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Blog log from R11 of 2023: Geelong vs Western Sydney

Blog log for Geelong vs Western Sydney, R11 of 2023

Hawkins beats Idun to mark 45m out on the flank, his set shot lands in the square and is rushed. (Q1 1:29)
Greene scrubs a kick towards Hogan 20m out who has two on him, his kick is smothered and ricochets back to Greene who snaps the first goal from the hotspot. (Q1 7:13)
Hawkins is somehow on his Pat Malone for a long Close kick to the pocket 20m out, Giants defence missed a trick there. The Tomahawk converts with no problem. (Q1 9:47)
Perryman goes long to the square after the Giants boss a stoppage at half forward, Riccardi marks with strong hands in front of Henry for his first goal. (Q1 14:54)
Lloyd misses from a stoppage 25m out in the pocket. (Q1 18:33)
Whitfield jinks on the wing and avoids a tackler long enough to poke a pass to Cadman 40m out on a slight angle. GWS are getting bulk repeat inside 50s, but this one flies right. (Q1 19:28)
Again Geelong can’t rebound past half forward, Daniels centres for Cadman at the hotspot who tugs it right again. (Q1 21:55)
Hawkins gets a lucky bounce on the wing and releases Miers to run forward on a fast break, Cameron runs back to the hotspot to mark the score assist pass and goals. (Q1 26:54)
Buckley beats Cameron to start a rebound at half back, the Giants sweep through midfield with Hogan going to Greene in the pocket 25m out, his screwing set shot is in! (Qtr Time)
Daniels gives behind from the pocket to Lloyd who blazes wide from 25m. (Q2 4:38)
Coniglio marks a short pass by Whitfield after a stoppage 40m out near the boundary. His kick is wide left, across the face. (Q2 6:54)
Daniels runs away from congestion at half forward and delivers a lovely pass to the fat side for Greene to dive and mark 25m out, who misses. (Q2 8:29)
Green wears a tackle on the wing to keep an intercept play going, Coniglio marks within range on the HFF but goes inboard to Bedford 40m out on a slight angle, he converts. (Q2 11:34)
Geelong are missing Dangerfield and Cam Guthrie, and it is showing badly. The Giants are +15 contested and +7 clearance halfway through Q2, all over them. (Q2 11:55)
Ratugolea intercepts over Hogan 50m out on the flank, his set shot is a boomer but the angle is about 30 degrees left of where it needed to be, OOTF. (Q2 14:36)
Mullin ducks out of one tackle into another on the HBF, Greene takes the free, plays on past him on the mark and roosts his third goal! (Q2 16:39)
Miers roves a big pack 45m out on a slight angle but his bouncing snap is wide right. (Q2 18:54)
Mullin sneaks forward to rove in the pocket, spins out of a Brown challenge and shoots from 20m… just wide left. Oh well, that would have been a craic. (Q2 23:32)
Geelong are getting a lot of repeat inside 50s at the moment, De Koning gives the latest one to Parfitt who snaps the goal from near the hotspot. (Q2 24:33)
Daniels thieves the crumb from a clearance by Briggs at half forward from Stewart, he tries a snap across the body from 40m on a slight angle but it skews OOTF. (Q2 25:50)
Ceglar’s blind handball from a stoppage at half back turns over, Whitfield behind to Ward who goes to the fat side for Greene to mark 40m out just before the HT siren. He lines up. (Q2 29:51)
Greene shoots for goal number four…. it’s a cracker, in his 200th game he is leading GWS to what might be a third Kardinia victory in a row! (Half Time)
Cameron beats Buckley in a battle of strength to mark a high speculator by Tuohy to the hotspot, he boots the first goal of Q3 much to the relief of the home fans. (Q3 0:58)
O’Halloran roves a Cadman contest on the HFF and passes to Hogan to mark in front of Ratugolea 25m out on the boundary. His drop punt is narrow. (Q3 3:23)
Ceglar catches the ball out of ruck 30m out on the flank, Briggs catches him HTB and converts! (Q3 6:23)
Coniglio centres after a stoppage in the pocket for Hogan to dive and mark 20m out… but he sprays a rather easy set shot. (Q3 10:01)
Ceglar leaps over Brown to clunk a Bruhn kicks to 45m on a slight angle, he gives off to Smith who misses. (Q3 14:45)
