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Blog log from R19 of 2022: Richmond vs Fremantle

Blog log for Richmond vs Fremantle, R19 of 2022

Logue roves a long speculator by Brayshaw from the HFF to the top of the square and gives to Serong who gives it back, he snaps high off his left from 20m for the first goal. (Q1 2:02)
Riewoldt receives outside a stoppage on the HFF and kicks across his body off the left, it bounces just wide with a bit of turn but not enough. (Q1 4:36)
Aish is in space at half forward to receive from Clark, he screws through a quick snap from 45m on a slight angle for an opportunist goal. (Q1 6:03)
Bolton beats Chapman to rove at half forward and passes to the pocket for Riewoldt to mark 25m out and screw the set shot into the near left goalpost. (Q1 9:47)
The Tigers get in trouble rebounding in the pocket by foot, Brayshaw forces a clanger handball by Broad, Banfied has an unpressured snap from 40m on a slight angle but misses. (Q1 12:03)
Cumberland catches Clark HTB 45m out on a slight angle and boots the opener for Richmond. (Q1 16:33)
Cotchin turns the ball over in the centre and the Dockers flip the ball around by hand through half forward, ending with Brodie snapping the goal near the hotspot. (Q1 18:33)
Pearce shanks a kick from the back pocket straight to Bolton, who bounces twice on a waltz into the open goal. Oh dear. (Q1 20:03)
After Richmond gets the next centre clearance, Pickett passes to Cumberland 45m out on a slight angle, similar spot to his last but just a bit further out and he misses. (Q1 21:37)
Brayshaw gathers and snaps on the spin from 15m in the pocket but it’s narrow. (Q1 22:58)
Riewoldt is over the back of Clark to mark a Prestia kick to the hotspot and run into the open goal. (Q1 24:18)
Balta roves on the HFF, baulks inside and shoots across the body and across the face from 35m. (Q1 25:48)
Brayshaw roves a stoppage and checksides wide from the hotspot. (Q1 26:48)
Bolton chases a loose footy in traffic at the hotspot but is worried off it, Riewoldt throws a boot at it and the ball rolls into the left goalpost. (Q1 27:43)
Fyfe starts behind Broad for a Taberner high ball to 40m on the flank but bullocks his way to the front to mark in his right arm… set shot is short and rushed. (Q2 2:07)
Balta flies to provide a crumb 20m out and it comes back to him for a nice finish off the right. (Q2 3:43)
Brayshaw to Serong for the next centre clearance which lands at the hotspot where Fyfe marks strongly with Grimes draped all over him. Now the hard part… it’s good. (Q2 5:07)
Riewoldt marks a Short pass in front of Pearce 50m out in the corridor, his set shot is short and doesn’t score. (Q2 7:11)
Baker passes short to Miller just inside 50m on the flank. Miller, who has not scored a senior goal, doesn’t even try to score. (Q2 11:52)
Walters roves at a stoppage on the HBF but gets caught HTB by McIntosh 45m out. The set shot flirts with the left goalpost but falls in for the goal. (Q2 13:39)
Riewoldt gives away 50m at half back, Clark bombs very long from 65m, the ball nicks the arm of Nankervis on the way through, point. (Q2 20:57)
Richmond gets a coast to coast score from the kick in but it’s only a point from a Balta snap from half forward. (Q2 21:33)
Bolton is way too quick for Chapman and he runs away after a one-two to the pocket where he centres to Soldo 20m out in front for a miss. (Q2 22:53)
Walker sends a long speculator to the pocket, Grimes has position but can’t mark and the crumb falls nicely for Walters who bounces through a nice finish off the left. (Q2 25:38)
Grimes is somehow behind Frederick for a long ball to grass by Cotchin to the HFF, he spins out of the challenge and passes to Baker 40m out who misses, disappointingly. (Q3 4:32)
Freo switches around members wing and tries to pick its way through the Richmond zone, Schultz draws a man and gives to Clark who blazes wide from 50m on a slight angle. (Q3 7:31)
Edwards gives behind a stoppage on the HFF to Sonsie who snaps across the body off the right from 40m in front for his first senior goal. (Q3 10:00)
Bolton clears from the next centre bounce, McIntosh sends a high ball to the hotspot where Balta gets a contact free on Cox but misses. (Q3 11:32)
After Cotchin turns the ball over by hand on the wing, Taberner stands in front of Miller to mark a Serong kick 35m out on the flank… he shanks for no score. (Q3 14:05)
Taberner roves a Logue contest 20m out in the pocket and snaps over his shoulder off the left… falls into the top of the near goalpost. (Q3 15:14)
Walters tumbles a kick from behind a pack on the HFF to Frederick to mark in front of Vlastuin 40m out on a slight angle, who misses. (Q3 20:17)
Serong feeds Frederick behind a stoppage at half forward, his snap falls near the behind post for Taberner to mark and goal. (Q4 4:12)
Both sides have terrible forward lines in this game and one goal in Q3 was the most noticeable result of that. It’s been a game of half backs sprinting and spraying. (Q4 4:37)
Aishstarts a rebound up the guts by the Dockers with Pearce biting off the risky kick, Walters hits Logue leading to 35m who misses, scores level. (Q4 6:25)
End to end stuff without much structure, it’s a really loose game, eventually Cumberland gets a big win on Pearce on the HFF and sends Bolton into the open goal. (Q4 14:23)
Banfield snaps off his left from 40m on a slight angle, it starts way left and swings back right and through to level the scores again! (Q4 17:13)
Clock ticking under 2:30 and still no one looks like scoring. (Q4 25:09)
Brayshaw drops a kick to the centre, Baker roves and finds Balta 40m out on a slight angle. He takes too long, Frederick comes in and smothers, no score! (Q4 26:13)
McIntosh goes to Vlastuin in the centre, gives to Broad for the inside 50 kick, stoppage, 52 seconds to go… (Q4 27:03)
Big rugby scrum, another stoppage in the pocket for Richmond, Ryan catches Bolton HTB, 23 seconds to go… (Q4 27:39)
Rebound to the wing, Logue smothers Tarrant, throw in, 10 seconds left… (Q4 28:05)
Pickett passes to Cumberland who marks just outside 50m on a slight angle, he plays on but the siren sounds, it’s a draw! (Full Time)

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