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Blog log from P2 of 2022: Fremantle vs West Coast

Blog log for Fremantle vs West Coast, P2 of 2022

Switkowski marks 30m out on the flank and misses to kick off the scoring in this one. Bit slow and careful early. (Q1 5:12)
Switkowski snaps the first goal from the pocket at a stoppage, Darcy putting the ruck tap on a platter for him ot waltz into the open goal. (Q1 10:57)
Brayshaw speeds away from the next centre bounce and goes to Frederick who bodies his man from behind and takes a nice mark 25m out in the pocket, he misses. (Q1 12:15)
Mundy marks a short Walters pass and just misses from 40m on the flank. (Q1 14:12)
Clark gives away a contact free to Nelson who kicks a rare goal from near the hotspot. (Q1 15:57)
Langdon marks 40m out on the flank on the end of an attack started by West in the middle, he hooks it left. (Q1 17:27)
Brayshaw jogs into the open goal ahead of Gaff after good work up the ground by Taberner and Logue. (Q1 20:37)
Gaff thieves the footy from Clark roving a pack near the hotspot and snaps a nice goal off the left across the body. (Q2 1:16)
Serong roves at half forward and somehow has Taberner on his own near the behind line for an easy mark and goal. (Q2 3:43)
West gives outside a pack to Kelly on his own at the hotspot, he goals as well. (Q2 5:17)
Kelly levels the scores with a behind off a mid range snap. (Q2 7:19)
After a long period of play in the Eagles half Fremantle breaks through, Switkowski has Acres in space running down the wing but his snap from 40m on the flank is horrid. (Q2 8:17)
Walters misses a set shot from the HFF. (Q2 17:11)
Frederick marks a Walters pass in front of McGovern 40m out and goals. (Q2 19:17)
Jones wins a HTB free on Crowden 45m out on the flank and misses. (Q2 22:24)
Petruccelle roves a Dixon contest at the top of the square and snaps his first goal despite lunges by two Dockers. (Q2 23:24)
Acres snaps on the turn from 45m on a slight angle, that’s a much better finish than his previous attempt. (Q2 25:07)
After Witherden lays out Brayshaw with a bump, Mundy passes to Banfield 40m out on a slight angle who converts. (Q3 0:52)
Mundy’s short kick on the HBF is chopped off by Rioli who runs to 45m and bounces through a goal. (Q3 4:31)
Frederick hits the post with a set shot from 40m on a slight angle. (Q3 10:36)
Ryan sends a lovely touch kick from the HFF to the fat side pocket for Jones to mark 25m out and goal. (Q3 12:46)
Witherden’s diagonal kick from the HBF is picked off and there is purple everywhere on the counter, Colyer goals from the hotspot. (Q3 16:46)
Gaff’s pressure puts Mundy off a snap from 20m. (Q3 22:18)
Rioli has time on the wing to measure a pass to Liam Ryan 35m out on the flank, he goals. (Q3 23:50)
West draws a holding free on Brayshaw at the hotspot and puts the Eagles in front with a goal. (Q3 27:17)
Schulz leaps in front of Rioli to mark a short Clark pass to 45m on a slight angle, but misses. (Q4 1:06)
Walters picks off a short Hurn kick 40m out on a slight angle and makes him pay with the go-ahead goal. (Q4 2:18)
Darcy gets a handball in the pocket and performs an outrageous checkside for a goal from 20m, two metre blokes aren’t supposed to do that! (Q4 7:02)
Jones goes to the square from the HFF, Logue spoils but Liam Ryan gets a blocking free for an easy goal. (Q4 8:33)
Frederick burns another relatively easy set shot, this one from 20m on a slight angle. (Q4 12:31)
Walters rolls through a Daicos special from the boundary 20m out despite a lunge on the line by Naish. (Q4 17:51)
Banfield misses a long snap. (Q4 21:28)
Taberner caps the game off with a set shot goal from 20m, after a quiet second half. (Q4 25:51)
Naish snaps a classic junk time goal from the HFF with mere seconds to go. (Q4 27:57)

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