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Blog log from R12 of 2023: West Coast vs Collingwood

Blog log for West Coast vs Collingwood, R12 of 2023

Adams mows down a dithering Sheed to prevent a snap from 40m. (Q1 2:39)
Mihocek marks a Johnson pass from the HFF to the pocket 25m out but his set shot is narrow to the right. (Q1 6:43)
Witherden kicks backwards but into a Magpie running past, after the Pies swarm Adams goes short to Crisp near the hotspot for the first goal of the afternoon. (Q1 9:33)
Ginbey tries to toepoke a goal from a stoppage at the top of the square but it’s off the hands of Moore for a point. (Q1 16:13)
Hill roves a Mihocek contest 70m out on outer wing and has a paddock to run down the flank, two bounces then pops through the goal from 25m with apparent ease. (Q1 17:57)
Mihocek marks a Mitchell pass 45m out on a slight angle but plays on to pass to Cox 20m out over the back, the big Yank kicks truly. (Q1 20:34)
Nick Daicos has had a quiet Q1 but he does a one-two on outer wing, fluffs a pass towards Pendlebury who gives it back for a snap that bounces luckily through from 40m! (Q1 22:34)
After De Goey drops Hewett after disposal, Jamieson marks 40m out near the boundary and kicks to the square for a rushed behind. (Q1 24:48)
Harrison bounces a snap from deep in the pocket 20m out to the goal line but it takes a wicked off break into the post. (Q1 26:05)
Hill receives from Crisp and runs to the HFF, has options inboard but goes himself… bounces in the square for Rotham to dive and touch through, confirmed on review. (Q1 27:05)
Mihocek marks an Adams pass in front of Rotham 50m out in the corridor, his set shot falls forward to be rushed. (Q2 0:44)
Johnson kicks down the flank on a slow play, nobody goes with Cox to mark 30m out – his man Hurn is off injured. Big Mase kicks his second goal. (Q2 2:44)
Jamieson was actually on Cox on that play but let him lead while he bludged 15 metres away. (Q2 3:44)
Adams marks 55m out on a slight angle running back with the flight after the next bounce, he plays on and rams through another one. (Q2 4:04)
Collingwood rebounds through the centre with ease, Adams feeds Mitchell who pops through the goal from 40m. That would have been harder at training. (Q2 5:23)
Yeo scythes through traffic at half forward and gives to Witherden who passes to the pocket for O’Neill 25m out. XON curls through the belated first major for the Eagles. (Q2 7:34)
Cameron juggles a mark on the point of the centre square and passes to Harrison 40m out in front. The first-gamer converts and gets swamped by his teammates. (Q2 13:24)
After Yeo clears from a stoppage near CHF, Waterman gives a blind handball for Allen to waltz into the open goal. (Q2 16:34)
Allen roosts a lovely set shot from 45m on a slight angle after drawing a holding free on Frampton. (Q2 18:22)
Ginnivan gives away a soft free for contact upfield turning the ball over on the wing, Eagles counter quickly with Sheed snapping the goal from the flank 40m out. (Q2 22:55)
Cameron had a quiet Q1 but has lifted in Q2, he marks an Adams speculator behind Cox near the hotspot then shoots wide right. (Q2 24:07)
Waterman marks a Kelly clearance from the wing over Murphy 45m out on the flank just before the HT siren. This would cap off a good Q2 for West Coast… into the man on the mark. (Half Time)
Pendlebury strolls away from the first bounce of Q3 and passes to Coz who draws a contact free on the titchy Foley 40m out on a slight angle, but his kick nicks the right post. (Q3 0:47)
Maynard intercepts a rebound kick by Witherden on the HFF and goes quickly for Mihocek 40m out, he misses. (Q3 3:32)
Kelly passes from the wing to Allen 50m out on a slight angle, whose set shot flirts with the left goalpost then falls in. (Q3 6:17)
The Eagles are getting bulk repeat inside 50s, O’Neill feeds Kelly who bundles through another goal for West Coast! (Q3 9:56)
West Coast is now bossing clearances and getting value for it with frontal pressure. (Q3 11:48)
Duggan sends another repeat inside 50 long to the square, crumb falls for Jamieson who blazes wide from point blank range. (Q3 12:34)
Hill is all on his own forward of the play for a quick kick by Cox from the centre, Duggan chases but too late, Bobby bounces away and slots the goal from 25m. (Q3 14:03)
Yeo clears from the next bounce, Clark receives from Petruccelle and steers through a fabulous finish from 35m near the boundary! (Q3 15:00)
Nick Daicos engineers the next centre clearance, De Goey runs to CHF and cops boos… then cheers as he shanks wide left. (Q3 16:25)
Gaff roves a Waterman contest at the top of the square and gives outside to Long who wobbles a left-foot snap wide from 20m. (Q3 20:03)
De Goey roves a Ginnivan contest at half forward and gives to Nick Daicos who hooks a snap wide left from 50m on a slight angle. (Q3 22:30)
Waterman draws two defenders for a hard contest in the pocket, Allen roves and centres cannily for Gaff near the hotspot. Gaff hits the right goalpost. (Q3 23:28)
Quaynor beats Waterman to intercept on the wing, he goes long to the top of the square for Cameron and Cox in a pack, crumb over the back for Johnson to dribble home. (Q3 25:48)
Moore fumbles after spoiling at half back, Long roves and drops the knees to draw a high contact free on Moore 45m out on a slight angle. The kid kicks a long strong diamond! (Q3 27:03)
De Goey bursts away from the next bounce and passes to Hill who can’t mark, Rotham roves but goes to ground for Hill to claim him HTB 20m out and screw through his third major. (Q3 28:48)
Adams sharks a Sheed handball after the next bounce and pumps it long for Mihocek who marks over Rotham near the hotspot and kicks truly. Pies kick away again. (Q3 30:33)
Cameron earns an arm chop free in a contest with Sheed 45m out on the flank, but his kick is short and rushed into the post. (Q4 3:26)
Adams bursts away from a ball up on the wing after a feed out by Pendlebury, he spots up the lead of Johnson 40m out on a slight angle, who converts. (Q4 5:51)
Nick Daicos bounces through a second snap from 50m on a slight angle after receiving from Crisp behind the wing and doing a one-two with De Goey, burning off O’Neill. (Q4 9:47)
Noble bursts away through the centre after the next bounce, mark not paid to Johnson 35m out so he snaps the goal anyway. Floodgates open now with the Eagles out of tickets. (Q4 10:42)
Nick Daicos’ blind handball after a stoppage sets up Mitchell to pass to Mihocek on the fat side pock 20m out, Checkers screws through the goal. (Q4 16:27)
Long roves a Clark contest to a Bazzo speculator near the hotspot, his snap across the body thumps the bottom of the right goalpost. (Q4 22:02)
Johnson feeds Mihocek running up the wing, he has Nick Daicos running free over the back for a champagne footy goal. (Q4 24:02)
Sheed misses a left-foot snap from a stoppage 35m out on the flank with his 42nd touch. (Q4 26:26)
Crisp plays on to advantage from a Cox free on the wing, runs to the HFF and goes over Hough to Mihocek 15m out for his third, all late in the game. (Q4 27:53)

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