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Blog log from R22 of 2023: St Kilda vs Richmond

Blog log for St Kilda vs Richmond, R22 of 2023

Hill worries Broad off the ball and pops a kick forward into space. King applies a block on Grimes to allow Gresham to gather and drill through the opener! (Q1 6:42)
Broad coughs the ball up to Gresham after a Butler tackle and instantly snaps across his body, slotting his second from 40m out! (Q1 8:40)
Nankervis applies the smother at half forward before Martin rips the ball from Battle’s hands in a gang tackle. He gives to Baker who goals! (Q1 13:18)
Sharman wins a HTB free kick on Broad and the Saints take advantage. Higgins back to Sharman who spots up King 35m out dead in front. King makes no mistake and the Saints have 3! (Q1 15:43)
Higgins takes a tumbling mark but is called to play on, he squares it up and Membrey is able to get a handpass off to King who snaps through his second goal! (Q1 17:38)
Sinclair kicks to Hill on the flank and he finds Phillipou 30m out in front. Phillipou kicks true and the Saints are off to a flyer! (Q1 20:27)
Martin has a chance on the run from 40m out, but his kick pings off the post (Q1 23:00)
Bolton kicks to space in front of Riewoldt who takes a leap on the old legs! He slots it from 10m out and the Tigers have a goal they desperately needed! (Q1 28:18)
Taranto hacks a kick to the top of the square and Bauer leads up to take a mark. The kid steadies himself and kicks his first goal in AFL footy! (Q2 1:40)
Gresham and Ross link up to find Marshall in space inside 50. He’s signalled to go back and kick by his teammates and with good reason as he steers it through! (Q2 4:39)
Higgins is caught high after throwing the ball out and King takes the advantage, snapping through his third goal! (Q2 6:24)
Wood and Crouch link up on the wing, with a booming kick finding King in the pocket. King’s kick slides past the post for a behind (Q2 11:40)
Rioli is pinged for a hold on Sharman during a forward stoppage, Sharman lines up from 30m out as a result. It’s a tricky angle, but he makes it look easy! (Q2 16:09)
A pause in play as Rioli is assisted from the ground after an ankle injury (Q2 17:54)
Balta lazily catches Higgins high 35m out on a slight angle, but his kick is a helicopter and barely sneaks in for a point (Q2 21:54)
Martin goes for goal, but can only manage a behind (Q2 23:39)
King gets a free kick 10m out from goal for a Grimes infringement, and puts it away easily! (Q2 24:29)
Martin kicks a long ball to Baker at the top of the square for an easy mark. Baker squeezes it through! (Q2 27:09)
Ross collects and runs to 45m out, taking a shot on the run but he drags it left for a point (Q2 28:11)
A slick St Kilda play down the wing sees Gresham take a chest mark 35m out on an angle. He kicks true for his third goal! (Q2 30:08)
Bolton cleans up a spilled contest at half forward, he streams to 45m out and takes a shot. The umpire moves a fair way, but the ball sneaks home! (Q2 31:29)
King marks a Gresham bullet and slots his 5th goal to open up the second half! (Q3 1:49)
Windhager bursts through traffic and snaps at goal, but bends it back too far (Q3 9:18)
Stocker roams up forward and takes a shot, but he too kicks a behind (Q3 12:49)
A rare Richmond entry inside 50 sees Bauer mark 30m out on a slight angle, he squeezes the ball past for his second goal! (Q3 13:34)
Dow takes a mark in a similar position, but his set shot is pushed out to the right (Q3 15:23)
Balta is pinged for a hold/push on King at a forward stoppage in a dangerous position. King slots number six from 25m out! (Q3 16:34)
Sinclair opens up the angles and allows a Mitch Owens mark to be taken 40m out from goal. Owens salutes with a booming kick! (Q3 20:34)
Riewoldt takes a towering pack mark on the behind line, after a lengthy review the mark stands, and Riewoldt misses the snap from the point post! (Q3 26:30)
Steele has a set shot chance after the 3QT siren, but he can only manage a behind (3 Qtr Time)
Wood finds Higgins in the pocket with a brilliant kick, and Jack slots the drop punt! (Q4 1:41)
The Saints move quick from the middle and reward a hard Membrey lead, but he pulls the kick to the left from 40m out (Q4 2:41)
Richmond pick their way forward first to Dow who then squares it up to Taranto 40m out from goal. It’s a pure kick and it sails through the goals! (Q4 4:34)
Bolton collects and tries a vicious snap across his body from 40m out, the ball curls through for a point (Q4 11:22)
Wanganeen-Milera hacks a kick that only goes as far as Broad. He gathers, dodges and weaves past Butler and streams back inside 50, kicking a beauty of a goal! (Q4 14:41)
Baker marks 35m out from goal, but pushes his kick to the left for a point (Q4 15:25)
Gresham goes for his fourth goal, but bends the ball to the right for a point (Q4 17:16)
Martin hits Balta in the pocket lace out, Balta plays on quickly, but hits the post (Q4 21:41)
Membrey continues to search for a goal, but his latest attempt is tapped over (Q4 23:27)
Nankervis has a set shot chance from 35m out on an angle, but he drags his kick right for a behind (Q4 27:05)

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