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Blog log from R18 of 2023: West Coast vs Richmond

Blog log for West Coast vs Richmond, R18 of 2023

Daniel Rioli’s second touch in the first 15 seconds is a pass inside from the wing to Bolton 45m out in the corridor. Bolton runs in rightish and shoots to the right. (Q1 0:40)
Soldo takes a pack grab from a dump kick by Kelly to 50m on a slight angle, his set shot is rushed. (Q1 4:45)
Daniel Rioli intercepts Hurn’s pressured rebound kick to outer wing and goes short to Taranto 50m out on a slight angle. T-Bone’s kick is eventually rushed. (Q1 6:50)
Duggan beats Miller to intercept in midfield, Balta is out of position in the pocket and gives away a blocking free on Bailey Williams 20m out, who kicks the first goal. (Q1 8:55)
McIntosh marks another Eagle dump kick under pressure by Duggan 40m out on the flank, he misses. (Q1 12:46)
Pickett marks a Ross pass leading in front of Barrass 20m out on a slight angle, he kicks straight. (Q1 14:18)
Bolton rolls through a nice finish from a stoppage at the hotspot, ball skids near Witherden in the square but takes a nice off break away from him for the goal. (Q1 16:46)
Darling wobbles a snap wide from a pack near the hotspot. (Q1 17:28)
Martin marks 45m out on a slight angle, plays on and misses to the left. (Q1 23:28)
Baker passes to Soldo running forward to 45m in the corridor after a turnover on outer wing starts a fast break. Soldo shoots wide right. (Q1 27:11)
Baker marks near the intersection of boundary and 50m paint just before the QT siren, he doesn’t score. (Q1 28:13)
Graham sets up Bolton to mark 20m out in front but his set shot is terrible, wide left for a point. (Q2 2:24)
The Tiger defenders left Darling on his own inside 50 on a turnover in midfield, two try to get back in time but can’t prevent a mark 35m out on a slight angle. He hits the post. (Q2 4:18)
Cripps hits the other goalpost with a set shot from 45m near the boundary. (Q2 6:30)
Maric intercepts the short Daniel Rioli kick in meant for Balta 25m out on a slight angle and curls in a nice set shot. (Q2 7:43)
Prestia’s torpedo from the wing flies over Barrass to Riewoldt 20m out in the pocket, he screws in the goal off the right. (Q2 11:28)
Daniel Rioli burns off Cripps to receive from Prestia and spot up Riewoldt 45m out after the next bounce, Riewoldt goes to Martin a bit straighter, Dusty hooks into the post. (Q2 13:28)
Petrevski-Seton picks off Vlastuin kicking across the centre line, no one forward for West Coast so Hewett goes himself from 50m on a slight angle… bounces wide right. (Q2 18:29)
Bolton roves a Riewoldt contest in the pocket, runs inside and shoots from 20m but Bailey Williams smothers for a point. (Q2 18:47)
Riewoldt marks again 30m out near the boundary but shanks OOTF. (Q2 19:53)
Martin takes a link mark on outer wing and plays on inside Witherden for a lovely touch pass to the corridor over Duggan to Baker 40m out. Baker converts. (Q2 27:29)
Soldo gets a ruck free on Bailey Williams for a fairly soft push in the back. In the last seconds before HT, Soldo steers it through from 35m out on a slight angle. (Q2 30:29)
Graham passes to Ross 30m out on a slight angle for the first goal of Q3. (Q3 1:53)
Hopper gives behind a stoppage on the HFF to Miller who snaps off a step from 45m, low and wobbly but powerful and just clears Barrass to skid through for a goal. (Q3 6:08)
Taranto snaps his first goal from CHF after stripping Duggan of the ball following the next bounce. (Q3 7:28)
Prestia plays on to advantage from the next bounce and repeats the dose with a goal on the run from CHF. (Q3 8:20)
As with the earlier game today, a bit of an arm wrestle to half time between two poor teams but early in Q3 the lesser side has wilted noticeably. (Q3 8:54)
Sheed gets a free for Taranto throwing him to ground at a stoppage just inside true CHF, his kick is short and doesn’t score. (Q3 10:29)
Miller is pinged for encroachment to bring Sheed to 40m in front. This set shot is short as well… Allen claims a mark on the behind line, paid on review and he goals! (Q3 13:09)
Baker passes to Riewoldt 45m out on a slight angle, Pickett taps it back in from the behind line but Baker’s volley is wide. (Q3 15:09)
Long is front and centre for a Darling contest near the hotspot, he snaps a nice goal. (Q3 18:50)
Maurice Rioli jnr bounces a snap wide from half forward. (Q3 19:56)
Martin smothers Duggan at half forward, does a one-two with Bolton but shanks OOTF from the pocket 25m out. (Q3 21:51)
Kelly roves in midfield and passes to Allen who marks 45m out on a slight angle and misses. (Q3 24:29)
Baker gives Martin a Joe the Goose special after a Cripps 50m penalty relieves pressure up the other end. (Q3 27:00)
Cripps marks a Kelly pass over Daniel Rioli 40m out on the flank but misses. (Q3 28:29)
Kelly passes to Darling in the pocket 20m out, he shoots for his 500th senior goal… curls it in to give the home crowd something to cheer! Team gets around him. (Q3 29:35)
Darling takes a contested grab in front of Grimes in the other pocket 25m out, this side doesn’t suit his right boot and his drop punt is narrow. (Q3 31:24)
Allen dives in front of Vlastuin for a skilful mark from a Hunt speculator to 25m on the flank, he converts. (Q3 32:45)
Bolton bounces a snap wide from the boundary 20m out just before the 3QT siren. (Q3 34:10)
Petrevski-Seton receives from Darling and curls a snap across the body into the post from 30m on the flank. (3 Qtr Time)
Maurice Rioli jnr feeds Pickett to waltz into the open goal on the end of a surge play around outer wing. (Q4 2:22)
Chesser gets a push-in-the-back free on Maurice Rioli jnr 45m out on a slight angle, he leaves the set shot right. (Q4 3:57)
Duggan goals on the run from the hotspot after Cole forces a turnover in midfield from an errant handball by Daniel Rioli. (Q4 7:03)
Petrevski-Seton marks the next centre clearance in front of Broad 40m out in the corridor, pure win by Kelly out of the middle. SPS hangs it right. (Q4 8:27)
Martin passes to McIntosh 40m out who had gotten away from his opposite winger Chesser. He kicks the goal to snuff out any thought of a late Eagle run for the four points. (Q4 11:08)
Allen marks a Sheed pass on the lead 40m out on a slight angle and converts t pleasant applause from the West Coast fans, who are always ready to cheer no matter the scoreboard. (Q4 15:53)
Riewoldt marks 45m out on the flank, crowd boos as he stalks in, goal umpire signals goal but the players all saw it nick the post, quick review confirms just a behind. (Q4 19:23)
Bolton roves at the hotspot and goals inside the last two minutes. (Q4 29:42)
Bolton passes to Martin 35m out on the flank just before the final siren. Dusty kicks straight as a die. (Q4 32:58)

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