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Blog log from R17 of 2023: Western Sydney vs Hawthorn

Blog log for Western Sydney vs Hawthorn, R17 of 2023

Bedford snaps wide from a pack at the hotspot, it was touched off the boot anyway. (Q1 0:49)
Weddle marks a diagonal Day kick to centre, weaves past three Giants on the wing and sets up a Fergus Greene mark and miss from the pocket 25m out. (Q1 2:11)
Coniglio gets a downfield free 30m out on a slight angle after Weddle dumps Lloyd post disposal on the wing. Cogs slots the first goal of the evening. (Q1 3:29)
Briggs receives from Coniglio on the wing and delivers a lovely pass off the outside of the right boot to the hotspot for Riccardi to mark in front of Weddle and goal. (Q1 5:25)
Whitfield marks just inside 50m on the flank, his kick is a shank that lands 10m out for no score. (Q1 7:57)
Ground ball in the pocket looks to be going out but Wingard taps it back in with desperation to Moore who screws in a nice finish from 25m off the right. (Q1 11:25)
Greene roves a Lewis contest to a centre clearance bomb by Worpel, he snaps his first goal from 15m. (Q1 12:26)
Nash intercepts a Green handball on the HFF, looks inside then goes himself from 35m on the boundary… narrow to the right. (Q1 15:11)
The orange tsunami winds up from the kick in right up the guts but Callaghan’s kick to Hogan over the back is off his hands for a point, disappointingly. (Q1 15:54)
The Hawks try the same play from their kick in, breaks down at half forward but Brockman catches Himmelberg HTB 45m out in the corridor and kicks wide right. (Q1 16:33)
Josh Ward marks 30m out on a slight angle and sails through a nice set shot. (Q1 19:51)
Riccardi marks 40m out in front of Scrimshaw but misses. (Q1 21:51)
Matchups in Hawks forward line are ??Lewis ??Taylor, ??Grainger-Barras ??Keeffe and ??Greene ??Buckley with Himmelberg as plus-one. (Q1 24:56)
Riccardi marks over the back near the sqaure with his man Scrimshaw giving him too much leg rope on a fast break, easy goal. (Q1 25:26)
In the Giants attack it’s ??Hogan ??Blanck, ??Riccardi ??Scrimshaw and ??Weddle ??Brown with Hardwick minding Greene. (Q1 26:13)
Coniglio goals from a stoppage deep in the pocket 15m out with a right-foot volley. (Q1 27:14)
Mitchell drops an intercept on the HBF, Greene roves and starts a loose man handball chain that ends with Hogan to goal from the line. (Q1 29:27)
Nash to Newcombe for the first centre clearance of Q2, ball clears everyone and bounces up on the line for Wingard to gather and Jackie Chan the goal. (Q2 0:38)
Perryman passes to Briggs 45m out on a slight angle but tugs the set shot to the left. (Q2 3:14)
Ash passes over Scrimshaw to Hogan to mark untouched 20m out in front, another play where the Hawk didn’t have touch on his man. Hogan converts. (Q2 4:24)
Greene passes to Riccardi 35m out on the flank but hangs his set shot right. (Q2 7:38)
Mitchell falls into the back of Greene as they fight for a ground ball at the Giants hotspot, but Greene hits the post. (Q2 9:14)
O’Halloran marks 45m out on the flank and kicks long but wide, rebounded by Newcombe. (Q2 11:54)
Greene beats Brown in a ground battle at half forward to set up a running snap by Macdonald from 40m on the flank that flies wide right. (Q2 12:56)
Mitchell marks a lovely inboard pass by Amon to half forward and sets Worpel off on a scoot to CHF to bounce through a pretty goal. (Q2 13:28)
Reeves fumbles a crumb in a pack 20m out, Lloyd roves and snaps off the left, Hawks claim touched off the boot by Day and/or Scrimshaw, ruled a goal. (Q2 20:39)
Greene baulks past Impey at half forward and passes to Brown for the goal from 35m. Green, brown, pumpkin, charcoal… but red light on the kick, just a behind. (Q2 22:37)
Hogan hits the post with a medium-range set shot. (Q2 24:14)
Brockman misses from the pocket. (Q2 24:55)
Wingard marks a Ward clearance kick in front of Ash 30m out on a slight angle and caps off a half of decent contributions with his second goal. (Q2 27:12)
Macdonald roves a Nash speculator to CHF and kicks high and blind to the hotspot, six-man pack forms and Grainger-Barras gets a holding free on Himmelberg. HT siren, goal. (Q2 29:36)
That is actually DGB’s first goal in senior football, the Hawks get around him. (Q2 29:46)
This has been an open game with not a whole lot of quality on display, Hawks bossing clearances but turning the ball over continually. Two ordinary teams. (Half Time)
Coniglio marks a Greene pass 50m out just to the right of true CHF after the first centre bounce of Q3, plays on to gain a few extra steps then roosts a long set shot for a goal! (Q3 1:06)
Greene marks a Coniglio kick down the line to 40m on the flank but misses to near side right. (Q3 5:50)
Lewis dodges, weaves and tries to get clear for a snap from half forward on a fast break but wobbles it wide right from 45m on a slight angle. (Q3 6:27)
Taylor roves his own spoil in the back pocket but kicks OOTF trying to hit Haynes running away from him, Josh Ward takes the free 40m out and threads a lovely finish! (Q3 8:06)
Brown marks over Hardwick at half forward within range but goes inboard for Green near true CHF. Green’s set shot is a boomer for a big goal! (Q3 15:36)
Callan Ward marks outside CHF, runs to the paint and launches long… into the right goalpost. (Q3 20:51)
Brown tries to volley a Greene kick bouncing towards the behind line behind Scrimshaw but only scores a point. (Q3 21:52)
Himmelberg intercepts a long ball in defence but his short pass is picked off in turn by Brockman 45m out in front… who misses to the right. (Q4 3:32)
Greene takes a link mark and passes to the boundary 25m out for Hogan who got away from Blanck for a moment. Hogan’s screwing set shot is a peach! (Q4 10:47)
Day and Ash chase the next inside 50 that skids to the top of the square, Ash catches Day high but Day sprays the soda for a very poor point! (Q4 12:49)
Repeat inside 50 for the Hawks, it’s Day again who takes a contested grab in front of Ash 40m out in front. Time for some accuracy… no, just wide left. (Q4 13:27)
Worpel coughs up the footy as the Hawks try to run through the centre, Hogan to Green for a long bomb, Riccardi bustles off Mitchell and volleys the sealing goal. (Q4 15:47)
The Hawks have been valiant but they just haven’t got enough of a hold on Sam Mitchell’s system yet to make this work with a bunch of kids. (Q4 16:05)
Maginness sizzles an inside 50m pass for Fergus Greene who gets a rather soft arm chop free on Idun 35m out, he converts. (Q4 17:03)
Newcombe roves a smothered Kelly handball and gives outside to Macdonald who runs to 50m on the flank and roosts a big goal! (Q4 18:23)
7:11 to go and two kicks in it. (Q4 18:48)
Worpel to Morrison for the next clearance but the Giants repel, the gold and brown surge is over for the moment. (Q4 19:32)
Wiungard releases Worpel to scoot away from a stoppage on members wing, he reaches 50m on a slight angle and goes himself… well wide left. (Q4 23:28)
Whitfield sends a speculator to a pack 40m out on a slight angle, Blanck looks blankly at the ump who paid a very soft contact free to Hogan who kicks truly. (Q4 26:04)

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