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Blog log from R20 of 2023: Gold Coast vs Brisbane

Blog log for Gold Coast vs Brisbane, R20 of 2023

Dunkley passes short to McCluggage 45m out on a slight angle after a free at a stoppage on the HFF. Clug not a noted goalscorer… this one is good for the first goal. (Q1 2:09)
King marks 50m out on a slight angle, his set shot is crumbed by Swallow at point blank range but the old stager somehow misses the easiest snap. (Q1 5:20)
Ballard wins a loose ball in the centre and goes short to Anderson outside CHF, he has King over the back 15m out for the mark and goal, his first for quite a few games. (Q1 8:22)
Coleman intercepts on the wing over Holman and goes long to Daniher who gets rid of Collins to mark 30m out on the flank… but his set shot is just wide right. (Q1 12:21)
Humphrey intercepts in the centre and goes to Lukosius, who waits and then sizzles a pass over traffic to King to mark in front of McKenna at the hotspot, he goals again. (Q1 15:08)
Daniher snaps across the face from 20m after roving a stoppage. (Q1 18:28)
Humphrey kicks very high from the pocket 25m out, ball lands in the square where Witts is outnumbered, Andrews spoils for a rushed behind. (Q1 20:58)
Cameron takes an impressive contested grab over Lemmens from a long speculator up the flank from Coleman, he screws through goal number one from 15m off the left. (Q1 23:55)
McCluggage misses another long set shot. (Q1 26:57)
Zorko converts a set shot from the top of the square after the QT siren. (Q1 29:34)
Rosas stands up in a tackle to scrub a kick for Casboult to rove 20m out but Levi’s snap is a shank OOTF off the left. (Q2 0:37)
King draws a high contact free on Andrews going for an Anderson pass to the pocket 30m out, but misses with a drop punt. (Q2 5:04)
Hipwood hooks a set shot from 50m on a slight angle for a point. (Q2 7:01)
Casboult takes a link mark near the point of the centre square and delivers a lovely long pass to the fat side pocket for King to mark untouched 15m out and goal again, his third. (Q2 13:04)
Lester was supposed to be back shoulder on King for that play but gave him ten yards of leg rope. (Q2 13:39)
Ellis wobbles through a goal from 35m in the corridor after the Lions can’t rebound past half way for five minutes straight. (Q2 16:12)
Lemmens in pinged for deliberate OOB after a ground battle with Cameron 40m out but the ump quickly reverses it when McCarthy arrives late to start a melee, no score. (Q2 20:02)
Repeat inside 50 for Brisbane, Hipwood clunks the mark in front of Andrew 30m out in the pocket but shoots across the face. (Q2 20:34)
Anderson snap OOTF from a stoppage in the pocket. (Q2 22:30)
Coleman lopes across the last line and kicks short to a contest, Casboult spoils Starcevich, Swallow feeds for Macpherson who snaps the goal from 25m on a slight angle. (Q2 24:04)
A 50m penalty against Casboult for gobbing off at half back leads to a Hipwood mark 35m out on the flank, the Eel slots the goal. (Q2 26:05)
Free against Miller at the next bounce, Hipwood marks again 40m out but hits the post. (Q2 27:23)
King leaps over Ah Chee to clunk another mark 20m out on the flank, he kicks straight for goal number four! Not exactly skipping away, but the Suns are good for their lead. (Q3 6:11)
The problem with the Suns’ game is that they are trying their guts out and playing out of their skins to earn this nine-point lead… but it could evaporate very quickly. (Q3 6:41)
Cameron snaps wide from 30m on a slight angle after Brisbane bosses the next bounce. (Q3 7:04)
Atkins bombs to King at the hotspot who has two on him but provides the crumb to the front where Rosas roves and snaps off the left on the turn… big goal! (Q3 8:52)
Gunston has a chance to mow down Powell in the centre but catches him high, Suns attack around outer flank, Ellis goes long to the square, King marks again for his fifth! (Q3 10:41)
McInerney to Neal to Dunkley for the next centre clearance, Collins intercepts but the ump saw a hold by Macpherson on McCarthy, goal Brisbane from 20m. (Q3 12:41)
Rowell reefs out a clearance handball to Anderson who snaps truly from the hotspot, Suns now kicking away! (Q3 20:09)
Anderson spins away from the chasing Gunston at half forward and uses excellent vision to pass over the hotspot to the fat side pocket for Casboult to mark 20m out, he converts. (Q3 21:31)
Cameron draws a holding free on Lemmens going for a Neale kick to 20m on the flank. Home crowd hoots and hollers as Charlie strides in, then shut up as he converts. (Q3 25:04)
Daniher volleys a loose ball across the face from the boundary 25m out, crowd goes oh. (Q3 27:38)
Cameron marks on a hrad lead 45m out on a slight angle, nothing Lemmens could do there. He misses in the seconds before 3QT, that would have been a big red time score. (Q3 30:49)
Rowell pushes off Dunkley at a stoppage in the pocket, runs away from the pack and snaps truly off the right! Do the Suns believe? (Q4 3:38)
Lukosius goes long to the pocket, King and Ainsworth spoil each other, Ainsworth and Andrews both throw a boot at the crumb, goes through but is it touched? Yes, behind. (Q4 7:33)
Ainsworth marks a Miller pass 45m out and rewards Humphrey for hard run with a pass to 35m on the flank. This would be the sealer… wide right. (Q4 9:53)
Casboult marks a low, hard Rosas pass from outside CHF to 35m out on a slight angle. Levi levers through the official sealer! (Q4 11:33)
Farrar is over the back of McKenna to kick off junk time with a downhill goal from a Swallow long bomb. (Q4 23:34)
Gunston marks near the boundary 35m out but misses. (Q4 25:05)
Lohmann kicks his first senior goal after Andrew scrags Berry off the ball. (Q4 27:31)
Ainsworth converts after marking 50m out on a slight angle, the long-suffering Suns fans can finally celebrate a Q-Clash victory after nine losses in a row. (Q4 29:34)
Ainsworth marks a Flanders pass over McKenna 40m out in the corridor and goals again in the last minute. (Q4 31:53)

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