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Blog log from R20 of 2023: Collingwood vs Carlton

Blog log for Collingwood vs Carlton, R20 of 2023

Pendlebury intercepts in the centre and finds De Goey to mark in a phonebox near the hotspot, JDG gets Collingwood off to another hot start with the first goal. (Q1 0:58)
Mihocek marks a long speculator to a pack in the pocket 25m out but misses with the screwing set shot. (Q1 3:33)
The Magpies scythe through midfield on a rebound, Crisp to Nick Daicos to Lipinski, long ball to Elliott on the boundary 25m out, his shot is short and rushed. (Q1 6:03)
Cameron marks a long Howe kick to a pack at the top of the square in front of Pittonet for another one. (Q1 8:00)
Newman marks outside CHF, McGovern zones up from defence for the give off with Elliott not chasing him, Brackets loads up for bear from 55m for a big goal! (Q1 12:00)
Owies volleys the crumb from a Cerra clearance that bounces off the fist of Moore from the hotspot to the pocket but it rolls across the face from 20m. (Q1 13:02)
Jack Martin gobs off at the ump after giving away a free to Murphy in the Carlton forward pocket, plus another for slapping the ball away… 100m penalty! But no score results. (Q1 16:02)
Maynard roves on the HFF and blazes wide from 45m. (Q1 16:48)
Curnow gets a holding free on Murphy in a pack at half forward, long ball to the pocket, crumb to the boundary where Owies roves and gives Motlop the Joe the Goose special! (Q1 18:15)
Credit to De Koning for contesting to provide the crumb for that goal. (Q1 18:46)
McCreery leaps over Saad to mark a long ball to the top of the square by Markov, he smacks an easy set shot into the right goalpost! (Q1 19:39)
Docherty swoops on a loose ball on members wing and gives a lovely handball to Acres, he passes to Owies 40m out on a slight angle who misses, disappointingly. (Q1 22:56)
Marchbank intercepts Moore’s kick in to the centre, he goes to Martin who marks cleverly in front of Sidebottom 20m out on a slight angle and goals! Blues in front. (Q1 24:08)
Clearances were the key to Collingwood’s early dominance but Carlton have taken the lead with some of their own. (Q1 24:31)
Another long ball to a big pack for Collingwood works with one of their big men clunking it, McStay this time over the hapless Pittonet, he goals from the hotspot. (Q1 26:13)
Cerra gives forward of a pack to Docherty who blazes wide from 45m on a slight angle. (Q1 27:33)
Sidebottom bounces a handball from the back pocket straight to his wing opponent Hollands, who gives inside to Cerra to miss off the left from near the hotspot. (Q1 29:00)
McCreery misses on the run from 40m in the corridor, his kicking boots are not on tonight so far. (Half Time)
Consecutive frees for contact after disposal gift Collingwood a set shot from 20m in front, it’s McCreery who takes it, this one he doesn’t miss. (Q2 6:10)
Howe is pinged for a push in the back of Martin at the hotspot, Pie fans boo but it was there, Martin converts with no problem. (Q2 8:05)
Crisp is caught HTB by Fogarty at a stoppage 25m out in the pocket. Fogarty tugs it left and narrow. (Q2 10:05)
After a midfield turnover, Cerra goes long over the Collingwood defence to Owies on his own 20m out, Carlton leads again with that goal. (Q2 12:11)
Cox is pinged for contact over the shoulder on Curnow in ruck 25m out on a slight angle, Pie fans boo again but it was definitely there. Curnow converts. (Q2 15:03)
Owies marks in the pocket 25m out but centres for Cripps and that’s the wrong decision as it’s too short and Cripps gets swamped, opportunity lost. (Q2 19:11)
Cincotta marks a short Cripps kick across half forward over McCreery 45m out on a slight angle, Pie fans chunter but Cincotta shuts them up with the fourth Blue goal in a row! (Q2 20:11)
Martin marks a wobbler by Cerra from midfield in front of Howe just inside 50m in the corridor, he tries a set up kick but it’s to three Magpies, no score. (Q2 22:11)
Collingwood rebounds from the last line around members wing, Markov goes long from the HFF to the square, Pies have two against one but McCreery drops the mark for a behind. (Q2 27:22)
McCreery is a fine player but he’s butchered three goals already, having a mare despite that charity goal. (Q2 28:04)
