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Blog log from R5 of 2024: Western Sydney vs St Kilda

Blog log for Western Sydney vs St Kilda, R5 of 2024

Briggs jumps over a pack to mark a centring ball to 40m out on a slight angle by Greene, but he misses to the right. (Q1 0:41)
Coniglio hits the lead of Bedford just inside 50m in the corridor, who tugs it left looking for extra distance. (Q1 1:41)
Bedford gets dropped after giving to Daniels, Binga plays on to advantage and slots the first goal on the run from 40m on a slight angle. (Q1 4:21)
Another rebound up the guts by GWS, Greene hits the top of the square from outside CHF, Thomas is front and centre to rove Brown and goal. Simple but effective! (Q1 8:21)
A lull as Taylor is assessed for concussion after a heavy accidental clash with Steele. (Q1 13:07)
Play finally resumes after Taylor is stretchered off. (Q1 21:22)
Coniglio marks a Riccardi pass 45m out in front for his first goal. (Q1 26:37)
Thomas it was who set up that goal with an intercept on members wing to start a quick counter attack. (Q1 27:22)
Ross clears from the next bounce, Owens holds off Perryman to mark just inside 50m on the flank, his kick is a shank that doesn’t score. (Q1 28:23)
Marshall hits the left goalpost after marking 40m out on the flank. (Q1 29:26)
Daniels takes a link mark on the HFF and passes long and very accurately to Riccardi over the back of Battle on the boundary next to the behind post. Riccardi misses. (Q1 30:07)
O’Halloran is aghast at Higgins getting a free for a push after a marking contest next to the behind post, it was there, Higgins screws in the first goal for St Kilda. (Q1 31:50)
Green checksides a very popular goal from a stoppage on the HFF, and enjoys it with the home crowd! (Q1 33:34)
Hill slices a set shot from the HFF to the right. (Q1 36:39)
Caminiti is paid a contested grab from a Steele pass down the flank to 20m against Buckley, didn’t hold it long but did control it. But his screwing set shot doesn’t curl enough. (Q1 38:18)
Greene marks 45m out on a slight angla and steers through his first goal of the day. (Q2 3:25)
Perryman chunters after being pinged for a hold on Owens in the pocket, the set shot curls in off the left from 15m. (Q2 5:28)
Membrey marks a Hill pass 35m out in front and kicks straight. (Q2 7:01)
Buckley is pinged for contact on King in the pocket 30m out, who misses to the near left side. (Q2 10:16)
Owens takes an impressive relieving mark on the HBF but his kick across the backline misses Battle and allows Hogan to kick an easy goal from 20m. (Q2 12:11)
Daniels misses a set shot from 45m on the flank. (Q2 13:51)
Owens roves a Membrey contest in the pocket 20m out and has room to run into the open goal and repay the debt he incurred minutes ago! (Q2 14:56)
Greene marks a shank from Riccardi in the pocket 25m out, looks gassed after some hard running and shanks it himself for a behind across the face. (Q2 17:53)
Greene roves and snaps a better attempt off the left from 35m in front. (Q2 19:26)
Greene plays on around the man on the mark to shoot from 50m near the boundary but it’s across the face. (Q2 25:20)
Owens marks over a bilious Buckley next to the behind line but shanks the left-foot kick from point-blank range. (Q2 26:22)
Greene marks a Kelly pass from behind a stoppage to 40m near the boundary. He shoots after the HT siren… but again shanks it, this time left and OOTF. (Half Time)
Higgins passes from members wing to Steele 45m out on a slight angle, whose set shot falls on the line for an inevitable review for a touch… quickly ruled a goal. (Q3 1:29)
Hill comes off a HFF after the next bounce and rams through another one for the Saints from 45m after Ross strips Conligio of the ball! (Q3 3:34)
Ash misses on the run from true CHF. (Q3 6:52)
The Giants rebound from half back at pace as they have most successfully today, ending with Cadman taking the mark 20m out on a slight angle for the steadying goal. (Q3 7:19)
Hogan takes a contested pack grab in the pocket 25m out but curls the set shot into the near left goalpost. (Q3 11:51)
Thomas passes to the lead of Hogan again 40m out on a slight angle, GWS have been killing the Saints all day on transition with superior dash. Hogan tugs this drop punt left. (Q3 13:29)
Peatling gives inside of a stoppage on the HFF to Daniels who misses off the right from 40m on a slight angle. (Q3 15:37)
King marks a Marshall pass 45m out on the flank but tugs it to the left and OOTF. (Q3 17:04)
Kelly marks 45m out in the corridor and sails a kick of perfection over the goal umpire’s peaked cap. (Q3 22:00)
Phillipou hasn’t done much today, or at all since his first handful of senior games, but he marks a Hill pass 40m out in front… then kicks into Whitfield on the mark, no score! (Q3 25:50)
Hogan marks over Marshall at the hotspot and boots goal number two. (Q3 27:29)
Riccardi marks a high centre clearance kick by Peatling 30m out in front and kicks the opening goal of Q4 junk time. (Q4 1:12)
Greene marks just inside 50m on the flank, his kick is touched off the fingers of the man on the mark and is rushed. (Q4 9:03)
Membrey marks in front of Buckley 20m out on a slight angle and goals. (Q4 10:53)
Riccardi grabs the ball out of ruck 20m out but misses. (Q4 13:03)
Sinclair rolls through a garbage time goal from a stoppage 20m out in the pocket. (Q4 17:09)
Higgins does pretty much the same after the Saints force a turnover deep in attack. (Q4 19:36)
7:04 left, three kicks in it and the Giants are undermanned through injury, could the Saints come from the clouds? (Q4 20:08)
Greene snaps high from a ball up at the hotspot but it wobbles and drops on the line to be rushed. (Q4 23:27)
Wilson is over the back for a long Marshall ball to the square for another goal to St Kilda, only two straight kicks behind with 3:26 to play! (Q4 25:13)
Saints surge forward after a stoppage on the wing, Caminiti goals from the square to make the difference one straight kick! 2:38 to go and the Giants are tottering! (Q4 26:47)
Kelly intercepts a soccer kick by Briggs in the centre to start a Giants attack. Even a point would be handy… Cadman snaps from 40m on the flank, off hands, behind. 2:01. (Q4 28:18)
Saints rebound around member wing through Steele but it breaks down and Greene starts the rebound. Opportunity may have been lost. (Q4 28:18)
Sinclair roves on the HFF and passes to Caminiti in the pocket 15m out. Will he go the drop punt? No, the curling set shot… and it’s in! (Q4 29:28)
41 seconds to go and just a point the difference now! (Q4 29:28)
Battle tumbles a centre clearance kick over CHF but Peatling comes off the wing to take a huge relieving mark! Giants play tempo… siren goes, GWS holds on! (Q4 30:38)

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