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Blog log from R2 of 2023: Essendon vs Gold Coast

Blog log for Essendon vs Gold Coast, R2 of 2023

Lukosius gets a mismatch on McGrath to pull down a mark 35m out. He steers it through for the first goal of the afternoon! (Q1 5:37)
Jeffery spots Anderson in some space and hits him up 30m out from goal, but Noah pushes it wide (Q1 8:07)
Hollands outmuscles Durham to take a simple mark 20m out in front. It’s an easy kick and Hollands makes no mistake! (Q1 10:02)
Rosas cops a rogue high arm in a forward stoppage, and so lines up from 25m out in front, but his kick slides to the left (Q1 14:47)
Redman gets the ball and goes through the middle of the ground, he kicks from 55 out but the ball falls short and is rushed over after a scuffle in the square (Q1 17:40)
Caldwell flicks a handball out to Durham who then snaps from 35 out, but misses to the near side (Q1 19:08)
Essendon take advantage after Uwland concedes a free kick, Shiel collecting and snapping on the run to curl through the first goal for the Bombers! (Q1 20:02)
Jeffery out-marks Laverde 35 out, before the umpire calls dissent to bring him to the square and Jeffery pops it through (Q1 23:12)
Langford breaks through the congestion and snaps through a ripper of a goal from 40m out! (Q1 24:00)
A Parish free kick in the middle of the ground leads to a Draper pack mark inside 50. But as ruckmen tend to do, he makes a meal of it and kicks a point (Q1 25:53)
McGrath kicks off a speedy passage down the wing end finishes it with a short kick to Draper who marks along the ground. He gives it off to Redman who blasts it into the post (Q1 28:30)
Jones sends a long one into the pocket and a 1 on 3 as Menzie creates a contest to get it to ground. Shiel dashes past, runs to the boundary, and dribbles one through right on QT! (Qtr Time)
Phillips gets his arm held, but Perkins plays on for advantage. Jones can’t mark in the square but Davey is able to scoop it up and snap it through! (Q2 0:41)
Rowell’s entry inside 50 is picked off by Laverde, but Rosas is able to get the tackle off and Casboult snatches the ball and quickly snaps through a goal! (Q2 4:42)
Swallow marks near about 50m out on an angle, his kick drops late and the pack rises, but it just sneaks over for a behind (Q2 5:23)
Ainsworth takes a mark inside the centre square, and the umpire picks out a 50m penalty for moving on the mark against Redman. Ainsworth strolls towards goal and puts it through! (Q2 9:54)
Menzie misses the lot from a set shot 35m out on an angle (Q2 10:03)
Martin collects on the run after the Suns lose it in defence, but it’s a wide snap that hits the behind post (Q2 11:22)
Anderson marks a short inside kick, but his set shot from 40m out goes wide (Q2 15:44)
Durham swoops on the ball in traffic and scans back inside to find Perkins in space directly in front of goal. Perkins marks and puts it through from 15m out! (Q2 15:44)
Rosas chases down Kelly and gets a free kick for his hard work 30m out. Rosas kick belies the effort however, as he misses to the right (Q2 19:55)
The Suns rush the ball over the line after a forward stoppage (Q2 20:53)
Casboult finds a mismatch on Langford and easily beats him out to mark 30m out in front, and goal! (Q2 22:01)
Draper takes a sliding mark off a Davey kick, the ruckman runs in from 45 out, and his kick pings off the post (Q2 23:45)
Kelly dumps it long to Jones, but the ball spills into the lap of Langford who snaps and goals! (Q2 26:08)
Perkins crosses the ball to Draper, he runs onto it before dealing with Weller easily, dishing it off to Martin who runs around the defence and snaps it through! (Q2 31:43)
Jeffery catches Redman in a tackle to draw a free kick, but his effort doesn’t bend back enough and as the siren sounds, it’s only a behind (Half Time)
Ainsworth takes a high shot at goal from 40m out, but it flies to the right for a point (Q3 1:55)
Holman takes a strong mark inside 50, but decides to kick in front of Lukosius who throws a boot at it under pressure, but misses (Q3 3:38)
Gold Coast break through the middle and Rowell finds King in a 1 on 1. King out-marks Zerk-Thatcher and steers the ball home from 25 out! (Q3 7:54)
Fiorini finds plenty of space inside 50 which draws a Swallow kick his way. Fiorini marks 35 out on an angle, and threads the ball through the big sticks! (Q3 9:55)
Lukosius collects the ball on the goal line and quickly sends it back to Witts at the top of the square who marks. Witts just pops it through as the Suns put a few goals on! (Q3 12:36)
Langford marks on the 50 but sends it down to the square where it goes to ground and Constable coughs up a throw. Phillips takes the ball, and pops it through! (Q3 15:39)
Caldwell gets a free kick for holding 55m out, he kicks to the pack forming deep, and it’s Setterfield who lurks out the back to gather and goal! (Q3 19:06)
Zerk-Thatcher makes a spoil to knock the ball over for a Suns point (Q3 20:10)
Ainsworth gets a kind bounce and dashes forward to 30 out before kicking a checkside/banana that bounces off the post (Q3 21:32)
Jeffery tries to sneak through a goal, but it rolls over for a point instead (Q3 22:53)
Langford marks again on the forward flank 45m out, but Ballard coughs up a 50m penalty for a silly cheap shot on Guelfi to make it a sure thing. Langford goals! (Q3 25:36)
Casboult makes the contest up forward which allows Ainsworth to collect and set up Sexton to snap on the run as the sub makes his mark with a goal! (Q3 29:36)
Langford out-positions Ballard to pull down a strong mark next to the square. He goes for the snap and kicks goal number 4! (Q3 31:06)
Rosas and Hollands combine to allow Rosas an attempt at goal, but his high snap floats wide for a point to level the scores (3 Qtr Time)
A Setterfield kick inside 50 goes to ground, with Caldwell in position, but he can’t get there in time, and can only kick it into the post (Q4 2:24)
Setterfield kicks low and hard, and Menzie is able to pull it down 10m out directly in front. He converts as the Bombers edge ahead early in the last! (Q4 3:21)
Langford gets separation from Ballard to mark a Guelfi kick again on that right flank. He misses to the near side. (Q4 5:25)
Langford leads out again and marks a D’Ambrosio kick lace out. Langford goes back and puts through another goal to make it five! (Q4 9:41)
Gold Coast get away down the wing with Holman finding Sexton on the lead. He goes for a quick snap with no one on the line, but Zerk-Thatcher sprints back to get a finger on it! (Q4 12:32)
Phillips makes a contest with Collins, and the ball drops to Langford who tries to snap behind him, but he misses (Q4 16:22)
Jeffery kicks to the advantage of King who takes a strong mark under pressure. He pops it through from 15m out as the Suns get one back! (Q4 17:22)
Guelfi unsettles Uwland in the contest, allowing Martin to gather and handball over the top to Guelfi who runs into an open goal! (Q4 20:42)
Menzie collects a loose ball inside 50 and immediately snaps, putting through a goal to extend the lead for Essendon! (Q4 23:22)
Merrett bursts away from the centre bounce and runs inside 50, but his kick fans left for a point (Q4 23:45)
Weller runs past Casboult and receives the ball 55 out, but his rocket kick is off target (Q4 27:09)
Guelfi collects from Caldwell and runs through to put the finishing touch on a big Essendon final quarter. Party time! (Q4 31:23)

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