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Blog log from P2 of 2022: Gold Coast vs Geelong

Blog log for Gold Coast vs Geelong, P2 of 2022

Casboult provides a contest 20m out in the pocket and it’s Lukosius who is ahead of Kolodjashnij to the crumb to run into the open goal. (Q1 1:58)
Higgins drops a mark on the HBF and there are Suns everywhere at the fall, Holman roves 25m out and play son to advantage for the goal. (Q1 4:43)
Higgins roves a Hawkins contest at the hotspot and hits the post off a step. (Q1 12:14)
MacPherson reefs the footy out of a pack 5m out but misses under a tackle. (Q1 15:06)
Dangerfield marks on the boundary 40m out and goes to Cameron 30m out on the boundary, Jezza misses. (Q1 19:59)
Powell starts an attack from a pack behind centre that ends with Lukosius passing to Chol 20m out in front using a bit of legrope from the Cat defenders. Chol converts. (Q1 23:53)
Davies catches Parfitt HTB in the pocket but Rankine reverses the free with some argy bargy, Cats whip the footy coast to coast with Dangerfield playing on into an open goal. (Q1 27:19)
Selwood gets two frees in a minute plus a soft 50m penalty to gift him a goal from 20m in front. Can’t touch him. (Q1 30:59)
Hawkins intercepts MacPherson at half forward and passes inboard to Cameron 45m out on a slight angle, who goals. (Q2 2:54)
Cam Guthrie is pinged for tackling Ainsworth without the footy near the hotspot, Ainsworth misses. (Q2 4:34)
Ballard leads his man Cameron to intercept a rebound kick on the wing, he goes to Casboult who hits the post from 35m on the boundary. (Q2 7:13)
Cam Guthrie snaps wide from a stoppage deep in the pocket. (Q2 8:49)
Powell switches from wing to corridor to set up Miller running through CHF to 45m but the snap goes wide right. (Q2 10:35)
Narkle snaps across the body from 30m on a slight angle, classic Geelong as they soak up the effort from the opposition then slice through on their rare forays. (Q2 13:35)
Chol gets a ruck free on Stanley 30m out on the flank and it’s yet another disappointing kick for goal by Gold Coast, who are throwing this game away. (Q2 15:55)
Fiorini passes to Holman near the hotspot who also misses an extremely gettable set shot. (Q2 18:06)
Fiorini marks a Holman pass 40m out on a slight angle and yep, you guessed it, misses. (Q2 23:47)
Anderson gets caught HTB as he has done three times before tonight, Selwood gives off to Cam Guthrie to run down the flank to 30m and slot a nice finish. (Q2 24:57)
Anderson passes to Rankine in the pocket 20m out after Fiorini forces a spillage, but yet again it’s a miss. (Q2 27:28)
Cameron marks a Hawkins pass 309m out on the flank and shows the Suns boys how it’s done with a screwing set shot. (Q3 2:21)
Dahlhaus marks 35m out on a slight angle and gets a 50m penalty to ensure the goal. (Q3 4:40)
Anderson runs to half forward and kicks to the square where Lukosius marks unopposed and goals, finally. (Q3 9:56)
Swallow snaps off balance for a point from 40m on the flank. (Q3 14:38)
Ellis gathers a loose ball in the pocket and goes back to Lukosius 20m out on a slight angle. Couldn’t miss this one surely… he kicks truly. (Q3 18:25)
Ainsworth shows good hands picking up a greasy ball at full speed in the pocket, Sexton flips it back to Miller who gives GC the lead from 20m on a slight angle. (Q3 20:41)
Sexton gives to Flanders for a checkside goal from 20m on a slight angle after a stoppage on the HFF. (Q3 23:31)
Atkins intercepts a Stephens kick across the centre and races away, he goes up the guts to Sexton 35m out who steers that through. (Q3 25:39)
Ainsworth snaps another one for the Suns from 35m in front after receiving outside a pack. Frontal pressure for the GC has been high this quarter and they are capitalising. (Q3 27:56)
Holmes marks near the hotspot and pops through a settler for the Cats. (Q3 30:55)
Dangerfield intercepts a Thompson kick out of defence, runs to 55m and delivers a trademark missile for a goal. (Q4 0:29)
Graham is pinged for leaping on Cameron to spoil but missing, Jezza converts from 35m on a slight angle. (Q4 2:50)
Ainsworth marks an Anderson pass 45m out on a slight angle and sneaks his set shot inside the right goalpost. (Q4 6:16)
Sexton gathers and shoots from 40m, it bounces through but the umpires call it touched. (Q4 8:07)
Relentless ground pressure by Gold Coast forces the ball from half back to half forward ending with Ainsworth catching Ratugolea HTB 40m out on the flank, he goals again. (Q4 16:00)
Rankine passes to Ainsworth 35m out in front after Holman forces a turnover by Zac Guthrie on the wing. Ainsworth shoots for goal number four… perfect. (Q4 18:20)
Higgins passes to Hawkins diving to 35m out on a slight angle. The Tomahawk’s third kick is his first score, a miss. (Q4 21:58)
Miller caps off a fabulous night with the sealer after a stoppage from 25m on the flank, bouncing in the square with a shepherd by Rankine. (Q4 24:25)
Hawkins feeds Stengle for a junk time special. (Q4 30:39)

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