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Blog log from EF of 2023: Essendon vs Collingwood

Blog log for Essendon vs Collingwood, EF of 2023

Hill feeds De Goey sprinting ahead of Redman for the first goal of the night, on the run from 45m on a slight angle. (Q1 1:23)
Heppell goes to a contest between McStay and Laverde, leaving his man Ginnivan down to rove and snap the goal with ease from the hotspot. (Q1 6:04)
Lipinski rolls a long snap wide right after a slow play by Essendon results in a poor uncontested clanger kick by Hind. (Q1 9:58)
Mihocek marks a Ginnivan kick to the teeth of goal over Redman for his first goal. (Q1 14:22)
Langford misses a set shot from 40m on the flank. (Q1 16:47)
Mihocek marks a very short Hill pass to 45m on the flank and swings through a lovely set shot drop punt. (Q1 18:28)
After Mitchell baulks away from McGrath on the wing, Adams centres for Pendlebury 45m out on a slight angle who steers through another one. (Q1 21:58)
Frampton is pinged for a hold on Weideman 45m out on the flank, whinges that the Weed had hold of him, ump doesn’t care. Weideman’s kick is poor for no score. (Q1 23:47)
From the resultant rebound, Lipinski feeds Mitchell for the goal from 30m on the end of a flowing move through the corridor. (Q1 24:25)
Elliott leaps in front of Laverde to mark another centre clearance by Mason Cox, he converts from 45m in the corridor. (Q1 26:19)
Crisp speeds away from a pack on the wing and kicks long over Redman to Ginnivan in the pocket 20m out just before the QT siren. Ginni curls it through. (Q1 28:29)
Elliott marks a Cameron kick inside 50 leading in front of Zerk-Thatcher 40m out on the flank for his second goal. (Q2 3:48)
Elliott marks a Mitchell pass on the flank 35m out but doesn’t score. (Q2 5:19)
Langford juggles a Merrett speculator behind a pack 40m out on the flank then goes back to Merrett 45m out on a slight angle… who misses. (Q2 9:54)
Redman mows down Elliott to prevent a score 40m out, no free so Dons rebound but immediately turn it over, Pendlebury finds Daicos 40m out on a slight angle for the goal. (Q2 10:58)
Martin turns the ball over by foot on the HBF, Mihocek gives Lipinski a Joe the Goose special for the eleventh goal on the trot. It’s a procession like no other. (Q2 13:16)
Weideman is over the back of Frampton for a long Martin kick from the HFF to the square for the first Essendon goal, belatedly. (Q2 19:53)
Langford snaps his first goal from mid-range, even though it’s before half time we are already in junk time. (Q2 24:19)
After Perkins hears footsteps on outer wing to drop a mark, Collingwood switches on the counter ending with Mihocek marks a Ginnivan high ball to 20m in front, goal after HT siren. (Q2 29:52)
Parish tugs a set shot left from 45m on a slight angle. (Q3 9:17)
Extremely boring quarter so far, Collingwood not really caring a whole lot, and Essendon even less. (Q3 9:50)
Langford marks in the pocket 25m out and leaves his set shot narrow left. (Q3 11:54)
Tsatas turns the ball over kicking across the centre line to a crowd, Ginnivan sends Hill off to the races for an easy slingshot goal. (Q3 13:24)
Ump pings Hill under the stand rule to bring Heppell to half forward, he passes to Langford 35m out on the flank who hits the far right goalpost. (Q3 18:47)
Phillips marks on the lead in front of a lumbering Mason Cox 45m out on a slight angle. In his farewell game, Sauce just misses to the left. (Q3 20:42)
Snelling snells away from a stoppage in the pocket but misses with a drop punt from the boundary 20m out. (Q3 24:17)
Redman slings Ginnivan around the neck so hard it takes his headband off, Pie fans go ape droppings as the ump finally pays him a free. Ginni goals from 45m in front. (Q3 25:52)
De Goey with the first clearance of Q3, Lipinski snaps from the HFF, lands in the square, McStay can’t mark but beats Zerk-Thatcher to snap the goal from point blank range. (Q4 0:51)
Weideman marks over Frampton at the hotspot for some junk. (Q4 5:21)
Hobbs leaps to mark at the hotspot but sprays the set shot, much to the delight of the rollicking Pie faithful. (Q4 18:51)
Merrett bounces a snap wide from half forward. This is as desultory a half of senior-level football as you will see. (Q4 19:51)
Cameron marks a Noble pass across half forward to 45m on a slight angle, he kicks the goal as confirmed on review. (Q4 22:52)

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