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Blog log from R19 of 2022: North Melbourne vs Hawthorn

Blog log for North Melbourne vs Hawthorn, R19 of 2022

Mitchell squeezes a ball wide to the flank where Gunston leads up to mark. He opens the angle on his set shot and launches from 50, the ball bending both ways for a goal! (Q1 5:12)
Scott chips a ball inside 50 that Zurhaar marks 40m out near the boundary. He tries to counter the breeze, but it thuds into the post (Q1 8:32)
The Hawks launch instantly from the kick in, Hardwick letting loose a bomb rebound 50. It’s inside 50 quickly, with Impey and O’Meara combining to rush the ball forward and goal! (Q1 9:20)
Macdonald flashes a handball out to Newcombe who just steps through traffic to 45 before letting it rip. There’s a call for advantage as the ball sails through the big sticks! (Q1 12:17)
O’Meara takes advantage and kicks towards Reeves, but the umpire calls a downfield free before he can mark. The big man runs in from 20m out, and adds another goal to the tally! (Q1 15:25)
The umpires talk over each other and Impey is awarded a high free in the pocket. He curls it high and through the goals as the Hawks go 5 straight! (Q1 18:32)
Nash is pinged for a throw at the top of the square allowing Ziebell the chance to kick a goal. He jogs to the mark and pokes it through for a behind! (Q1 20:15)
Corr takes the ball out of bounds illegally in his defensive pocket, allowing Impey to have a crack at goal again, this time he swings it too much for a behind though (Q1 22:38)
Ziebell pops a ball out to Coleman-Jones who’s by himself 35m out on an angle. He tries to guide it through but the breeze has other plans, pushing it to the left (Q1 24:39)
Breust marks on the 50 and the old firm combine has he kicks to the lead of Gunston. Gunston lines up from 35m out directly in front, and is able to squeeze it past for a goal! (Q1 25:38)
Maginness just kicks a ball inside 50 hoping for the big man Reeves to lead up and mark, which is what happens. Reeves kicks high from 40m, and the ball floats through for 2! (Q1 29:13)
Morrison gets a free kick in the middle of the ground, and Horne-Francis gets lippy with the umpire coughing up a 50m penalty. Morrison kicks neatly from in front to punish (Q1 31:03)
Zurhaar beats out Sicily to mark on the chest 25m out in the pocket, he opts for the drop punt, but shanks the kick OOTF (Q2 3:09)
Sicily turns over the ball and Curtis intercepts 45m out in front. He opens the angle and gives it a good roost, but it stays to the left (Q2 4:00)
Hawthorn transition out of defence quickly, Moore kicking to the lead of Gunston who marks 40m out on the flank, the breeze causes problems though for another behind (Q2 5:25)
Hawthorn get it back inside 50 quickly and Gunston tries a snap around the body in general play, but it rolls through for a minor score (Q2 5:57)
Impey pops a kick out the back and Lewis marks on his undersized opponent. He opts for a snap from 30m out, and curls it through perfectly for a goal! (Q2 7:38)
Stephenson gets a handball out to Horne-Francis on the run who jets to 40m out before popping through the first goal for North! (Q2 9:40)
Coleman-Jones snaps a kick across the face where Taylor is able to edge out his opponent to mark in the square. He puts it through! (Q2 15:13)
Newcombe dumps a ball towards Lewis in the square but it flies through for a behind (Q2 23:10)
Hall is unleashed through the middle of the ground as he uses the breeze to bomb from near 60m out, but it fans wide (Q2 25:16)
Similar to last night, the siren is just a bit delayed and it allows Gunston to mark in time. It’s a difficult shot, and the wind takes hold for no score (Half Time)
North Melbourne pounce on a turnover, Curtis spotting Spicer in enough space 30m out. Phoenix lines up from directly in front and puts through his first AFL goal! (Q3 6:11)
The Hawks dominate a forward stoppage with Mitchell and Moore setting up Maginness who takes a couple steps and goals! (Q3 9:44)
