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Blog log from R11 of 2023: Melbourne vs Fremantle

Blog log for Melbourne vs Fremantle, R11 of 2023

Pickett gathers a loose ball on the forward flank 50m out, he has a vacant goal square ahead and dribbles it goalward. It takes two bounces before popping up viciously for a goal! (Q1 4:21)
Bowey slices a kick inside 50 that hits up Fritsch on the lead. He kicks from near 50m out, but it drops short and is picked off (Q1 10:22)
Johnson puts a ball out wide inside 50 that Amiss runs onto. He scans the area before picking out a neat kick to Banfield 40m out. Banfield sneaks it through! (Q1 12:57)
Amiss jumps for the ball but feels the lightest touch from Hibberd and milks a free kick. He never misses, as Amiss gets Walyalup ahead! (Q1 15:34)
Grundy is allowed an unimpeded run at the ball and clunks a big mark as a result. He kicks from 45 out, but shanks it to the left for a point (Q1 16:38)
Serong is pinged for a hold on Harmes, and James goes back for the set shot from 40m out. He spears it home, but a review is called for hitting the post, and it’s a point (Q1 22:13)
Sparrow pops the ball up for the pack, and it’s McDonald who pulls down the mark 25m out. McDonald kicks truly and Narrm are in front! (Q1 28:58)
Spargo tries to go it himself from the pocket but it’s slapped away by Cox. It doesn’t go far though as Fritsch scoops it up and bounces through a sneaky goal! (Q1 30:08)
Andy Brayshaw fires a short away from 40m out, but it flies off to the right for a point (Q2 0:59)
Aish picks off a rushed Salem kick and steers through a goal from 35m out on the flank! (Q2 4:39)
Fritsch and Spargo collide going for the same ball, Fritsch recovers quickly, but snaps it wide for a behind (Q2 8:26)
Aish sends it inside 50 and Switkowski leaps to mark on his chest. His kicks floats off left for a point (Q2 15:01)
Jackson is handed a contentious free kick 40m out from goal to the jeers of Demons fans. The jeers turn to cheers as Jackson’s kick slides left (Q2 16:43)
Treacy gets a long run at the ball and clunks a strong mark 35m out on an angle. He sinks the set shot and the Dockers are back in front! (Q2 18:59)
A 50m penalty conceded by Treacy means that Harmes walks to 45m out for a set shot. Harmes can’t make the most of it though as he misses left
(Q2 21:40)
Fritsch cleans up a spilled contest and dashes away, he gives off the 1-2 to Spargo but Fritsch has to flick to Harmes under pressure who snaps and goals! (Q2 23:04)
Grundy is off out of the middle but can’t collect the low ball on the run, Petracca does and gives it back as Grundy runs to 40 out before spraying it left (Q2 23:39)
Banfield sends a chiseller onto the chest of Amiss, Jye lines up from 40m out and it was never in doubt! (3 Qtr Time)
Viney strikes back from 48m out on the run! (Q3 2:14)
Pickett tries to sneak through a set shot from the boundary but can’t capitalise for a behind (Q3 11:58)
Frederick launches a beautiful kick from outside 50 to get the Dockers back in front! (Q3 13:41)
Grundy snaps through a goal to claw back the lead! (Q3 16:07)
O’Meara gets an opening and finds the lead of Treacy. The Big Kahuna kicks from 30m out and gets the lead back! (Q3 18:44)
Switkowski blasts a shot on goal from close range but misses (Q3 18:44)
Fritsch gets it from Van Rooyen who keeps the ball in on the line, the seas part and Fritsch tries to dribble the ball through but misses to the far side (Q3 25:42)
Jackson stripes Hibberd of the ball and snaps through a goal in the same effort against his old club and the boys get around him! (Q3 27:27)
O’Meara is pinged for a dangerous tackle on Spargo and the latter lines up set shot from 35m out in front, but he misses left and JOM gets into him (Q3 29:11)
Frederick and Serong combine as Caleb slots a very nice goal on the run to extend the margin before 3QT! (Q3 30:47)
Fritsch gets away from Ryan to mark a high ball 45m out on an angle. He runs to just inside 50 and sinks the set shot in a much needed goal for the Demons! (Q4 3:18)
Treacy spanks a high ball towards goal but it floats off into the pocket. Schultz is there to take a diving mark, but his set shot doesn’t bend back enough for a behind (Q4 6:02)
Amiss tries to go himself from 50m out but the ball drops short into the lap of Schultz who taps it through for a goal! (Q4 10:47)
Viney pumps a ball inside 50 after taking advantage, the Dockers defenders get in each others way and Van Rooyen is there to clean up the scraps and strike back with a goal! (Q4 12:16)
Pickett finds Sparrow who’s sprinted inside 50 to present an option. He takes his time and cuts the margin back to 3 points emphatically! (Q4 13:43)
Amiss mistimes his leap at the ball but recovers well to get the ball from Frederick and snap through a goal for a bit of breathing space for the Dockers! (Q4 16:34)
Sturt gets away with dropping the ball mid-May tackle, Switkowski gathers and snaps from 5m out but can only manage a point (Q4 18:36)
Pickett gets away from Walker again to mark on his chest 35m out, but he fans the kick out right for a behind (Q4 18:36)
Melbourne slingshot down the wing through Spargo and Pickett, Fritsch sends it inside 50 to Van Rooyen who marks all by himself 35m out, but he misses to the right (Q4 23:18)
Petracca smashes a ball out of congestion and it wobbles into the pocket where Pickett is inexplicably allowed to mark. He steadies himself and snaps it through! 2 points! (Q4 24:54)
Brayshaw sends it inside 50 after a chaotic few seconds and Banfield marks it uncontested 20m out. He splits the middle and the margin is back to 8 with 150 seconds remaining! (Q4 26:59)
Walyalup set up the possession game as the clock winds down, before Grundy wins it back and a 50m penalty is called against Jackson! (Q4 28:24)
Grundy dumps it inside 50, the Dockers look to get it out but Fritsch applies the pressure and Angus Brayshaw marks 40m out on an angle, but he shanks it horribly for a point! (Q4 28:24)
60 seconds left and the Dockers are milking every second they can across half back (Q4 28:24)
Ball locked inside Narrm’s forward 50 as the clock stops on 12 seconds. Game over. (Q4 30:25)

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