Walker roves on outer wing and feeds Keays for a scoot ahead of McGovern and a sizzling pass to McHenry at the hotspot for another golden opportunity! But he misses a soda. (Q2 14:20)
Curnow draws two Crow defenders and an arm chop free going for a Newman pass to the pocket 30m out, he boots goal number two. (Q2 15:46)
Curnow has space to run ahead of Butts to the HFF, he tries a tricky pass inside which bounces nicely for Durdin to bounce off a Cook challenge and goal from 40m in front. (Q2 19:31)
Soligo turns the ball over by hand on the HBF to his man Walsh, eventually Acres feeds Kemp who blazes wide from 50m. (Q2 24:15)
Keane intercepts Durdin on members wing to start a quick counter, Rankine marks in front of Boyd 45m out on the flank but shanks OOTF. (Q2 26:21)
Smith gets a free 45m out in the corridor but also hooks it badly. (Q2 29:31)
Dawson passes to Walker just to the right of true CHF, the set shot also starts just to the right but swerves and falls in to level the scores once again. (Q3 1:38)
Kennedy hits the lead of Curnow 40m out on a slight angle after the next bounce, but the set shot flies wide left and across the face. (Q3 3:30)
McGovern leaps to spoil Fogarty 20m out but the crumb falls over the back and evades Boyd to sit up on the goal line for Rankine to volley home! (Q3 4:14)
Owies can’t mark an Elijah Hollands pass in the pocket running back with the flight but the chasing Jones overcommits to allow time for Owies to butter up and goal from 20m. (Q3 7:44)
After the Crows boss the next centre bounce, Dawson marks a Walker pass 20m out on a slight angle to give Adelaide the lead back. (Q3 9:14)
Smith roves at half back but dithers and is caught HTB by Elijah Hollands 25m out on the flank, free kick changes the lead once again! (Q3 12:09)
Cottrell chips in front of the leading McKay to mark a Walsh centre clearance kick to 40m in front, leaping over Hamill. He tugs that set shot left. (Q3 13:44)
Jones is held chasing a loose footy in the goalsquare by Oliver Hollands, obvious free so Gollant soccers the goal to advantage. (Q3 16:40)
Curnow snaps across the face off a step from 50m on a slight angle. (Q3 19:46)
McKay marks a Boyd pass just inside 50m on the flank and nicks the left goalpost with a drop punt. (Q3 21:14)
Curnow speculates from the HFF to the square, crumb falls for Owies who snaps from the behind line, Cook gets his fingers near the flight of the ball, review inconclusive, no goal! (Q3 22:39)
The review footage seemed to show conclusively that the kick wasn’t touched, but apparently Adelaide FC is under a witch’s curse with crucial umpiring decisions. (Q3 23:41)
Dawson’s tackle on Walsh in the centre causes a turnover and quick counter, Keays marks behind Kennedy near the hotspot but hits the left goalpost. (Q3 25:49)
Hinge intercepts over Curnow on outer wing and switches inboard through Dawson, long Smith kick up the guts is clunked by Walker 30m out, the Texan boots his fourth. (Q3 27:29)
Curnow marks 50m out on the flank and hooks it left. (Q3 29:05)
McKay intercepts in a pack on the wing and sends it quickly back to the hotspot, O’Brien marks but Hinge is pinged for a block on Curnow, goal Carlton. (Q3 30:30)
Boyd marks on members wing in space, turns and hits the lead of Curnow in the pocket 40m out. The set shot flies narrow left. (Q4 2:02)
Repeat inside 50s for Carlton on the back of all-ground pressure, Cripps marks a Kennedy pass in front of a chuntering Worrell 25m out on the flank and goals. (Q4 4:52)
Walker catches Boyd HTB to the left of true CHF but tugs it left and OOTF, much to the delight of the rollicking Blue hordes. (Q4 7:00)
Newman is outpositioned and gives away an arm chop free on Rachele 20m out in the pocket. Rachele has had a quiet second half after being moved forward, but he curls that one in. (Q4 9:09)
After Cottrell runs down a lumbering Crouch on outer wing, Acres extends Carlton’s lead after roving a long ball to the hotspot, with his man Cook trailing badly. (Q4 15:12)
Berry is in the hole for the next inside 50 by Fantasia, but McKay storms over the top to mark 40m out on a slight angle as if he wasn’t there. His set shot curls wide right. (Q4 16:17)
Curnow roves another repeat inside 50 kick to the hotspot and snaps the goal off the left, Carlton just about home and this one isn’t staying close! (Q4 17:00)
Kemp drops an intercept mark in the pocket, crumb falls luckily for Fogarty who centres for Cook 20m out in front. He owes the Crows one… and repays the debt. (Q4 20:27)
Jones strips Carroll at a stoppage at half forward for Adelaide, Berry snaps high from near CHF, ball falls in the square for Rankine to mark and goal! (Q4 22:43)
Cottrell bounces a behind from 45m in front. (Q4 26:02)
Adelaide rebound coast to coast, Rankine marks a Crouch pass with Williams losing touch on the play. Izak lines up from 35m out on a slight angle… leaves it right. (Q4 27:03)
Fogarty feeds Walker who has a moment for a choice from the HFF, shoot or pass… he chooses a pass to Keane but Boyd spoils in the pocket. 1:30 to go. (Q4 29:01)
From the resultant throw in, Berry snaps high from 35m on a slight angle, goal umpire crouches behind the left goalpost, peers into the night… then signals a goal! (Q4 29:43)
1:18 to go and the Blues have to pull another rabbit out of the hat. (Q4 30:03)
Hewett tumbles the clearance kick to Acres on the wing, long ball towards the hotspot, Curnow drops it, ball up 40m out, 57 seconds… (Q4 30:44)
Secondary ball up near the hotspot, 47 seconds. (Q4 31:02)
Cripps out to Acres 50m out, kick to the teeth of goal, Curnow roves and handballs blind over his head but it’s all Crows at the fall, Dawson finds Keays to ice the game! (Q4 31:33)
Keays kicks to outer wing, Walsh roves and pumps it back in, Keane intercepts 40m out on the flank, siren sounds, Crows pinch it at the death! (Q4 31:43)

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