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Blog log from R22 of 2023: Hawthorn vs Western Bulldogs

Blog log for Hawthorn vs Western Bulldogs, R22 of 2023

Bontempelli clears from a stoppage on members wing, Ugle-Hagan beats Weddle to mark 40m out on the flank, he starts the set shot right but it doesn’t blow in enough on the wind. (Q1 2:12)
Lobb gets an off-field free for contact by Hardwick 20m out on a slight angle for the opening goal of the day. (Q1 4:00)
Naughton’s mark is just touched by Impey 30m out on the flank so he’s called to play on, screws a snap to the line where Sicily intercepts for no score. (Q1 5:51)
The first inside 50 for Hawthorn is a pass by Grainger-Barrass from the centre to Reeves lumbering back with the flight to 40m on the flank. The wind blows the set shot short. (Q1 8:04)
Naughton and Ugle-Hagan versus Blanck and Scrimshaw in the pocket, Naughton roves and feeds JUH who baulks past Scrimshaw and goals from 15m. (Q1 14:44)
The Hawks get in trouble trying to run the ball from the back pocket, eventually Bailey Macdonald’s kick is picked off by Treloar in front of Nash near the hotspot for the goal. (Q1 16:44)
Day roves, shrugs a Macrae tackle at half forward and swerves through a nice snap into the strong breeze from 40m to open Hawthorn’s account. (Q1 18:49)
Smith releases Daniel to scoot away from the wing, through the HFF and shoot from 40m… the wind blows it narrow to the left. (Q1 24:17)
Breust drops the knees to draw a high contact free on Macrae, that was a classic duck. His set shot blows across the face for no score, footy gods raise an eyebrow. (Q1 26:00)
Again the Hawks fumble in defence, this one by Scrimshaw eventually leads Sicily to cough up a handball then Ugle-Hagan to mar Weightman’s snap on the behind line, red time goal. (Q1 28:10)
Maginness roves and feeds Koschitzke who wobbles a snap wide from 20m on a slight angle. (Q2 2:37)
Naughton leaps over Newcombe to mark a high Smith speculator from the HFF on his chest near the hotspot. The wind blows his set shot wide right. (Q2 4:00)
After the Dogs get in trouble passing short from half back, Reeves shoots wide from 40m in front. (Q2 6:44)
Koschitzke roves a chaos ball near the hotspot, most Hawthorn kicks have been chaotic today, Moore receives dubiously and snaps the goal from 20m. (Q2 8:27)
Reeves strips English in a tackle in the pocket, Day roves and feeds Connor Macdonald whose snap from 25m is narrow. (Q2 10:34)
West mows down Sicily running from a kick in to win a HTB free and cheap goal. (Q2 15:14)
Worpel gives to Newcombe running forward after the next bounce, Newk spins away from a Daniel challenge and rams through a fantastic finish from CHF with the wind! (Q2 16:47)
O’Donnell takes an impressive intercept mark at CHB but turns the ball over with a short pass to grass, Connor Macdonald roves and misses from 45m on a slight angle. (Q2 19:44)
Pretty even game this one, except for Hawthorn’s terrible kicking skills. Sicily is the only man in brown and gold who hasn’t burned it by foot. (Q2 21:03)
Amon is a good kick, and he uses his skill to spot up the lead of Breust 40m out on a slight angle. Punky’s first kick was poor, this one with the wind blows into the left post. (Q2 21:56)
Richards is called for running too far from the kick in, mark is set 30m out in the pocket for Grainger-Barras to take the free. Tough shot from here… wind blows it left. (Q2 23:02)
Naughton catches Blanck HTB 45m out on a slight angle. Another difficult position to kick for goals, this one is skewed OOTF to the right. (Q2 25:35)
Lobb marks over Weddle in the pocket 20m out and threads a nice finish with a drop punt, another important red time goal for the Bulldogs. (Q2 27:11)
Newcombe navigates through heavy traffic on outer wing on a rebound and feeds Amon who slams through a running snap from 50m on a slight angle. (Q2 28:44)
Clearances and midfield play in general is about even in this game, but unless it’s Sicily or Amon kicking in the front half for Hawthorn, they’re turning it over. (Q3 3:35)
