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Blog log from R19 of 2023: Essendon vs Western Bulldogs

Blog log for Essendon vs Western Bulldogs, R19 of 2023

Perkins kicks high from the first bounce to the hotspot, Bruce lets his man Wright rove unattended to snap the first goal of the night across the body. (Q1 0:29)
Cox marks over an outmatched Baker on the wing, turns and passes over Bontempelli to Langford 35m out on a slight angle, he kicks truly. (Q1 4:24)
Series of stoppages inside 50 for the Bulldogs, Macrae feeds Poulter deep in the pocket 30m out, crowded inside so he checksides off a step… narrow to the left. (Q1 8:31)
Both sides sticking to the skinny side on rebound, lots of short passing but no space can be found when kicking forward of centre. (Q1 14:13)
This game is more conservative than a Young Liberals branch meeting, neither side switching or attacking the corridor much at all. (Q1 17:13)
Baker wins a battle with Durham on outer wing to finally get some go-forward, pass goes from Khamis to Scott 35m out on a slight angle for the Bulldogs’ first major. (Q1 18:50)
Parish clears from a stoppage on the wing, crumb falls over the back for Guelfi but Gardner’s diving tackle skews the grubber wide from 20m. (Q1 21:29)
Bontempelli spoils at half back, receives the crumb for the rebound kick to half forward, runs on to receive from Scott for the snap off his right fromm 45m… wide left. (Q1 22:45)
Langford gathers a bouncing kick outside CHF with Gardner corralling for some reason, he has time to pick a pass to Wright 30m out on the flank for his second goal. (Q1 24:56)
Martin passes to the pocket for Langford 15m out, his curling set shot is wide from a very gettable position. (Q1 26:34)
Essendon is bossing clearances in Q1 off the back of the Bryan/Phillips tandem dominating English. (Q1 26:58)
Ugle-Hagan goes up to spoil an intercept of a Liberatore kick to the top of the square, the ball falls in his lap and he claims the mark… paid for a goal, surprisingly! (Q2 1:07)
Replay shows the ball actually came off the arm of Cox into Ugle-Hagan’s lap, better to be lucky than good. (Q2 1:47)
Bontempelli snaps a nice goal off his left from the hotspot after a long ball from Treloar at a stoppage, roving a fumble by Perkins. (Q2 4:34)
Weightman is front and centre for a Ugle-Hagan fly over Zerk-Thatcher, he snaps his first goal with ease off the right. (Q2 6:47)
Smith catches Durham HTB at a stoppage 30m out on the flank but shanks the set shot OOTF. (Q2 14:53)
Bontempelli takes a party trick mark at half forward under pressure from Heppell, turns and passes to Naughton 30m out on a slight angle. Naughton kicks straight. (Q2 16:23)
The Bulldogs have turned around the clearance game off the back of Bontempelli and Liberatore, the old firm coming through when needed. (Q2 16:53)
Bontmpelli drops an intercept attempt behind centre, Martin passes to Langford 25m out on the flank and converts. (Q2 19:08)
Treloar roves on the wing, jinks away from Martin with a lovely baulk and spots up Liberatore 45m out on a slight angle, fine play. Libba misses near side right. (Q2 21:38)
Treloar has also lifted in Q2 after a quiet start. (Q2 21:50)
West roves over the back of another long ball to a pack, this one by Daniel from the wing, and snaps his first goal from 25m. (Q2 23:53)
Smith roves a Vandermeer kick to a pack in the pocket and gives to a flat-footed Naughton who snaps narrow from 20m. (Q2 24:32)
Clearances were 11-4 Essendon at the end of Q1, now running at 15-3 the Bulldogs’ way in Q2. (Q2 26:20)
Liberatore drops a pass inside 50 on the flank but keeps the crumb in the area, Macrae feeds Ugle-Hagan who bounces through the goal off a step from 35m. (Q2 27:33)
Merrett marks a Laverde pass 40m out on a slight angle in the last minute before HT, he kicks straight. (Q2 28:49)
Duryea baulks away from Wright on outer wing and sends a long speculator up the flank to 35m, Naughton flies with Ridley staying down to mark 30m out but misses. (Q3 11:25)
Richards swerves past a Martin tackle but gets caught HTB by Wright 35m out, 2LP converts. (Q3 12:50)
Bontempelli baulks away from Heppell after roving a Khamis contest on the HFF, he bounces through another piece of brilliance off the left from 40m! (Q3 18:25)
Keath is pinged for HTB on the back flank 30m out, Langford shoots across the face to the left. (Q3 19:50)
Baker snaps a nice goal from the boundary 45m out after a stoppage with a goal assist give by Daniel, and loves it too! (Q3 22:25)
Hind has just come off the subs bench, he passes short to Cox 35m out on the flank who misses. (Q3 24:24)
Daniel turns on the wing and hits the lead of Bontempelli who marks in front of Ridley 40m out on a slight angle but misses. (Q3 26:53)
Keath smothers at half back after a Hind sprint up the guts, Poulter roves but gets caught HTB, advantage paid and it’s Guelfi who eventually receives the Joe the Goose special. (Q4 1:37)
Parish roves the next bounce, runs clear and goes long to Wright for the mark over Duryea 45m out on a slight angle, Bruce trailing badly. 2LP hits the right goalpost. (Q4 2:40)
Naughton taps a crumb at half forward to Weightman who jinks onto his right and curls in the snap from 40m on a slight angle. (Q4 5:07)
Liberatore cuts off a Heppell handball at half forward, Daniel roves and hits Ugle-Hagan leading to the fat side 35m out on a slight angle, he kicks the sealing goal. (Q4 12:38)
Bontempelli marks in front of Zerk-Thatcher on the wing, BZT’s man Ugle-Hagan sprints back to the flank 45m out to mark the pass but misses. (Q4 15:38)
Ugle-Hagan gets a contact free on Laverde 50m out on a slight angle, his kick lands on the line to be rushed. (Q4 18:55)
Stringer curls a snap into the post off the right from 40m in front. (Q4 20:22)
Khamis feds Treloar for a garbage time goal from 25m in the pocket, well deserved in his case. (Q4 21:46)
Treloar to English for the next centre clearance, Weightman marks on the lead 45m out on a slight angle, his kick short and rushed. (Q4 23:28)
Macrae intercepts at half forward and goes to the pocket for Weightman to mark in front of an exhausted McGrath 25m out, he converts. (Q4 26:28)
Redman drops Ugle-Hagan behind the play to give away a silly free kick near the hotspot, JUH hits the left post. (Q4 30:41)

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