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Blog log from R24 of 2023: Hawthorn vs Fremantle

Blog log for Hawthorn vs Fremantle, R24 of 2023

Jai Serong marks 60m out from goal and pops it up to the pack at the top of the square. Bodies fly but the ball drops in front of Moore who gathers and goals! (Q1 14:42)
Caleb Serong marks a short kick 40m out from goal but gives off to Johnson who lopes forward and kicks the response for Freo! (Q1 14:56)
Brayshaw kicks a long deep ball to Cox in the square but he can’t complete the mark. Ball spills, Schultz throws a boot at it, but Cox and Hustwaite get hands on it for a behind (Q1 20:55)
Caleb Serong hacks a kick inside 50 and Amiss gets the separation to mark 30m out on a slight angle. He eases in, and misses badly to the right for a point (Q1 23:13)
Sturt marks deep in the pocket as Freo chain up the inside 50s, but he also misses, adding another behind (Q1 24:37)
Emmett streaks away on the flank after a turnover and receives the ball before sizing up an inside kick to Walters who marks 35m out. The veteran steers it through for the lead! (Q1 26:17)
Fremantle look to go inside again, before Sicily gives away a silly holding free kick 25m out from goal. Downfield free kick, and Treacy is the one to capitalise with a goal! (Q1 27:33)
Young kicks a spearing ball to the square and it’s Sturt who collects and goals! (Q2 4:49)
Worpel receives a quick handpass from Day and loads up from 50m out off a step, the ball soaring through the big sticks! (Q2 6:23)
Fremantle turn the ball over in defence and surge through the corridor, ending with a Walters mark 35m out dead in front. Walters slots his second goal! (Q2 7:48)
Newcombe loads up to the square and it’s Scrimshaw who’s playing forward with the lead up mark. He pops it through! (Q2 11:06)
Emmett gets his head nearly ripped off by Blanck after a stoppage and wins a free kick. The mature-ager guides it home through the goals! (Q2 16:24)
Weddle kicks a low dart in the direction of the goals, but Pearce throws up a fist to guide it through for a point (Q2 21:18)
Jackson takes advantage of a Reeves knock to float up forward and mark in the pocket. It’s a tricky angle, and he pushes it out left (Q2 25:07)
Serong crashes through the pack at a forward stoppage and gets a snap away that tumbles through for a behind (Q2 26:01)
Fremantle link up the handballs at half forward and get it to Brayshaw who streams inside 50 and kicks true from 40 out! (Q2 27:57)
Johnson puts in the work to set up Emmett and Brayshaw who then flicks it to Switkowsi. A quick snap and another goal in the shadows of HT! (Half Time)
Walters wheels around after gathering a loose ball and hits up Amiss on the lead. He gets himself on the board with a goal! (Q3 4:37)
Hawthorn surge from the resulting centre bounce, a Morrison tackle sees Breust end up with bal in hand as he snaps and goals! (Q3 5:33)
The Hawks move quickly again, this time finding Scrimshaw 40m out from goal. He backs himself in, but pushes the kick off to the left (Q3 7:35)
Worner and Aish roam up to the forward 50, Worner marking 45m out from goal. The kid kicks a big of a helicopter towards goal that goes through for a point after review (Q3 9:55)
Moore lines up a tricky set shot, but puts it wide for a point (Q3 14:34)
Scrimshaw wins a free kick 50m out from goal and gives off to the super kick of Amon who hoists the ball through the middle from 55! (Q3 16:27)
Emmett sets off down the wing , he takes a bounce, gets and gives before setting up a kick to Amiss down in the square. Amiss marks, and Amiss goals! (Q3 19:34)
Hawthorn set off on the counter through Weddle who lopes forward and kicks to the lead of Breust who marks 35m out in the pocket. Punky snaps it through! (Q3 23:07)
Schultz marks 35m out dead in front, but has to wait for a scuffle to clear up ahead of him. He finally gets to kick, but misses badly (Q3 25:11)
Tom Emmett lurks out the back of the pack and the ball goes his way, he gets ball to boot as he’s tackled and bags himself another goal! (Q3 30:12)
Macdonald gathers at a forward stoppage, baulks Henry and snaps at goal, thumbling it through! But upon review, it’s called touched off Pearce at the kick (Q4 2:06)
Amiss cops a heavy hit and hangs back until Walters gets the ball and feeds it to him. He dribbles the ball through Amon’s legs for a sneaky goal! (Q4 3:20)
A Cox contest goes to ground and Schultz is on it instantly. He runs into the pocket and kicks a magnificent dribbler through for a goal! (Q4 6:27)
Sicily snaps quickly after Worner coughs up a handpass to him, but misses (Q4 7:37)
Treacy attempts to get a late one, but his kick pings off the post (Q4 11:19)
Amon lopes through the corridor before loading up from 50m out, but Henry folds back to get a hand on it as he taps it over (Q4 12:28)
A Hardwick set shot stays in play, allowing Scrimshaw and Morrison to set up Newcombe with a set shot of his own from 25m out dead in front. He gets his name on the scoresheet! (Q4 14:20)
Luke Breust tries to bag his third goal, but hits the post (Q4 20:24)
Treacy responds to the heckling fans with a big goal! (Q4 27:06)

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