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Blog log from R23 of 2023: Adelaide vs Sydney

Blog log for Adelaide vs Sydney, R23 of 2023

After Keays turns the ball over at half back, Warner passes to Hickey who misses from 45m on a slight angle. (Q1 1:30)
Dawson sails a snap across the face for a point from half forward. (Q1 3:53)
McLean kicks the first goal of the game from a set shot from the hotspot after Hayward is forward of the Crows defensive line to mark in the pocket and pass inboard. (Q1 6:32)
Thilthorpe marks impressively on the lead near the hotspot but the crowd goes aww as he misses to the left. (Q1 11:35)
Smith passes to McAdam 45m out on a slight angle. Steady rain falling at Adelaide as he strides in…. left and short, Walker roves and centres for Crouch to goal. (Q1 13:02)
Keane drops an intercept mark at the hotspot, crumb falls for Heeney who feeds Wicks to snap the goal. (Q1 16:52)
Hayward roves and checksides a goal from the hotspot after McDonald beats Worrell in a ground battle on the wing. (Q1 21:27)
Laird snaps across the face from the HFF. (Q1 22:32)
Hinge is pinged for a hold on Rowbottom 45m out on a slight angle, Rowbottom gives off to Campbell who bangs through a nice snap. (Q1 24:18)
Francis feeds Gulden behind a stoppage at the hotspot, the left-foot snap across the body is just wide left. (Q1 26:01)
Heeney snaps a goal from a stoppage 20m out. Crow fans are sitting stunned and moist like a bunch of mullets on the Port Augusta pier. (Q2 2:20)
Heeney catches Milera HTB 40m out in the corridor and sails through back to back goals. Swans are loving it in the wet! (Q2 3:35)
Dawson fends Florent to get away from a stoppage on the HFF and kicks across half forward for Schoenberg 45m out on a slight angle, he kicks truly. (Q2 6:50)
Papley skids through a classic rover’s goal from the boundary 20m out with a man on his hammer, Swans are playing wet weather footy to a T. (Q2 11:32)
McDonald misses a flying snap from half forward. (Q2 14:54)
Francis juggles the cake of soap for a mark against both Keane and Worrell 40m out on a slight angle, his set shot is a peach in the storm! (Q2 23:10)
Worrell sprays a kick OOTF to the pocket 25m out under pressure, Papley can’t get the checkside to curl and it’s across the face for a point. (Q2 26:02)
Hinge lunges but can’t knock away a Wicks long handball to McLean at the top of the square on a fast break, McLean goals from 15m. (Q2 28:10)
Adelaide gets a centre clearance through Laird, Dawson and Schoenberg, Walker gets an obvious front-on contact free on McCartin 45m out in front. Texan converts. (Q2 29:05)
McAdam marks 20m out in front for another goal to Adelaide to give them hope going into the soggy sheds for half time. (Q2 33:31)
Rankine beats Rampe on the ground and checksides a pearler of a goal from next to the behind post, then pulls out an Eddie Betts celebration, befitting the finish! (Q3 9:15)
Heeney uses strength to mark a long Francis kick from the wing over Hinge at the hotspot. He’s the match winner so far tonight, he boots goal number three. (Q3 12:06)
Rachele bounces a snap from the pocket across the face under Blakey pressure. (Q3 13:25)
Warner skids through a long point from outside CHF. (Q3 15:05)
Gulden misses from half forward. Sydney looking for the sealer, almost there. (Q3 17:51)
Gulden is aghast after being pinged for a throw at the Crow hotspot, Rachele strokes through the goal. (Q3 19:46)
Blakey’s pace is irrepressible from half back even in wet conditions, he goes long to McDonald who plays on inside Keane for a rather too-easy finish from just inside true CHF. (Q3 23:21)
Murphy wins a crumb in heavy traffic in the pocket, bursts through a couple of tackles and tumbles through a strong goal from 30m. (Q4 0:28)
Pedlar gets a holding free on the 50m paint and feeds Milera zooming past for a booming snap for another one for Adelaide! (Q4 1:45)
McAdam catches Florent HTB on outer wing, Smith goes long to the pocket where Walker clunks the mark with strong dukes in front of Blakey 25m out, he goals as well! (Q4 3:06)
Milera beats Heeney on outer wing to start a counter, ground ball in the pocket where McAdam earns a high contact free on McCartin but misses from 30m in the pocket. (Q4 6:57)
A loose ball bounces unluckily off Gulden’s heel and OOTF on outer wing, Murphy plays on for a quick ball to Fogarty in the pocket 20m out who nicks the left goalpost. (Q4 11:57)
Milera runs to half back but has no targets so gives a hospital handball to Schoenberg who is caught HTB by Heeney, he misses from 50m on a slight angle. (Q4 14:24)
Adelaide getting bulk repeat inside 50s now, Walker marks a Dawson wobbler on the slide 45m out on a slight angle. His set shot is tugged right and short for a throw in. (Q4 16:23)
Dawson screws a snap across the face from 35m on the flank. (Q4 17:55)
Rachele misses another mid-range snap. Adelaide have been close in a lot of games this year but this looks like another that might slip through their grasp. (Q4 26:15)
Rachele has two Swans to deal with for a long ball to the hotspot, he manages to halve the contest and rove it himself for a fabulous grubbing finish! (Q4 27:59)
Dawson from the next bounce, Murphy roves on the HFF and kicks to the teeth of goal, no mark but it’s kicked OOTF by the Swans 30m out, Keays with the free… (Q4 29:28)
Keays think he slotted the goal but the goal ump signals it hit the post! (Q4 29:28)
Swans clear to the wing, O’Brien forces a throw in, 46 seconds left. (Q4 30:28)
Borlase gets a contact free in defence, rebound up the guts, Hickey goes back inside 50 for Sydney, that’s going to be the ball game. (Q4 30:57)
First replay of the Keays shot suggested it may not have hit the post at all. (Q4 31:17)
Siren goes, Swans hold on! (Q4 31:17)
Adelaide crowd boos with great gusto, and they may have a valid complaint. At least a review! (3 Qtr Time)

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