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Blog log from R7 of 2023: Western Bulldogs vs Hawthorn

Blog log for Western Bulldogs vs Hawthorn, R7 of 2023

Williams marks a Long Bontempelli kick at the hotspot for the first goal of the afternoon after Arthur Jones forces a turnover at half forward. (Q1 4:32)
Amon intercepts Keath’s rebound kick on the wing, Brockman provides link work for Breust to mark 30m out on the flank for the opener for Hawthorn. (Q1 5:32)
Ward roves a stoppage in the pocket 25m out and gives to Worpel who tries a right-foot checkside off a step and wows the crowd with a lovely curling goal! (Q1 10:42)
Greene gives to Moore on the boundary 20m out, he tries a Worpel special but his snap is narrow. (Q1 12:03)
Repeat inside 50s piling up for the Hawks, Morrison misses a long-range snap after the kick in. (Q1 12:34)
After an errant Newcombe tap on the wing, Bontempelli passes to Lobb who marks in front of Ramsden 45m out on the flank and kicks truly. (Q1 13:12)
Naughton gets rid of Ramsden in ruck 30m out on the flank, his snap off the left is high but drifts wide right. (Q1 17:14)
Day roves at half forward and gives outside to Mitchell who kicks from a stand start, drops on the line for Lewis to mark and goal. The old Mitchell-Lewis combo at Hawthorn! (Q1 17:32)
Newcombe is favoured by a ricochet from a Frost kick, he snaps from 35m near the boundary but hits the post. (Q1 22:28)
Naughton roves a Lobb contest near the hotspot and gives outside to Scott who bounces through the goal off the left. (Q1 24:04)
Dale passes to Bontempelli 50m out on the flank on the end of a switch play from members wing to the outer side, engineered by Treloar. The Bont hits the post. (Q1 27:03)
Mitchell pops a short pass to Wingard 45m out in front, he goes to the pocket for Morrison 20m out. QT siren blows, Morrison misses to give Hawthorn a one-point lead. (Q1 29:44)
The Hawks win the first centre clearance of Q2 as they did most of Q2, Impey kick to 40m in the corridor where Breust marks and goals. (Half Time)
Lewis provides key link work on the wing on a rather slow rebound, Breust competes in the pocket to an Amon long ball and receives from Greene for the goal from 15m. (Q2 2:54)
Ward baulks past Williams on the wing and passes to Ramsden 45m out on a slight angle. The first-gamer kicks short, no score results. (Q2 2:54)
After Newcombe clears from a stoppage on the wing, Lewis busts a pack for a mark at the hotspot from a Moore kick, but he misses. (Q2 7:22)
Lewis marks again over Dale 50m out on the flank, his kick is straight this time but just short for English to rush. (Q2 8:57)
Weddle coughs up the footy by hand at half back, Lobb scrubs a kick to the top of the square where English marks and goals. (Q2 11:35)
Naughton gets a contact free on Frost in a pack 30m out on the flank despite Ugle-Hagan taking the mark. He kicks the goal. (Q2 16:50)
English juggles a mark in front of Jiath 50m out on a slight angle, his set shot bounces through but the goal umpire sees it was off fingers for a point. (Q2 19:00)
Morrison passes from the wing to Day running forward from midfield to 40m on a slight angle, none of the Dogs mids tracking him. He converts. (Q2 20:21)
Bontepelli passes to the lead of Ugle-Hagan 40m out on the flank following the next centre bounce, footy is simple when you can kick to a big bloke with an accurate foot! (Q2 21:52)
Johannisen lets fly after a sprint up the guts to just outside CHF, Frost leaps on the line but can’t get to it, Dogs lead with that classic JJ goal! (Q2 23:37)
Lewis marks on the HFF and tries a centring ball to Newcombe at CHF, Daniel comes in to spoil but Sicily roves and snaps a big goal! (Q2 25:19)
Wingard centres from the pocket, Lewis has the sit on Duryea and shows great hands to clunk the grab 20m out. But he tugs the set shot left. (Q2 29:22)
Day feeds Wingard at a stoppage 20m out but the snap is tumbled wide left. (Q3 1:07)
Naughton roves a bouncing Scott ball and goals from 15m with a shepherd by Arthur Jones which was a pretty obvious push in the back on Impey. (Q3 2:37)
Frost starts a rebound in the back pocket, Lewis passes to Greene in the opposite forward pocket 30m out who misses the lot. (Q3 11:17)
Dale tries a diagonal kick to the centre and it comes off, switch complete with Treloar passing to Arthur Jones 30m out on the fat side flank. Artie misses. (Q3 13:02)
Baker bombs long from the wing to a pack at the top of the square, Naughton marks over three Hawks and kicks his third goal. (Q3 14:27)
Daniel wins a HTB free on Jiath 20m out on a slight angle and pops through the goal. (Q3 15:37)
Williams feeds McNeil for a running shot from 40m on the flank that wobbles into the post. (Q3 15:37)
Moore receives for a running shot from 40m in front but it’s wide, Greene touches it through trying to mark. (Q3 15:37)
Lewis misses a screwing set shot after marking 25m out on the boundary. (Q3 27:33)
After a very rough contact free against Sicily on the wing to Arthur Jones, Naughton marks on the boundary 30m out and hits the post. (Q4 3:17)
Bontempelli handballs to Scott whose flying snap from 45m on a slight angle flies wide left. (Q4 5:19)
English turns the ball over by foot in the centre, Wingard passes to the pocket for Breust 35m out whose set shot is narrow. (Q4 8:32)
Weightman’s first kick of the game is a pass to the pocket where Naughton takes a contested grab in front of Sicily 25m out. This would just about seal the game… narrow. (Q4 12:22)
Weightman’s first kick of the game is a pass to the pocket where Naughton takes a contested grab in front of Sicily 25m out. This would just about seal the game… narrow. (Q4 13:04)
Ward is pinged for high contact on McNeil 45m out on a slight angle, who tugs his set shot left. (Q4 15:34)
Ugle-Hagan and Lobb both fall over in front of a pack 25m out on a slight angle, ump pays the free against Frost to JUH who converts. (Q4 17:03)
Lewis feeds Newcombe for a running snap from 40m on a slight angle which bounces through. (Q4 19:18)
English sharks an Amon handball in the centre after the next bounce and passes up the guts to Lobb 45m out. The Lobbster bangs through a lovely set shot! (Q4 20:43)
Treloar passes to Arthur Jones 45m out in front, he boots his first senior goal and gets swamped by his teammates. (Q4 23:27)
Naughton marks a Baker kick to the square over Sicily for some garbage, his fourth. (Q4 26:00)
Wingard passes to Newcombe 40m out on a slight angle for some garbage in the last minute. (Q4 28:48)

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