Bonar drops the ball which allows Gunston and Breust to rush it forward, Gunston applying a shepherd which allows Breust to tumble through a goal (Q3 11:53)
Ward skies a ball towards a congregation of players and Newcombe beats out several defenders to mark 30m out in front. He goes back and kicks his second! (Q3 15:04)
Greenwood bursts away from a stoppage on the wing and dashes inside 50 taking a shot at goal on his way, but it lands to the left (Q3 16:16)
McDonald bombs it to the pack inside 50, it spills out the side allowing Ziebell to pounce, and run onto a goal! (Q3 17:24)
Gunston is awarded a downfield free kick after Simpkin catches Mitchell in an unpleasant area. Gunston converts simply from 30m out in front (Q3 19:24)
Horne-Francis jumps on a loose Spicer kick in the pocket and tries a miracle snap, but misses to the near side (Q3 21:01)
Ziebell catches Mitchell holding the ball in the pocket, but shanks it badly and flies over to Coleman-Jones in the other pocket! A hard kick, and it flies across to the left (Q3 23:36)
Gunston relentlessly keeps up the pressure on North’s defence eventually catching McDonald cold. Gunston lines up from 35m out on an angle, and kicks his 4th! (Q3 26:44)
Gunston flits around the forward 50 trying to create a chance and eventually he snaps at goal, but hooks it too far for a behind (Q3 28:44)
Stephenson gets a free kick 60m out and unloads the torp, it falls short but Zurhaar almost takes a massive mark in the pocket! The siren sounds, and there’s some argy bargy at 3QT (3 Qtr Time)
Impey breaks away from his opponent in Scott and dashes inside 50. He tosses the ball on his boot, but can’t kick accurately (Q4 2:15)
Gunston easily gets away from Bonar to mark on the lead 40m out. He tries to line up his 5th goal, but can’t beat the breeze (Q4 4:20)
North chain up the handballs from defence and work it to Powell who streams inside 50 and blasts through a rare goal! (Q4 5:02)
Hardwick spreads to the flank and the leading Gunston who takes a tumbling mark 45m out. He steers it home to perfection for goal number five! (Q4 8:06)
Morrison loads up from general play, kicking in a similar spot to Gunston earlier, and kicking a goal as well! (Q4 10:15)
A quick pause in play as a ‘brawl’ breaks out near the interchange, North get a free kick and send it inside 50, the ball spills and eventually Davies-Uniacke pounces and goals! (Q4 11:59)
Lewis kicks to Breust who pops up 30m out. He guides it home to pile on the pain (Q4 13:04)
O’Meara lurks out the back of the pack and is off on the wing! He bounces and bounces as he runs inside 50, he gets to 40m out and then pops through a great running goal! (Q4 16:44)
Greenwood catches Maginness napping, Anderson takes advantage and chips it to Ziebell. The captain runs in from 40m out and kicks his second goal (Q4 19:15)
Stephenson pops a ball up onto the chest of Zurhaar 45m out on an angle. Searching for his first, he kicks the ball into the post (Q4 22:27)
North Melbourne are able to just rush the ball forward inside 50 getting it out the back to Stephenson who just puts through some more consolation goals (Q4 24:20)
A pause in play after that goal as a pitch invader sneaks onto the pitch, he dodges and weaves, avoiding the security down in Hobart, but eventually is caught (Q4 25:15)
Perez kicks inside 50 and Ziebell marks on his chest after dealing with his opponent. He guides it home with help from the breeze, as he kicks his third (Q4 27:56)
Moore takes a nice mark down low and quickly centres to Mitchell 30m out in front. He slides it past the post for a late goal! (Q4 30:20)
Horne-Francis dashes out of the centre square and kicks long to the square where Zurhaar is waiting to jump and mark. He quickly puts through some junk (Q4 31:45)
Horne-Francis kicks off the inside of the boot and it lands right on the chest of Davies-Uniacke. The siren sounds, and LDU pops it through (Full Time)

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