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Blog log from R20 of 2023: Western Bulldogs vs Western Sydney

Blog log for Western Bulldogs vs Western Sydney, R20 of 2023

A booming Ash kick goes to ground inside 50 after a forward contest, and Cadman handballs to Greene who snaps at goal, but a bad bounce results in a behind (Q1 1:35)
Buckley enables a Coniglio burst inside 50, he takes the shot but hangs the kick out right for a point (Q1 1:58)
Angwin hits a wide handpass to Bedford who is lurking in the pocket, Bedford opts for a wild checkside that doesn’t get much bend, and sails through for another point (Q1 5:16)
Bontempelli spies Weightman out the back and kicks to him, marking 35m out on an angle. The breeze blows viciously and as such Weightman’s kick slides past for a behind (Q1 7:28)
The Bulldogs surge from half back to find Ugle-Hagan on the flank, he then kicks to Bontempelli who then chips it forward to Smith easily. Smith goals in game 100! (Q1 10:32)
Bontempelli slams a kick forward that spills off Naughton’s hands. Daniel snatches it up and tries to sneak a goal, but Taylor pulls off a goalkeeper’s save and the ball is rushed (Q1 12:42)
Liberatore shovels a handball out to Johannisen who streams past and spears through a goal! (Q1 17:07)
Ugle-Hagan marks out on the flank, but the wind takes hold of his kick and it drops inside the square, into the hands of Lobb who snaps it right into the post! (Q1 19:58)
Poulter squares the ball up and big Tim English pulls in the mark 20m out. English goals! (Q1 21:47)
English taps on a Caleb kick then gathers it himself to set up Vandermeer 40m out. His kick pings off the post though (Q1 24:49)
Brown is given too much space and eventually is rewarded with a kick on his head 25m out in front of goal. He puts it through to give the Giants something this quarter! (Q1 27:16)
English hits up a Lobb lead with a neat kick 45m out. He kicks high and long, but the wind takes hold to push it right for a behind (Q1 28:23)
Vandermeer marks 45m out on an angle and tries to steer it through, but the ball is caught in the wind and bends back for a point (Q2 2:57)
The Orange Tsunami is in full effect as they surge forward, Daniels has time and space inside 50 to take the shot, but sprays it wide on the run (Q2 7:23)
A forward throw in for the bulldogs sees English just out-muscle Briggs and grab the ball before snapping at goal. It takes a kind bounce, English has 2! (Q2 13:44)
Gardner gets a kick smothered by Greene deep in defence, the ball bobbles up in the square and Riccardi slides in with a soccer strike! A lengthy review later sees the goal stand! (Q2 16:15)
Kelly takes a shot from range but Bruce gets back to make sure it goes through for a point (Q2 21:09)
Liberatore marks in the middle of the ground and using the breeze hits up Scott who’s ended up out the back. Scott marks, but puts it wide (Q2 22:16)
Whitfield is pinged for a legal handball and West lines up from 35 out as a result, but the ball don’t lie as again the wind bends the ball offline (Q2 24:26)
The ball pings around the Dogs forward line and eventually West receives the handball to snap and slot the goal! (Q2 26:10)
Naughton takes a towering mark on the 50m arc but kicks in-board to Scott who takes a nice mark himself 30m out in front of goal. But again, Scott misses (Q2 26:56)
Macrae squares up the ball to the pack and Naughton wins a big one on one with Taylor to take the mark! The kick is a stab though as he pushes it wide (Q2 29:58)
The Giants are squeezed into the back pocket after some relentless pressure with Vandermeer forcing an OOTF. Treloar lines up from 35m out on the boundary and curls it through! (Q2 31:26)
A brief stoppage in play as Bruce is assisted from the immediate playing area (Q3 3:58)
Bontempelli spots Naughton in an advantageous position and kicks that way. Naughton marks 25m out, and kicks truly! (Q3 8:43)
Greene is the beneficiary of a jumper holding free kick by Dale, and as such lines up from 35m out. He opts for the snap, and kicks the third goal for GWS! (Q3 13:41)
GWS chain up the handballs from half back and surge forward, it comes undone in the forward line though but Brown gets the handball to Greene who has to rush a snap into the post! (Q3 18:18)
Idun pumps it long inside 50, the ball spills and it’s Toby Greene who dashes through the congestion to snap a goal! (Q3 20:13)
Johannisen finds Weightman with a nice kick 35m out on an angle. He starts it well left but the wind takes it back and through the big sticks! (Q3 22:19)
A forward contest sees Keeffe get a slight tap on to Kelly who dashes through the pack and curl through an extraordinary finish from 35m out! (Q3 25:01)
GWS are on the march as they surge forward again, they have the numbers inside 50 and it’s Greene who is there to snap and goal and he has 3 goals in the quarter! (Q3 27:32)
Liberatore feeds the handball backwards to Treloar who decides to go himself from 45m out, a kind bounce and the ball sneaks past for a lovely goal! (Q3 28:26)
A Liberatore throw sparks a rapid counter as Bedford takes advantage. The tsunami rushes on to Greene who spies Riccardi sprinting down the flank. Riccardi marks, Riccardi goals! (Q3 30:59)
The Giants surge again as Bedford and Greene combine once more. Greene marks 35m out, Greene goals from 35m out and he has FOUR goals in this quarter! (Q3 33:19)
Daniels finds a Riccardi lead into the pocket, and his kick floats across the face. Greene marks and goals, but upon review it was behind the line (Q4 1:54)
Daniels ends up with the ball in plenty of space, he kicks deep trying to find Brown but Cleary is able to get a fist on it and tap it through (Q4 10:49)
Treloar tries to find Naughton in the square but Taylor is able to spoil effectively, rushing a behind (Q4 11:24)
Weightman roves and grabs the ball, but his snap flashes wide for a behind (Q4 12:22)
GWS set off down the wing through Brown. He spots Riccardi in plenty of space but makes him wait for the kick. Riccardi marks 30m out ands goals to make it a 2 point game! (Q4 13:09)
Gardner hacks a kick out of defence but only as far as Ward who marks 40m out. The wind takes hold and it bends through for a point. 1 point in it now! (Q4 21:32)
Himmelberg pumps the ball long to space, it takes a wicked bounce to Riccardi who taps it on perfectly to Greene. He snaps through number 5, Giants lead! (Q4 23:01)
The Giants work it down the wing through Callaghan, ending with a Brown chip to Daniels in the pocket. Daniels opens up the angle and somehow steers the kick through!! (Q4 24:05)
Dale roams forward and gets on the end of a West handpass, Dale snaps for goal and converts! (Q4 26:53)
The Bulldogs surge forward through an English clearance, they get players free and a handball goes to Ugle-Hagan, but he burns a gettable chance! (Q4 27:15)
3 minute mark now, ball in the contest on the wing (Q4 28:16)
GWS rush down the wing, Riccardi, Greene, Daniels, Bedford who takes the shot at goal but the wind pushes the ball backwards to Brown in the pocket who marks, but misses (Q4 29:34)
A Scott high tackle sees GWS retain possession. The time wasting begins as the clock ticks under 1 minute (Q4 30:29)
GWS handball it around in the forward pocket, the ball goes out of play, 46 seconds left (Q4 30:55)
Cleary held up in the middle of the ground, 25 seconds left (Q4 31:30)
The Dogs have one last thrust forward but Haynes is there as the spare to mark! That’ll be it surely! (Q4 31:56)
An insufficient intent free kick for the Bulldogs on the wing! It’s slammed inside 50 with seconds remaining, Naughton can’t mark, the siren sounds with a Big Big Sound!!! (Final Siren)

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