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Blog log from R9 of 2023: North Melbourne vs Port Adelaide

Blog log for North Melbourne vs Port Adelaide, R9 of 2023

Powell-Pepper rises through the middle of the pack to mark uncontested 35m out. He sinks the set shot for the first goal of the game! (Q1 2:36)
Davies-Uniacke bursts away from a forward stoppage, chipping the ball up for Larkey who takes a tumbling mark. Larkey kicks the goal and gets North on the board! (Q1 10:35)
Lord marks a searching Bonner kick about 45 out. His kick floats off into the pocket where Goldstein is waiting to hit a long spoil over for a point (Q1 14:03)
A North free kick is reversed after Corr strikes Lord off the ball, Jed McEntee slots an easy goal from 5m out as a result! (Q1 15:42)
A turnover in the middle of the ground leads to a Mahony mark 45 out. He gives to the run of Ziebell who blasts it towards goal, but it’s tapped over by Aliir (Q1 21:19)
Burton’s lazy kick-in is cut off by Larkey who manages to get it to Stephenson in the pocket. Stephenson snaps and goals! (Q1 22:28)
Powell-Pepper marks a Drew kick, getting his arms chopped late by McDonald in the process. Powell-Pepper gets 50, walks into goal and gives a little bit to the crowd! (Q1 24:06)
Zurhaar gets caught high by Teakle and crunched by Jonas to win a free kick 35m out. Zurhaar converts the kick and levels the scores! (Q1 26:06)
Butters finds Bonner across half-forward 40m out on an angle, he’s not a noted goal-kicker and that holds true as he keeps it left for a point (Q1 27:49)
Larkey beats out Aliir to mark a juggling one-hander 40m out, but he hooks it to the right as the scores are level once more (Q1 28:40)
Teakle fancies a shot at goal from play, but he hangs it out left for a behind (Q1 30:09)
McEntee hits up Finlayson with a kick, the tall forward marking 30m out. The set shot is simple, and Finlayson kicks off Q2 with a goal! (Q2 2:18)
Davies-Uniacke treats Horne-Francis with contempt and sparks a move forward. Spicer has the ball, runs to 35 and snaps, but the ball hits the inside of the post (Q2 6:23)
Ziebell rushes a kick that goes out of bounds, Boak the beneficiary. He aces the kick from a tricky boundary angle and lets the fans know about it! (Q2 7:52)
Butters hits up Finlayson on the lead with a nice kick. Finlayson goes for the snap set shot, but it grazes the inside of the post (Q2 9:27)
Bonner pounces on a Mahony spoil deep in goal and sneaks through a goal! (Q2 11:12)
Jonas and Aliir combine to rush over a behind in defence under Stephenson pressure (Q2 12:52)
Larkey is paid a free kick as Aliir gets a bit too touchy 35 out in front of goal. Larkey pokes it through to keep North in touching distance! (Q2 15:37)
Mead has space ahead to take a few steps and kick for goal from 45m out, it floats high and keeps going, flying through for a goal! (Q2 17:57)
McEntee cops one in the back and squares it up from the boundary, but McDonald is able to walk it over for a behind (Q2 20:24)
Rozee kicks a bending ball towards goal, Horne-Francis gets out the back to gather, cut back inside and snap around his body to goal! (Q2 21:47)
Finlayson dodges and weaves inside 50 before snapping at goal, but misses (Q2 26:56)
Burton receives a Mead handpass and has enough space to straighten up and kick a goal! (Q2 29:28)
Perez kicks a horrible little thing that grubbers in front of Burton who gathers, dishes off to Bonner who goals! (Q2 31:38)
Teakle stays at ground level as the pack rises, ball falls into his hands and he snaps through his first AFL goal! (Q2 34:08)
Curtis gathers, shoves off Bonner and snaps through a very nice goal as North look to salvage something from today! (Q3 3:31)
Butters marks on the flank about 35m out, he starts the kick out left and that’s where it stays (Q3 5:20)
Butters flicks a handpass to Finlayson who runs a wide arc before shooting at goal, but he kicks a point (Q3 6:28)
Horne-Francis’ kick inside 50 is good for Finlayson who juggles a mark in front of McKay. He’s been wayward today, but Jezza Fin slots his second goal! (Q3 9:22)
Lord stays low and pulls down a nice mark 30m out! He snaps around and gets his name on the board at last as this shapes up to be a real thumping (Q3 11:21)
Houston and Jonas play hot potato just outside 50, with Jonas deciding to just smash the ball towards goal, and he kicks his second goal in the AFL! (Q3 16:14)
Evans pops up and brings down the bigger man in Goldstein. It’s well and truly party time now, as Evans puts his name on the scoresheet! (Q3 19:16)
Scott finds Larkey with a kick, and Souva pops through his third to cut the margin back to 60! (Q3 21:26)
Stephenson tries to cash in, but misses (Q3 25:49)
Powell-Pepper gets a set shot from 40m out but he hangs it out right (Q3 25:49)
Drury pumps it forward to Zurhaar who takes a contested mark, plays on, and tumbles through a goal from outside 50! (Q3 25:49)
Curtis squeezes a kick through several defenders that finds the chest of Stephenson with seconds on the clock. The siren sounds, and Stephenson pushes through a goal! (Q3 30:25)
Evans is called to play on after marking, it’s a messy affair but eventually Evans gets it back and snaps through a nice off-break goal! (Q4 1:20)
Curtis Taylor taps through a rushed behind (Q4 5:55)
Logue puts through a goal after working hard all day up forward and the North boys get around him! (Q4 9:35)
Drew gets in on the act with a nice goal under pressure! (Q4 12:34)
Finlayson launches from the centre bounce, tapping to his advantage and taking the shot from 50m out, but he sprays it wide (Q4 14:08)
Finlayson snaps through his third goal to make it an accurate 3.5 for the afternoon! (Q4 16:25)
Evans and McEntee combine, McEntee snapping through his second goal, just evading McDonald (Q4 19:36)
Zurhaar pinches a slow Houston kick and hits up Drury with a neat kick of his own, but Drury sends it out on the full (Q4 21:06)
Wines makes it a neat 20 goals for Port after getting a free set shot for an out on the full. (Q4 22:44)
Larkey chalks up his fourth goal late in the game as North make it to 10 goals (Q4 25:31)
Evans snaps at goal but he floats it wide for a point (Q4 27:35)
Lord marks on the lead as the clock winds down. He takes his time, and as the siren sounds, the ball fades to the left for a behind (Q4 30:21)

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