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Blog log from R12 of 2023: Western Bulldogs vs Geelong

Blog log for Western Bulldogs vs Geelong, R12 of 2023

Weightman measures a kick to the square and Naughton takes front position to beat De Koning to the punch and mark! He snaps through the first goal of the evening! (Q1 5:58)
Liberatore extracts and passes slickly to Ed Richards who goes for goal from the centre square, it wobbles through! (Q1 7:29)
A spilled Cameron mark sees the ball go to ground where Gardner is wrapped up well by Close, who wins the free kick 30m out! He gets Geelong on the board with a neat kick (Q1 10:43)
Bontempelli gives it and gets it back as he tries to go for home from the centre square, but he hooks it right for a point (Q1 11:17)
Bailey Williams attempts to snag a goal from range, but he bends it off to the right as well from the flank (Q1 11:49)
Blicavs hacks a kick from a defensive stoppage but it lands into the lap of Williams 45m out in front of goal. He makes the distance easily, but again hooks it to the right (Q1 12:58)
Miers and Stengle both dally along the boundary line before Stengle gets past and handballs inside to Hawkins who snaps for goal from 10m out and misses badly for a behind (Q1 14:11)
Tuohy wins the ball and gives it to Cameron who himself has to give the ball off. They sling the handballs around until Tuohy gets it back and snaps through a goal from 35! (Q1 17:58)
Relentless Geelong pressure in the middle of the ground sees the Cats loose out the back. Miers gathers the ball and runs to 5m out, but handpasses it to Cameron who goals! (Q1 23:40)
English stands tall in the contest to mark and give to the run of Treloar who streams inside 50 and goals on the run! (Q1 24:03)
Naughton scoops up the ball at ground level and flicks it to Bailey Smith who snaps a high ball towards goal. It bounces on the line and goes through! (Q1 26:04)
Stewart smashes the ball inside 50 and the pack rises to contest. It spills behind the pack off Rohan and Hawkins who stayed down snaps through a quick response! (Q1 27:28)
English is pinged for a hold on Hawkins at a forward stoppage. It’s contentious, but Hawkins slots the goal regardless! (Q1 28:48)
Ugle-Hagan marks a Bontempelli kick forward on the 50m arc. He winds up from range, but swings the ball left looking for distance (Q1 30:29)
Lobb receives a free kick for a chop of the arms. He lines it up from 40m out and splits the middle as the Dogs edge back in front! (Q1 31:29)
Tuohy sets up a play across half forward as he squares the ball up, but O’Brien punches it over after a desperate spoil (Q1 33:59)
Bailey Smith tries a miracle snap as he’s pressured on the boundary line, but it bounces through for a point (Q2 2:06)
Cameron marks 40m out on the flank and tries to screw through a snap set shot, but his kick thuds into the post (Q2 3:56)
The Bulldogs are allowed to kick/mark up the field, ending with an uncontested Weightman mark 35m out in front of goal. He puts it through the big sticks! (Q2 5:05)
English is allowed to lurk at the back of a Lobb contest and reel in a mark 30m out on the 45. He jogs into the mark but kicks it into the post (Q2 8:06)
Cameron receives a somewhat questionable free kick for hands in the back. He powers through the set shot as the Bulldogs supporters make themselves heard! (Q2 10:22)
Jack Macrae is left unmanned inside 50 and the Cats pay the price as he marks uncontested before slotting a goal from 35m out! (Q2 12:02)
Stengle is shoved after the ball goes out of play in the pocket, and he lines up with a set shot as a result. He snaps it through as the boos ring out! (Q2 16:42)
Stengle marks from a quick Geelong surge forward out of the middle, but he misses badly to the right from 30m out in front of goal for a behind (Q2 17:38)
Williams feeds a handball back to the run of Caleb Daniel who’s roamed forward, and the man with the helmet snags a goal! (Q2 19:06)
The Dogs chain up the handballs out of defence and get it to the run of Baker who charges inside 50 to kick at goal, but he barely misses left (Q2 20:41)
Macrae cleverly rushes through a behind after a stoppage deep in defence (Q2 24:40)
Tuohy sizes up a nice kick to Knevitt who marks 35m out with seconds left in the quarter. The siren sounds, and Knevitt slots the goal to cut the margin to 2 points at the half! (Half Time)
Miers has plenty of space in the pocket and that’s where Hawkins decides to go, Miers goals to kick off the second half! (Q3 3:49)
O’Donnell leads up to mark the footy in the pocket 20m out. He kicks his first AFL goal and the boys get around him! (Q3 8:26)
Bontempelli misses a gettable set shot to the left (Q3 8:52)
Ugle-Hagan marks in the square and gets his name onto the score sheet with a goal! (Q3 10:52)
Geelong get some players free out the back and it’s Rohan who speeds down the ground with ball in hand, he runs inside 50, takes a bounce and slots the goal! (Q3 13:30)
Miers spots up a neat kick to Bruhn 35m out in front of goal, and he kicks the Cats in front again with a major score! (Q3 16:52)
Hawkins hangs a set shot attempt out to the left from 40m out (Q3 19:49)
Knevitt squares up the ball and it’s Blicavs who extends one arm and reels in a mark on the line! He steadies himself as he snaps through the goal! (Q3 22:47)
Stewart gives away a downfield free kick and then a 50m penalty, which allows McNeil to stroll down to goal and miss! (Q3 25:08)
Williams marks a rushed clearance from Isaac Smith 45m out, he drops the kick short and it’s tapped over (Q3 28:56)
Geelong manage to get the ball away under intense Bulldog pressure, as Smith flicks it out to Stewart who’s pushed up the ground. Stewart snaps and the defender bags a goal! (Q4 1:31)
Daniel kicks to Naughton on the lead who marks 40m out on an angle. Perhaps put off by the man on the mark, Naughton misses to the right for a point (Q4 3:31)
Geelong spread wide across the forward 50, with Ollie Henry jabbing a short kick over the top to Blicavs 35m out. Blicavs goes for the snap, but bends it back too far for a point (Q4 5:31)
Ugle-Hagan spots Lobb pushing back and kicks one out the back for him. Lobb marks, but he puts it wide (Q4 6:57)
Arthur Jones receives the ball in defence but he runs into the wall of Blicavs who catches him cold HTB. Blicavs misses the lot (Q4 8:43)
Cameron is the kick inside 50 as he spots Ollie Henry in the pocket. He leads up to mark 35m out and he snaps through the set shot goal! (Q4 12:25)
Arthur Jones burns a very gettable chance as he misses the lot with a vacant goal square (Q4 19:13)
Rohan takes a mark on his knees and kicks the sealer with just over 2 minutes remaining! (Q4 24:52)
Ugle-Hagan marks on the 50m arc but with no time to waste he rushes the kick and misses everything (Q4 26:37)
Treloar tries to snag a goal from nothing but he also misses the lot (3 Qtr Time)

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