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Blog log from R17 of 2023: St Kilda vs Melbourne

Blog log for St Kilda vs Melbourne, R17 of 2023

Brayshaw blasts it deep inside 50 from the wing. As the pack crashes and the ball spills around it’s Neal-Bullen who remains composed to gather and dance in the square for a goal! (Q1 3:42)
Wilkie lays off a nice kick inside 50 that Steele chops off early with a leap. The captain goes back and puts his Saints on the board with a goal in game 150! (Q1 6:41)
Phillipou hangs out the side of the pack at the top of the square to take a very nice mark, but his set shot is a real mongrel, and on review, is called touched (Q1 9:12)
Stocker roams forward for a rare chance at goal, but the defender can’t make his running snap stick as it fades to the right (Q1 10:08)
Butler shoves a kick forward that was touched, Sharman marks up has to play on as he spins around to snap at goal, but hists the post (Q1 12:12)
Lever is dispossesed in the middle of the ground and the Saints surge forward, a loopy handpass to Gresham sees him run to 55 and kick a goal! (Q1 13:57)
Rivers smacks down an entry inside 50 but Mason Wood is there to gather and snap through a goal! (Q1 17:15)
Byrnes is pinged for holding onto Hunter and the latter lines up from 20m out in front as a result. He doesn’t miss from there and kicks a steadier for the Dees! (Q1 18:59)
Ben Brown leads up to mark a Neal-Bullen entry, and with his trademark run-up he kicks another quick goal for the Demons! (Q1 20:12)
Woewodin snaps across the face towards Langdon who outworks his opponent 1 on 1 in the pocket, snapping a miracle goal as he goes to ground! (Q1 23:44)
Woewodin thrusts forward and Petracca has worked forward on Crouch who he easily out-marks. Petracca is free to run on and goal! (Q1 29:30)
Wanganeen-Milera spots a Caminiti lead and rewards it as he marks 35m out. His kick drops short and is fisted over (Q1 31:47)
Phillipou is clean at ground level as he snatches up the ball and snaps at goal, it goes high and bounces of the tip of the post! (Q1 32:44)
The siren sounds with Brayshaw in possession on the wing, he decides to try his luck with a torpedo, but doesn’t quite get all of it as it lands in the pocket (Qtr Time)
Brown roves a Melksham contest and kicks a low ball at goal, it bounces up but into the post (Q2 3:21)
Gresham cross it to Crouch 35m out from goal, but he can’t convert the chance as the behinds keep mounting (Q2 5:50)
Sinclair extracts the ball from a forward stoppage and snaps for goal, but he too misses (Q2 8:04)
Melksham marks all by himself in the pocket, and he slots the snap set shot to perfection! (Q2 11:50)
Owens is caught high by Petty in the square, and St Kilda finally get that goal as Owens converts from point blank range! (Q2 16:52)
Brown contests and draws a free kick but the smalls take advantage and it’s Sparrow who slots the goal instead! (Q2 19:04)
Petracca takes Crouch for a ride in the pocket, getting a handball off to Melksham as he goes. Melksham tries to sneak through a dribbler, but hits the post (Q2 22:01)
Melksham leads into the pocket and marks strongly to get on the end of a Jordon kick. He snaps around but hits the post (Q3 4:35)
Woewodin is caught high 50m out on the flank, he sets it up to the pack but it’s tapped over the line (Q3 8:34)
Gawn spins around slowly through the middle of the ground and finds Petracca with a kick, winning out 2 on 1. Petracca kicks from 40m out, and slots the goal! (Q3 11:14)
Crouch finds Billings out on the flank and kicks in that direction. Billings marks and converts the chance to keep St Kilda in touch! (Q3 14:00)
Byrnes spears a kick inside 50, Sharman rises and hangs onto the mark under Petty pressure. He kicks truly and gets another one back for the Saints! (Q3 15:16)
Neal-Bullen heads in the direction of Ben Brown, but the ball spills to the deck off his hands. Petracca swoops from the pocket and slams through his third goal! (Q3 21:11)
Billings wastes a chance after a handy Steele delivery, shanking it off his non-preferred boot (Q3 23:56)
Petracca marks on the 50, and quickly loads up a kick to Grundy in the square. The Saints fold back though and rush it over in a 2 on 1 (Q3 27:33)
Mason Wood leads up with Petty hanging all over him and marks. He runs in to 30m out but stabs the ball out left for a point (Q4 4:16)
Sinclair pops up a kick inside 50 where Wood and Caminiti raffle it off. Wood marks 45m out, but again he misses the chance as he slides it out right (Q4 8:14)
A Byrnes fumble causes a turnover on the wing and the Demons punish it with an efficient kick from Brayshaw that finds Melksham. He curls through the set shot and that one hurts. (Q4 10:15)
Owens bags a goal from the square at ground level after the ball spills to the ground, and the Saints are still in this game! (Q4 12:00)
Petracca and Jordon link up out of the middle and get it to the first gamer in Woewodin, he snaps at goal on the run, but the ball just slides past for a point (Q4 13:35)
Salem bombs a ball inside 50 and Tom Sparrow is the one who floats in from the side to take a contested mark. He kicks from 40m out and snags his second goal! (Q4 14:36)
Brown marks in the pocket and opts for the snap set shot. He kicks it high and bends it back, but it ricochets off the post (Q4 18:16)
Gresham is paid a somewhat dubious mark, but he goes back from 40m out and must kick this goal. He just barely sneaks it home and the Saints continue to hang on! (Q4 20:16)
15 point margin with 5 minutes remaining. (Q4 20:16)
Wanganeen-Milera sizes up a kick to Phillipou who marks on the 50m arc. He runs back and gives it everything, but he kicks way out left and hits the behind post (Q4 23:18)
Melbourne get out the back and can pick off marks inside 50, ending with Petracca who fancies another goal. He slots number 4 with seconds remaining on the clock (Q4 27:01)

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