Josh Daicos tumbles through an ugly but straight snap from a pack 35m out on a slight angle off the right, the Pies needed that to begin Q3. (Q3 0:55)
McCreery does a one-two on members wing after Josh Daicos roves at half back, Mihocek snaps from the HFF, opposite pocket where McStay marks over Kemp but misses from 15m. (Q3 2:59)
Fogarty spoils a Murphy kick to half forward to start a counter, Owies has a man free but chooses Curnow against Maynard… Curnow marks 25m out on the flank and kicks truly. (Q3 5:32)
Hollands spots up Martin in the pocket leading ahead of Crisp 25m out, on the end of a switch rebound through midfield. Martin curls in his third goal. (Q3 11:31)
Acres dives on the boot of Elliott who had received from Nick Daicos near the square, soft call was a behind, video is blurry… umpire’s call, stays a point. (Q3 14:02)
McStay leaps and marks a Josh Daicos kick in front of Kemp 30m out on a slight angle for his second goal. (Q3 15:27)
Dow roves the next bounce but his handball is broken up, De Goey roves and fends off Dow to run to CHF and… blaze wide right from 55m. (Q3 16:47)
Curnow snaps a nice goal across his body from the hotspot after roving a Martin contest to a Dow speculator from the HFF, his third. (Q3 19:48)
Another clunk of a long ball into the Magpie forward line, this one McStay over Marchbank 25m out on a slight angle. But McStay misses near side right. (Q3 21:03)
Sidebottom hits Elliott on the flank 40m out on the end of a switch rebound around outer wing started by Moore. Billy kicks across the face. Not late enough in the game! (Q3 27:03)
Nick Daicos hits the post from a stoppage at half forward. (Q3 28:32)
Kemp just gets back in front of McStay to rush a Lipinski kick to the square. (Q4 0:35)
Marchbank is pinged for deliberate rushing, Elliott goes back to Mihocek 20m out in the pocket who misses. Forward efficiency lacking for the Pies tonight. (Q4 2:15)
Marchbank’s challenge on Quaynor in the centre causes a spillage, Dow kicks inside 50 but Moore establishes position over Curnow and wins a contact free, no score. (Q4 4:13)
Crisp coughs the ball up to Owies at a stoppage at half back, quick kick to the square where Curnow is in front and gets the holding free on Moore, he goals, four for him! (Q4 5:25)
Fans hate that sort of thing but those two frees in the Moore-Curnow contests were paid to the man in position, 100% correctly. (Q4 6:45)
Cottrell misses a flying snap from half forward. (Q4 7:12)
Martin drops a mark in front of Quaynor but regathers on the ground and feeds Motlop who tumbles through another one! Motlops and big Q4 goals, eh! (Q4 8:10)
Dow from the next bounce to the hotspot, Curnow can’t mark but wins a free on Moore 20m out, Murphy gobs off for a 50m penalty, fifth goal for the Egyptian! (Q4 9:25)
Elliott flies on the left shoulder of Weitering to clunk a screamer at the hotspot but he tugs the set shot left. No heroics from Billy in this game, it seems. (Q4 11:21)
Howe marks in front of Dow 15m out and makes no mistake. Five kicks and 11 minutes to go. This would be the biggest thievery of all if the Maggies get up from here. (Q4 14:25)
Hewett’s kick goes nowhere from the next bounce under a tackle, Nick Daicos volleys it for Howe to dive and mark 45m out in front, he converts again. (Q4 15:40)
Blocking free in ruck on McStay, De Koning goes long to the hotspot, blocking free on Moore to Curnow, sixth goal to the Egyptian. Blues are just about home now. (Q4 18:47)
Kemp turns the ball over by foot at half back, Elliott goes to Howe on the boundary 25m out, he plays on and kicks goal number three for the quarter! (Q4 22:13)
Hewett feeds Acres behind a stoppage 45m out on the flank, his left-foot snap under pressure wobbles wide. (Q4 27:11)
Enough time has elapsed now that Carlton are secure with the win. Just too many squandered chances by the Pies in a reasonably tight contest. (Q4 27:45)
Weitering touches through a Nick Daicos snap from half forward. (Q4 28:42)
Nick Daicos baulks around McGovern on the HFF and draws some ironic cheers from the Carlton faithful with a shank across the face and OOTF from 40m. (Q4 30:45)
Adams marks a Sidebottom snap on the behind line for a garbage time special in the last minute. (Q4 32:12)
Pittonet feeds Martin who blazes wide left from 45m on a slight angle just before the final siren. (Q4 33:34)

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