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Blog log from R9 of 2023: Sydney vs Fremantle

Blog log for Sydney vs Fremantle, R9 of 2023

McDonald flies against two Dockers going back with the flight for a Franklin ball down the flank to 25m, he draws an arm chop free on Aish and boots the opening goal of the day. (Q1 3:15)
Francis applies a fist of justice to spoil Amiss 40m out, crumb falls for Schultz whose snap across the body is touched through for a point by McInerney. (Q1 6:35)
Lot of pressure in this game and not much in the way of clean skills. Two teams well outside the eight, and playing like it. (Q1 10:05)
Rowbottom thieves the footy off a fumbling Clark on the HFF and snaps an opportunist goal from 45m on a slight angle. (Q1 15:54)
Rowbottom feeds McInerney to pop through the third goal for Sydney from 45m in front, after a rather easy rebound right up the guts. (Q1 18:24)
Cunningham roves a Banfield contest near the Freo hotspot but is pinged for a throw, Banfield takes the free kick and chips through the first Freo goal. (Q1 21:48)
Papley speeds away from the next bounce but Brayshaw mows him down at CHF to prevent a score. (Q1 22:59)
Rowbottom sends a low bullet from the centre to Paplet 45m out on a slight angle, his set shot is a shank that sits up for McLean who misses from the top of the square. (Q1 27:00)
O’Driscoll sends a high centring ball from the pocket, Jackson marks in front of Fox 20m out and converts. (Q2 3:14)
Lloyd receives at half back but Switkowski flashes in at high pace to catch him HTB. The set shot from 40m on a slight angle levels the scores, his first goal. (Q2 6:12)
Darcy grabs the ball out of ruck in the centre, his tumbler lands in the arms of Schultz 40m out on a slight angle. Schultz misses nothing. The Dockers making their move. (Q2 9:28)
Papley gets a rather soft holding free on Walker at a stoppage deep in the pocket, Heeney plays on to advantage for the goal from 15m. (Q2 14:08)
Blakey is pinged for high contact despite marking in the centre, plus 50 for timewasting as he complained, Treacy is taken to the top of the square for a charity goal. (Q2 16:28)
Another 50 against Rowbottom brings Hughes to the hotspot, his set shot is straight as a die. (Q2 18:23)
Ryan handballs to grass under heavy pressure at the Swans hotspot, Sheather roves but is tackled and his handball towards Franklin goes over for a point. (Q2 21:03)
Walters is pinged for timewasting on the mark on the wing to bring Fox to the Swans hotspot, much to the delight of the chuntering home fans. Fox kicks the goal. (Q2 22:00)
Darcy engineers the next centre clearance via O’Meara, Switkowski passes to the lead of Amiss 40m out in front who shanks it wide left. (Q2 23:18)
Jackson marks a Serong pass 50m out, plays on and shakes a Blakey tackle to bounce through a fine goal from 35m! (Q2 28:08)
Walters links up on the wing following the next bounce and sizzles a pass to Amiss leading to 40m in the corridor. Again, the set shot is hung out left with poor technique. (Q2 29:43)
After a chase by Schultz, O’Driscoll mops up an aimless Florent rebound kick on the HBF and centres for Serong 35m out on a slight angle. Serong misses. (Q2 30:33)
McLean kicks high to Franklin who marks over Pearce at the top of the square, he decides to play on for some unknown reason and gets claimed HTB to waste a perfect chance. (Q3 1:31)
Treacy and Amiss are involved in a rebound around members wing, high ball from the HFF to the hotspot where Jackson marks over Blakey and boots his third goal. (Q3 3:12)
Two Swans tumble over in front of Jackson on the HFF, Jackson keeps his feet to gather the ball that went over his head, he rides a Warner tackle to give Frederick a Joe the Goose. (Q3 5:31)
Ryan spoils McLean 40m out in front but loses sight of the crumb, it falls for Campbell who runs ahead of Cox into the open goal. (Q3 9:31)
McLean roves near CHF and gives to Clark, he goes outside to Gulden who strokes through the goal off the left. (Q3 12:23)
Gulden misses from a stoppage on the HFF. (Q3 15:24)
Clark tries a snap from CHF but it falls on the line for Francis to touch through. (Q3 17:11)
Amiss runs into the open goal to extend Fremantle’s lead after Franklin misses a kick at half forward. (Q3 17:40)
After Treacy draws three defenders for a long ball to the top of the square, Serong feeds Schultz to tumble through another goal from the line. (Q3 21:34)
Repeat inside 50s piling up for Fremantle, Aish sends the latest one to a pack at the hotspot, Schultz roves and snaps another one. (Q3 25:58)
The Sydney crowd is sitting mostly in silence as their team gets strangled in old school Fremantle Ross Lyon style. A ripple of boos after that goal. (Q3 27:06)
Gulden snaps his second goal from half forward after a feed outside from Warner. (Q3 31:39)
Heeney roves a Franklin contest and gives inside to Papley who snaps around the corner from 40m on the flank… just narrow. (Q3 32:36)
Gulden passes inside 50 to Clarke 40m out who plays on immediately with an outside give to Hayward who misses from the flank. (Q3 33:37)
Florent sets up the repeat inside 50, Heeney contests, keeps his feet, roves, fends off and hoofs a big goal off the left from 15m! (Q3 34:30)
Heeney snaps the first score of Q4 from half forward but it’s wide right. (Full Time)
Heeney marks a Gulden pass on the lead in front of Cox 50m out on the boundary, he hits the square and it’s a rushed behind. (Q4 1:14)
Heeney spoils Fyfe on the kick in, Papley roves and goals from 25m in the pocket! (Q4 2:08)
After Fox catches Fyfe high on the wing, Young passes to Treacy 40m out in the corridor. The Dockers need a settler… this is it. (Q4 5:23)
Fyfe to O’Meara for the next clearance, Schultz goes to the top of the square where Amiss marks over Francis for another one. (Q4 7:16)
Serong misses a snap from half forward. (Q4 10:26)
Banfield misses on the run from the HFF. (Q4 11:22)
Amiss beats Francis with strength to mark a Serong kick to the pocket 30m out, but his kick is wide and rushed. (Q4 13:40)
Schultz roves 35m out on the flank and grubbers through his fourth goal, that’s the official sealer. A typical Freo goal today, not pretty but effective. (Q4 14:22)
Lloyd kicks a goal from CHF after a Banfield 50 for encroachment. (Q4 20:30)
Banfield passes to Frederick 40m out on a slight angle after Freo bosses yet another centre clearance. Frederick kicks truly to muted reaction. (Q4 22:20)
Warner misses a long snap. The crowd goes aww. (Q4 24:26)
Walters marks on the boundary 30m out and misses. (Q4 27:26)
Papley marks 40m out on a slight angle and converts, the remaining Swans fans applaud him warmly in his 150th game. (Q4 30:01)
McLean gets a set shot after the final siren from much the same spot as Papley’s attempt, he also gets some junk. (Q4 31:41)

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