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Blog log from R7 of 2023: Sydney vs Western Sydney

Blog log for Sydney vs Western Sydney, R7 of 2023

Greene stops and props at half forward before poking a kick out to the diving Bedford. He marks 30m out and steers it home to kick his first goal for the Giants! (Q1 1:58)
Hayward flicks it up to Heeney who dumps it to the square, but Buckley gets a hand on it and it’s rushed over (Q1 3:38)
Idun gives away a silly free kick and it’s Isaac Heeney who benefits 25m out. He sprays it super wide and misses everything! (Q1 5:45)
Greene marks on the 50, but McCartin floats into the protected space and as such Greene walks to the goal line and pop it through! (Q1 7:42)
Ladhams marks 45m out and backs himself in as he absolutely blasts it from outside the arc and kicks a goal! (Q1 14:10)
Hogan is impeded by McCartin with a slight shove, and gets the free kick as a result. He pops it through from 20m out (Q1 16:07)
Greene tries to sneak a goal through, but it’s handled over by Cadman in a mark attempt (Q1 18:41)
Greene and Peatling combine and get the handball back to Perryman who takes a step and puts through another goal for the Giants! (Q1 25:17)
Hawyard drops a chest mark but is able to clean up his own mess by gathering and snapping through a much needed goal for the Swans! (Q1 27:27)
McLean monsters Haynes to mark a Lloyd kick with seconds remaining. The siren sounds and McLean slots the goal as a bit of argy bargy ensues! (Qtr Time)
O’Halloran marks about 45m out right in front, and he bends the ball back to sneak it through to start the second term! (Q2 1:51)
Papley tries to kick a loose ball while Gulden tries to grab it, and it rolls through for a rushed behind (Q2 3:52)
McDonald has the ball and his eyes light up as no one is in the square. He unleashes a monster punt from 55 and Haynes can’t get a hand on it! Goal! (Q2 4:51)
Franklin gives away a free kick to Flynn, and the ruck dishes off to Coniglio who gets away from Buddy before slamming through a goal from 45! (Q2 7:34)
Angwin bursts away from Rowbottom and slides a kick down to O’Halloran who marks just inside 50 on the flank. He opens the arc and kicks from outside 50 as he kicks another goal! (Q2 9:34)
Franklin gets in front of Buckley and takes a simple mark from the centre clearance. He kicks from just inside 50 and the old legs add another goal to the ledger! (Q2 10:41)
Himmelberg grabs the ball from the ruck and spins inside out before sending a bullet onto the chest of Cadman. A simple kick and Cadman converts from 15 out! (Q2 15:16)
Hayward rises in the middle of the pack and takes a strong mark! There’s some push and shove going on so Will plays on and slams through a goal! (Q2 17:06)
GWS give away the ball cheaply on the wing and the Swans pounce! They stream forward and it’s Clarke who takes the shot on the run, but he misses left (Q2 18:52)
Franklin is free in the pocket and McDonald dumps a kick that direction, Franklin gathers and spots Hayward back inside. Hayward makes a meal of the kick, scoring a behind (Q2 23:49)
Franklin takes a tumbling mark, and after tying up his laces, proceeds to miss the lot as he hangs it out right! (Q2 25:52)
Franklin takes a massive pack mark at the top of the square and plays on quickly as he spots the space, snapping through a goal! (Q2 27:49)
O’Halloran tumbles a ball towards goal, but it comes off the post or a player as the pack forms underneath, the post left wobbling (Q2 28:52)
Greene cops one high 40m out on an angle, and steadies the ship for the Giants as he nails the goal with an impressive finish! (Q2 29:52)
Peatling tries to snap through a bullet kick from 35 out, but it bounces off the chest of Francis for a point (Q2 30:57)
A couple of free kicks from the centre bounce lead to a Franklin set shot from 40m out in front, which he converts easily for his third! (Q3 1:21)
Gulden takes a strong mark overhead and puts the Swans in front as he kicks the goal from 15m out! (Q3 3:24)
Franklin tries to get a shot away but is tackled as he does and his kick floats left as a result (Q3 5:02)
Hayward leads up and takes a mark under pressure, he starts it out right but brings it back for his third goal as Sydney look to break it open! (Q3 6:01)
Warner dumps it to the pocket where Franklin is unable to mark in a 2 on 1, and it’s slapped over for a behind (Q3 7:55)
Heeney goes fishing for a goal as he tries to slide one through from the boundary, but it’s a shallow kick and results in a behind (Q3 9:20)
Callaghan feeds it to Coniglio and he sends a grubber towards goal as the seas part and the ball rolls through! (Q3 12:16)
McDonald floats in to mark a high Gulden entry, and converts from 15m out! (Q3 16:27)
McDonald appears up forward after being at half back seconds ago, and the non-controlling umpire spots a push in the back after a contest. McDonald cashes in with a goal! (Q3 23:44)
Franklin catches Cumming HTB on the half forward flank, but can’t swing the ball back enough and it soars through for a point (Q3 26:05)
Himmelberg takes a strong mark outside 50 and plays on to Hogan who’s 1 out in the square. He hangs onto the mark and puts it through to cut the margin back late! (Q3 27:04)
Daniels crumbs a Hogan contest at half forward and the space opens up to allow a shot at goal, which Daniels nails! Back to 6 points before 3QT! (Q3 30:02)
Papley strikes back at the other end as he roves a McDonald contest and pushes the margin back out to 2 goals right in the shadows of 3QT! (Q3 31:45)
A short Hayward kick finds the chest of Clarke who kicks an early goal to start Q4! (Q4 1:22)
Parker waits on the 50 and pounces on an errant handball as the tumbles through a goal from outside the arc! (Q4 3:20)
Himmelberg has time and space at half forward, and kicks a crucial goal for GWS to keep them alive! (Q4 5:27)
A bullet from Heeney glances off the chest of Sheather and soars high in the air, but Warner is there to clean it up as he gathers and snaps through a goal! (Q4 10:17)
Peatling loses the ball in a tackle, which allows Greene to run onto it and soccer through a goal near the point post! (Q4 11:18)
Perryman drifts wide from a forward stoppage and has just enough time to dribble through a cheeky goal and bring the margin back to 12 points! (Q4 11:18)
Greene puts the ball out in space for Daniels, but Francis comes off his man and puts the body contact on to force a behind (Q4 20:22)
Himmelberg snatches the ball from ground level and tries to snag a goal from nothing, but sprays it wide for a point (Q4 21:28)
Perryman marks a clever Greene kick on the 50. He backs himself in, and why not, as he sends it through the big sticks and brings the margin under a goal! (Q4 23:31)
Warner dumps the ball high and deep to the pocket, where it goes over for a touched behind (Q4 26:33)
3 minutes left and we have a throw in on the Swans forward flank (Q4 27:58)
Throw in in the Swans forward pocket now, 2:30 on the clock (Q4 28:20)
Buckley marks on the goal line after a Warner shot on goal! (Q4 29:21)
A throw in in the Giants forward pocket now as we go under 1 minute! (Q4 30:58)
Himmelberg rips it from the ruck, he probably throws it but Greene is able to gather, Greene snaps, Greene goals! GIANTS IN FRONT! 40 seconds on the clock! 1. point. game! (Q4 31:48)
Throw in on the wing with 17 seconds left, it’s do or die for the Swans! (Q4 32:26)
It’s a messy finish but the Giants hold on with nerves of steel to complete the comeback! (Q4 33:00)

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