Close taps down a Keeffe handball in the pocket then follows up for the dribbler from near the behind post, that skids through! (Q3 16:44)
Greene marks over De Koning just inside 50m near the boundary. Leaders kick these kinds of goals… just hooked left. (Q3 20:29)
Daniels misses on the run from 25m in the pocket but gets a second chance after Zach Guthrie catches him high and late. He tries a J-curve set shot, and curls it in! (Q3 22:41)
5:39 to go in Q3 and the margin is now four kicks, the Cats have not really looked like it all night and it’s looking increasingly unlikely. (Q3 23:01)
Cameron is spoiled near CHF but regathers and kicks to the square, Idun is out of position and goes to ground after the contest to allow Jack Henry to goal from the line. (Q3 27:19)
Cameron leaves Keeffe sprawling on the turf after marking a Smith pass to 40m on a slight angle. His set shot drifts left, however. (Q3 28:59)
Miers roves a Jack Henry kick to the square, jinks and baulks then tumbles the snap wide from 10m. (Q3 30:25)
Coniglio looks for Greene but pokes a pass inside 50 to Daniels 45m out on a slight angle. He tries a pass, broken up… but Daniels catches Knevitt HTB 40m out and goals! (Q4 1:28)
Green kicks to grass on the HFF in front of Hogan who is lucky to get a high contact free on De Koning, he gives off to Lloyd who is stripped by Miers to prevent the score. (Q4 5:17)
Riccardi marks a centring ball by Coniglio at the hotspot and kicks what really should be the sealer. The Giants have led most of the game and the Cats lack inspiration. (Q4 8:18)
Cameron draws a free with some simulation 45m out on the flank then misses, footy gods poke their tongues out. (Q4 9:20)
Stengle has had another quiet game but he delivers a fabulous finish across his body off the left after roving a pack 35m out on the flank. (Q4 10:48)
Hawkins sharks an errant handball and shoots off a step from 45m on the flank, the ball bounces in front of Idun and over his head… but not over, Idun eventually rushes! (Q4 13:44)
Miers passes to Oliver Henry 30m out on the flank after the Cats rebound from half back around outer wing at pace. Henry kicks straight and true! (Q4 14:53)
The Kardinia crowd are in full voice, trying to lift their team over the line. (Q4 15:33)
Miers passes to the pocket over Hawkins for Cameron 25m out. Right pocket, set up for his left boot… but he shanks it OOTF across the face. (Q4 16:48)
Djilang handball their way through the corridor under heavy pressure ending with Miers’ give to Oliver Henry whose snap is wide from 30m. (Q4 18:24)
Repeat inside 50 engineered by Stewart as it has often today, Whitfield is out of position and tugs the jumper of Oliver Henry 40m out on the flank. Crowd goes up for the goal! (Q4 19:54)
6:29 to go and this is a test of that old chestnut: momentum. The Cats have all of it. (Q4 19:54)
Clock ticks under 5:00 as GWS gets a rare attack. (Q4 21:20)
Daniels sets up Callaghan to run down the flank to 40m, have a look then choose a pass to the fat side pocket for Riccardi 20m out, he goals! (Q4 22:47)
That shut the crowd up, at least for the moment. (Q4 23:14)
Idun spoils the next centre clearance by Tuohy to the hotspot, the crumb falls for Smith to tap forward, Stengle is on his own to rove and roll through the goal. (Q4 24:49)
3:39 to go and it’s anyone’s. (Q4 24:49)
Greene beats Guthrie to mark 60m out on the flank, he goes to the pocket, ball over for a throw in, 2:26 to go. (Q4 26:21)
From the resultant stoppage it’s an tiny orange tsunami, surge play ending with Coniglio feeding Daniels to run into the open goal! (Q4 26:52)
1:12 and the ball is out for a throw in at half back for Geelong, they need to get a wriggle on. (Q4 28:32)
Blicavs clears up the outer wing but another throw in on centre wing, 59 seconds. Cats in danger of dropping under .500. (Q4 29:34)
Buckley intercepts the next clearance, that’s it you’d reckon. (Q4 29:34)
Bews dribbles a point from 10m just before the final siren but that’s it. (Q4 30:55)

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