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Blog log from R2 of 2023: Sydney vs Hawthorn

Blog log for Sydney vs Hawthorn, R2 of 2023

Gulden gets the first centre clearance to CHF where Amartey marks in front of Frost and bangs through the opening goal of the game. Simple game, footy! (Q1 0:39)
McKenzie sharks a pressured Lloyd handball at the hotspot but snaps high and wide. (Q1 2:07)
Warner is stripped of the footy at a stoppage on the HBF, chain of Hawk handballs ends with Breust who misses from 35m. (Q1 4:27)
Gulden rebounds from a nest of Hawks in the back pocket and the Swans are off to the races through Heeney, he delivers a lovely kick to sit up for McDonald to run onto and goal. (Q1 6:33)
Moore passes to the lead of Greene 35m out on the flank who hangs his set shot right. (Q1 8:36)
McDonald leaves Blanck sprawling on the turf to mark a Papley pass 20m out, turn and goal with ease. (Q1 9:43)
McInerney catches Ward HTB on the boundary 25m out but misses near side with a screwing set shot. (Q1 11:34)
Papley marks a Paddy McCartin pass 50m out on the flank and misses, Swans kicking with a strong breeze in Q1 but they are dominating general play as well. (Q1 12:55)
Stephens roves and misses under a tackle from 25m on the flank. (Q1 13:49)
Warner feeds McLean who misses a snap from 45m on the flank. (Q1 14:34)
Hayward juggles a mark in front of Jiath in the pocket 20m out but checksides across the face. (Q1 17:15)
Breust centres from the pocket after a Jiath intercept at half forward, Moore darts in front of Stephen to pick up the bouncing ball and snaps truly off the right from the hotspot. (Q1 20:00)
Blakey’s lunge puts off Newcombe’s snap from the hotspot, just a point. (Q1 20:57)
Ward runs freely to 40m on a slight angle and misses, disappointingly. (Q1 21:04)
The Hawks try to handball their way out of trouble on the outer wing but Impey coughs it up, Hayward goes quick and long for Amartey to mark in front of Jiath and goal. (Q1 22:17)
Amartey marks the next centre clearance by Rowbottom at CHF, his set shot is straight but short and rushed. (Q1 24:01)
Greene passes over Blakey to Breust near the boundary 40m out, who plays on and slots his first goal. (Q2 1:32)
Mills passes to McDonald on a switch play who draws an arm chop free on Frost 45m out near the boundary. McDonald sits it up to the top of the square where Amartey marks and goals. (Q2 5:34)
After Worpel catches Gulden HTB behind the wing, Koschitzke passes to Macdonald who misses from 45m on a slight angle. (Q2 10:30)
After the Hawks turn the ball over outside CHF, Heeney picks up a loose ball in the centre and feeds Mills who jets to CHF and bounces through a goal. (Q2 12:05)
Frost is pinged for a hold on Amartey off the ball at half back, pass goes to Papley who marks 35m out on the boundary and shoots wide… but Amartey goes down again, charity goal. (Q2 14:50)
Oh but Amartey drops the gift and hits the post from 20m! (Q2 15:32)
Heeney marks an Amartey pass over Hardwick 30m out on the flank and screws through his first goal. (Q2 18:30)
Jiath drops a simple intercept mark at half back under perceived pressure leading to another Amartey mark 45m out on a slight angle, that’s three goals for him. (Q2 22:50)
Blakey jets away from CHB with two bounces but Jiath mows him down, Hawks sweep forward with Green dribbling from the pocket but it’s touched for a point. (Q2 27:51)
Bramble fumbles the crumb from a Heeney attempt 20m out straight to Mills who kicks it over his head for the first goal of second half junk time. (Q3 2:32)
Meek snaps wide from a stoppage near the hotspot. (Q3 3:32)
Florent picks up a loose ball at half forward and bullets a pass to the hotspot for Parker to mark and goal. (Q3 4:51)
The Swans half backs are zoning up very high to get bulk intercepts, Blakey beats Moore and passes to Heeney 40m out on the flank for the latest Bloods goal. (Q3 7:52)
An aimless kick inside 50 by Worpel leads to Blakey starting a rebound up the guts by hand, McDonald is on the end of it and strokes through a snap on the run from CHF. (Q3 11:18)
Another too easy rebound up the corridor by the Swans but this time Warner sprays it on the run from 40m in front. (Q3 13:54)
Lloyd hits the lead of McDonald 45m out on a slight angle who misses. (Q3 17:18)
Rowbottom catches Jiath HTB at a stoppage just inside 50m on the flank. Jiath gives it the teapot on the mark, Rowbottom misses. (Q3 21:08)
Maginness coughs up a handball straight to McDonald under Papley pressure, McDonald gets a good off break bounce for this fourth goal from 30m on the flank. (Q3 23:14)
Bramble passes over Paddy McCartin to Greene on the flank 35m out, who misses. (Q3 24:48)
Rowbottom catches Day HTB at a ball up 35m out on the flank but misses. (Q3 26:33)
Bramble marks at true CHF and plays on around Hayward on the mark, gets challenged and kicks OOTF. The Swans home crowd jeers lustily. (Q3 28:18)
Hayward centres with a high ball to the hotspot, Papley flies for a big hanger on the shoulders of Warner… but sprays the set shot for a behind. (Full Time)
Papley kicks low and hard to the hotspot where McDonald marks and boots goal number five. (Q4 1:45)
After an aimless Macdonald kick to half forward the Swans switch through midfield yet again, Florent hits the lead of Papley 40m out on a slight angle who goals. (Q4 8:31)
Hayward volleys wide from the top of the square. (Q4 12:34)
Hayward gathers a bounce pass by Cunningham, baulks past Frost and goals from the hotspot. (Q4 16:08)
Papley baulks like a cork in the ocean 40m out on the flank but misses. (Q4 18:08)
Papley marks a Stephens pass 45m out on a slight angle in front of Impey, he goals again. (Q4 19:05)
Moore gets a contact free 45m out near the boundary and misses. (Q4 21:06)
Moore gets an inside 50 kick back towards the top of the square, the crumb of Breust’s contest falls for Meek who goals from 20m. (Q4 22:06)
Worpel roves Meek at a ball in to 20m and bounces through another junk time special. (Q4 23:49)
Newcombe hits the lead of Koschitzke near true CHF. Kosi has had a mare of a start to the season, and misses this one. (Q4 24:59)
Breust marks a Newcombe pass 30m out on a slight angle but misses. (Q4 27:02)
Parker feeds Gulden who misses from a stoppage 20m out. (Q4 29:13)
Koschitzke marks a Breust pass 40m out in front but goes further to Greene 20m out on a slight angle. Green has 0.3 to date, this one is also sprayed. (Q4 30:06)

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