Hawk fans chunter at a free to Arthur Jones on Hardwick 45m out in the corridor, Artie’s set show blows wide left as most have to that end. (Q3 4:21)
Moore is on the end of a switch play started by Newcombe, he passes deep to the pocket for Koschitzke to mark over Keath 25m out. Kosi screws in a fine finish off the right! (Q3 6:11)
Breust gets a contact free on Richards 40m out on a slight angle. This distance has really tested him this year… short and rebounded by Richards. (Q3 9:59)
Day feeds Breust who gets legged trying to run into the open goal by Bontempelli, he gives Hawthorn the lead with his first goal. (Q3 10:36)
Naughton leaves Blanck sprawling on the deck after clunking a long Bontempelli ball to the pocket 20m out, but his screwing set shot is blown to the left once again. (Q3 14:45)
Newcombe passes to Grainger-Barrass in the pocket, he centres quickly to Amon 40m out on a slight angle. Amon shanks it straight but short, English cuts it off for no score. (Q3 17:11)
Moore roves a long ball to a pack at the hotspot and reefs it out to Day who wobbles a pressured snap into the right goalpost. (Q3 22:43)
Day’s smother at half back causes a fast break, Maginness marks 45m out and gives off to Newcombe who blazes OOTF into the wind. (Q3 26:58)
Newcombe receives from Koschitzke and feeds Worpel who baulks onto the right boot and sails through a big goal with the wind from 45m on a slight angle! (Q4 1:18)
Newcombe passes to Moore leading to 45m on a slight angle on the end of a switch through midfield from members wing. Moore’s set shot falls on the line, did English snick it? (Q4 4:33)
Yes it was, just in time. (Q4 4:58)
Richards’ kick in is straight to Lewis who kicks it over his head for the goal from 30m, oh dear! (Q4 5:38)
Two Hawks strip Lobb in attack, it’s a Lobster sandwich, Morrison rips the ball away for a pass to Koschitzke 20m out, who misses way left. (Q4 7:43)
Koschitzke takes another link mark and sets up Amon to kick to the top of the square where Grainger-Barras takes a contested grab and kicks another one! Hawks on FIYAH! (Q4 9:38)
After a Macrae intercept at half forward, Baker measures a snap from the boundary 35m out into the wind and threads it to give the Bulldogs a fighting chance. (Q4 12:23)
Bulldogs getting repeat inside 50s now, Poulter goes up the flank for English to drift across in front of Scrimshaw 15m out to mark and goal. (Q4 14:43)
11:00 to go and the one-way traffic Hawthorn’s way since HT has suddenly reversed, the Bulldogs are applying much better pressure. (Q4 15:23)
Macrae with the next centre clearance, Weightman hits the lead of Lobb 45m out on the flank in front of Scrimshaw. The set shot drifts across the face left. (Q4 16:23)
More turnover by foot by Hawthorn, Bontempelli passes to Lobb who beats Ward easily to mark at the hotspot then sees his set shot blown into the right goalpost. (Q4 20:03)
7:00 to go and the momentum has well and truly shifted to the Bulldogs. (Q4 20:43)
Clock ticks under 5:00, Hawks can’t rebound past half way but Dogs can’t find targets inside 50. It’s a stalemate. (Q4 22:42)
Koschitzke finally takes a link mark to get the Hawks going on rebound, ball in their attack as the clock ticks to 4:00 and two kicks still the difference. (Q4 23:41)
Breust passes to the boundary for Koschitzke to mark 30m out, Kosi passes very short back to Breust who is called to play on, no score results. (Q4 26:23)
Reeves taps forward of the resultant throw in for Worpel to steam onto but he misses from 20m. 2:20 to go. (Q4 26:45)
Dogs rebound around outer wing through Poulter and Dale, long ball to the top of the square where Williams marks and plays on into the open goal! (Q4 27:20)
Bontempelli kicks from the next bounce, Sicily starts the rebound, Breust passes to Lewis 50m out on a slight angle who goes back to drain the clock for the set shot… (Q4 28:38)
Lewis tugs it left, 47 seconds left on the kick in… (Q4 29:03)
English bounces twice on the play on and goes to members wing, Dale gets caught HTB by Amon, that’s just about the ball game! (Q4 29:28)
Amon finds Impey to mark uncontested to ice the game, Hawks win! (Q4 30:04)

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