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Blog log from R23 of 2023: St Kilda vs Geelong

Blog log for St Kilda vs Geelong, R23 of 2023

Higgins is held but Owens and Gresham take advantage, with Owens bursting through to poke through the first goal of the game! (Q1 3:03)
Wood launches through traffic and takes a shot at goal, but O’Connor gets a hand on it (Q1 4:58)
Duncan drops a mark from Tuohy and the Saints capitalise with Bews getting wrapped up by King. King slots the set shot and teh Saints have 2! (Q1 6:52)
Ratugolea and Stewart have the ball on the goal line and Stewart walks it over when Butler steps up. Plenty of time to dispose, that was deliberate (Q1 10:33)
Miers takes a shot after cleaning up a loose ball, but misses (Q1 11:31)
The Saints counter quickly along the wing with the ball ending up in Butler’s hands, who kicks a high snap and goals! (Q1 12:46)
Close and Guthrie link up at half forward with Guthrie blazing through and slotting a goal from 40 out in front! (Q1 15:37)
A free kick in the middle of the ground leads to a towering King mark 25m out from goal. A simple conversion and King has two! (Q1 17:16)
Membrey drags a set shot to the left from 40m out (Q1 20:41)
Guthrie roams forward again to mark a Hawkins kick, but this time his kick drifts wide (Q1 26:33)
Stengle kicks goalward and the ball takes a vicious bounce, screwing its way through! (Q1 28:11)
Higgins marks a Wanganeen-Milera kick, but misses his set shot from the pocket (Q2 6:49)
Duncan marks 40m out from goal dead in front, he kicks true and brings the margin back to 7! (Q2 8:49)
Steele finds Sharman with a high entry inside 50. Cooper marks 25m out and converts! (Q2 9:44)
Miers capitalises on a St Kilda error and finds Stengle in the pocket. He goes for the snap, but bends it too far (Q2 13:04)
Hawkins leads up to mark strongly against Wilkie, and the sticky mitts kick truly! (Q2 15:08)
King is in plenty of space at CHF and takes an easy mark 45m out. He pushes his kick well to the left for a behind though (Q2 17:24)
It’s King again inside 50 who marks in the pocket this time. A trickier angle but he kicks true for number 3! (Q2 20:10)
Higgins gets a shove in the back by Kolodjashnij and wins a free kick as a result. He runs in to 35m out, but misses (Q2 23:32)
Hill has a set shot chance, but he too misses the kick (Q2 25:09)
A free kick then a reversal sees Gresham kick to the pocket and Marshall takes a mark in the dying seconds. Lucky for Geelong, he shanks it for a behind (Q2 27:05)
Wood drifts in to a contest from the opposite direction, hanging onto a tough mark, but his set shot belies the effort for a point (Q3 1:54)
Gresham has a set shot chance but he puts his kick wide and short for a point (Q3 6:08)
Gresham has another chance at goal, but as he gathers on the run kicks it into the post (Q3 6:30)
A free kick is paid for a blatant shove, Geelong take advantage and Holmes finishes with a classy snap! (Q3 8:09)
Sinclair and King link up at half forward to find Higgins 25m out in front of goal. Higgins goals in his 100th game! (Q3 9:31)
Phillipou roves a King contest as he spins out of trouble, snapping quickly and slotting a brilliant goal for the Saints! (Q3 15:32)
Miers hits up a Hawkins lead, but the Big Hawk cannot convert from 40m out, as he hangs his kick right (Q3 16:26)
Hawkins takes a powerful 1 armed mark in the pocket and this time kicks the goal! (Q3 18:51)
Sharman takes a great ground level mark 20m out dead in front and steadies the ship with a goal! (Q3 21:30)
Sinclair hits King lace out on the lead, but King’s set shot goes wayward (Q3 22:52)
Butler marks a short Wilkie pass 40m out from goal, but cannot capitalise on the chance, for a behind (Q3 27:31)
Higgins takes a mark in the dying seconds of the quarter 35m out in front of goal, but he too burns the chance for another point (3 Qtr Time)
Phillipou roves a Marshall contest in the pocket and sets up Owens to flick a handball to Higgins who goals! (Q4 4:42)
Max King burns another set shot chance. (Q4 6:29)
Cameron places a kick inside to Bowes, who puts his set shot wide from 40m out (Q4 10:23)
The ball bobbles around in the square for Geelong and Tuohy is able to sneak a toe poke through for a goal, confirmed upon review! (Q4 12:09)
Bowes dumps a really high ball to half forward, it goes to ground but Atkins is there to charge through, gather and goal from 40m out! (Q4 19:54)
Marshall takes a big pack mark 40m out on the flank. The ruckman lopes into the kick and sends it high through the big sticks as the crowd raises the roof! (Q4 26:00)
A shocking Guthrie kick is picked off by Butler who puts the cherry on top with another late goal! (Q4 28:45)

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