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Blog log from R19 of 2022: Sydney vs Adelaide

Blog log for Sydney vs Adelaide, R19 of 2022

Franklin hits the lead of Papley ahead of Parnell 40m out on a slight angle, who punches through the first goal of the afternoon. (Q1 1:02)
McAdam roves a chaos ball at the hotspot and flips out the handball over his head to Fogarty who snaps truly off the right. (Q1 3:00)
Reid is paid a contested mark 40m out on a slight angle from another sizzling inside 50 kick by Franklin, he converts. (Q1 4:30)
Doedee gives Hamill a hospital handball on the HBF, he baulks and gets caught HTB by Gulden 45m out, his set shot starts left and curls… but not enough. (Q1 11:39)
Heeney’s spoil sets up Warner to rove and snap a nice goal from the pocket 20m out. (Q1 13:31)
Papley roves the next centre bounce and kicks to half forward, the crumb falls back to him running forward and he sails through a flying snap from CHF! (Q1 14:31)
Another centre clearance Sydney, Papley centres from the pocket to Reid following up from ruck to mark near the hotspot but miss. (Q1 15:29)
Hayward sharks a Butts handball in the pocket and tumbles through another one for the Swans. (Q1 16:34)
Berry roves at half forward with four Suns challenging, fends off and gives to Walker who bounces through the goal from 40m on a slight angle. (Q1 19:01)
The Crows surge forward from the next bounce but Laird shoots wide from 45m in front under not much pressure. (Q1 19:59)
Stephens gets a free 30m out on the flank for a heavy challenge by Hinge and sails through a nice set shot over the goal umpire. (Q1 23:27)
Amartey kicks from the HFF to grass near the hotspot, Gulden feeds Heeney to goal off the left. (Q1 26:01)
Hayward gets tackled near the top of the square and gets a toepoke off to Gulden who does the rest off the left from 15m. (Q1 28:05)
Papley gathers a bouncing pass by Clarke at half forward and kicks to the hotspot where Franklin slides to mark in front of Murray and boot his first goal. (Q1 30:32)
Rain has started to fall, as it has for most of the week, and this is already a matchwinning lead. (Q1 30:32)
Jones marks a Fogarty kick from the wing to the hotspot, kneeling behind the contest of Walker, but misses. (Q1 33:36)
Mills kicks the first goal of Q2, it’s a procession out there. (Q2 1:01)
Berry passes to Laird in the centre, he turns and roosts a big kick from 60m out in front that skids through for a goal! (Q2 4:46)
McHenry centres for Walker near the hotspot, who converts. (Q2 5:46)
Hayward receives from Franklin and skids a snap wide from near CHF. (Q2 13:51)
McHenry has worked hard today and earns a contact free on Stephens in the pocket 15m out, but misses. (Q2 15:23)
Thilthorpe bounces a snap wide from a pack near the hotspot. (Q2 18:23)
Rowbottom misses from a pack near the hotspot. (Q2 23:24)
Clarke finally gets a snap on line from a pack near the hotspot, the rain has made it a turgid affair. (Q2 24:27)
Crows get reward for frontal pressure in the pocket, Berry snaps the goal from 40m on the flank. (Q2 27:47)
Berry snaps his second goal in a minute from a stoppage at the hotspot! (Q2 29:03)
Heeney hits the post from a set shot from deep in the pocket 25m out. (Q2 32:47)
Murphy snaps the first goal of Q3 from the hotspot after roving Walker’s tackle on Tom McCartin. (Q3 1:13)
Walker juggles the mark on the lead from a Laird pass to 40m on a slight angle. Adelaide looked nowhere at QT but lifted their ratings in Q2, this… is a point. (Q3 1:58)
Hinge smothers Mills in the centre and the Crows work it by hand towards CHF, Walker to Fogarty who skids a long snap wide from 55m. (Q3 7:03)
Schoenberg snaps wide from a pack 35m out on the flank. (Q3 10:03)
Papley strips Parnell of the footy in the pocket and gives inside to Amartey who bounces wide from near the hotspot. (Q3 10:58)
Papley misses from the pocket after roving an Amartey contest. (Q3 12:00)
Papley curls a snap from 40m on the flank across the face after roving a stoppage. (Q3 14:01)
Murphy plays on to advantage from a ruck free on the wing, quick kick to the teeth of goal is roved by Milera who baulks and goals! (Q3 16:43)
Milera had too much of a leg rope on Florent on that play, roving a spoil to the front of the contest by Rampe. (Q3 16:43)
Blakey’s flying smother on McHenry 20m out prevents a goal. (Q3 18:30)
Reid flies in front of Schoenberg to mark an intelligent McInerney pass from the wing to 40m out on a slight angle, but he misses. (Q3 20:03)
Warner bounces up members wing, a bit of speed on rebound that Sydney has lacked since QT, he goes to Franklin in the pocket 30m out who converts. (Q3 23:43)
Berry holds Heeney in a pack 40m out on the flank to give away a free kick, which Heeney kicks straight. (Q3 27:04)
Dawson takes a mark at the hotspot and gets the boos of the Swan faithful, he shuts them up with a straight set shot. (Q3 28:44)
Heeney snaps wide from the HFF. (Q3 31:03)
Dawson catches Lloyd HTB at a stoppage 45m out on the flank, 3QT siren sounds but he misses. Port fans shake their heads. (Q3 33:24)
Heeney catches Doedee HTB 45m out in front but hooks it left and OOTF. (Q4 0:42)
Walker sees an empty goalface from near the point of the centre square and tries a skidding snap from 70m… he gets it on line for a big goal! (Q4 2:27)
Mills roves at the top of the square and gives over the top to Amartey who gets tackled but grubbers it home. (Q4 4:00)
Soligo roves and snaps a nice goal with a checkside off a step from 35m on the flank. (Q4 7:01)
Soligo roves in the pocket and just misses from 30m. (Q4 8:31)
Franklin stands up after marking a long Papley kick over Murray 20m out and runs into the open goal for the sealer. (Q4 10:55)
The small forwards for the Crows have had a lot of work to do today but this time they get some reward, with Milera setting up McHenry to run into the open goal. (Q4 16:28)
Hayward gets the quick answering goal with a snap from half forward. (Q4 17:33)
Papley passes to Reid 45m out on the flank who misses. (Q4 22:23)
Chain of handballs down the flank by Sydney ends with Hayward for an easy goal from the square. (Q4 24:27)
Dawson bounces a snap wide from the HFF. (Q4 28:49)
Fogarty marks on the boundary 40m out and kicks straight but maybe a little short, lands on the goal line, review… touched by Fox for a point. (Q4 29:23)

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